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"Blue on Blue................

Heart ache on heart ache......." I've been going around singing, until I finally down loaded the Bobby Vinton ( say who?) album form the I tunes store, now it's playing in the background. Oh the memories!!!!! YES, I am really that old! LOL Such good inspiration for my blue on blue card. The image was a gift from an image exchange, so I don't have the foggiest who makes it, but I really like the results after using 3 shades of blue to color it in, I did use black for the tile look. ( I get to color a lot of images at work when the phones are slow ) Three blue grunge flowers with blue rhinestones, mounted on the same blue cs strip finished it out. Sorry about the crooked scan, kind makes the neck a little stiff just looking at it. So thats my blue on blue card and it got me that good old music down loaded to my PC, now to get it on my IPOD! Thanks for stopping by.

GC art exchange: coasters

Yikes! I cannot believe it has been a month since my last post!! Where oh where does that time fly off to? I have managed to steal a few minutes here and there to finish the Gingersnap challenge: Art exchange-coasters-hearts over at: Gingersnaps I chose the oval shape and managed to get all four finished Mr. Mojo took a leave of absents and left me dangling, but as I gather some ideas and found the supplies I started on a roll ( I did have to steal some time here and there from the drama in my life ) I did two ovals vertically and two horizontally, using graphics I have gathered from place to place. They are all mounted on chip board and then covered with canvas before starting. After applying the graphics in a heart shape there were lace, feathers, pearls, flowers and rhinestones added, along with stamped images. Loops were added for hanging purposes, if the recipients wish to hang them. I almost kept them and did 4 different ones, but time being what it was I had to get them in the