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Before I get on with this T-Day post, I want to apologize to anybody that got malware from visiting my blog.  Both the lap top and the main PC have been into the shop, cleaned and new spy ware put on both.  My lap top had NO malware, but had it gone through and updated anyway.   Sine DH likes to shop on line, with the main PC I will no longer be posting from it, but from my lap top, where I have some control over.  Now on to T-day!! I just love this photo, it just says so much about blogging and about the great group of people that always refer to as the "T-gang" over at Altered Book Lover  and for all the other blogs I follow, groups I'm in and for all the people that follow my blog. So what a week it has been since last we met.  I do want to once again apologize, but for NOT getting back to all of you who left me a comment last week.  We didn't get home from San Diego until late Monday night, Tuesday I had multiple errands to run, including taking in the PCs, 

T Stands for Walking on the WILD side

Tuesday means it's again time to join Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover and the Tea Gang !  DH and I took a really quick trip to San Diego this last weekend.  We pulled out the Playhouse late Friday evening, since the decision to make the trip happened just hours before........I threw in a few changes of clothes, the camera and the belated birthday gifts for our GS and his Daddy and we were up and on our way early Saturday morning.  Since it is a 250 mile....ish trip, and pulling the Playhouse, it takes 5-6 hours to make it down there.  Of course there are a few places we like to stop at, so it stretched the trip to 6-7 hours.....LOL.   We pulled into the campground around 3 PM and got everything set up. DS was still working and the GKs were still napping so we just set up our chairs, made an adult beverage, sat out, under this wonderful oak tree and enjoyed the breeze.    We have been to this campground before and it has some of the most interesting OLD oak trees.  Th

T Stands for: Two weeks is Too long!

It's been two weeks since I last visited Elizabeth and T-gang ......  This weeks drink is that bottle of water there on not the one with the brush in it.......the tall one, with clean water!  I know, I know this looks like it should be a Wednesday photo for WOYWW, but in reality it was taken this morning ( Monday) for Tuesday.  (there will be questions on this later....LOL)   I woke up this morning with a burning itch to put some paint on a canvas I had prepped with paper, modeling paste and gesso over the weekend...........but there was this pile of ironing to be done (yep, I still iron) Then there was the incident last night.........I opened a drawer, in the bathroom, and found a roach!!!  I DON'T DO ROACHES!!!!!  While having my coffee out on the patio this morning......oh, it was a lovely I was saying,........oh yes, ......I was having my coffee and trying very hard to weasel out of the house work and ironing.  Well, I just sho

The Second Time on April 2nd

  click here for details   Since it is the 2nd day of a new month it is time to look back in time for a second look. This month I have chosen to share the first three pages of my very first art journal........way before I started  really getting into mixed media journaling.  They were done early in 2009.   This poor book had been in my lunch bag and a bottle of water had leaked and gotten the bottom of all the pages wet, I didn't notice it and a little mildew set in.  I had torn off all the ruined paper and some on the pages got an overlay, and some I just incorporated the torn pages into the design......then I bought a brand new journal..................... I still have this journal, and I really did do more pages, but never finished got rather thick with all the added papers to make the pages square again....LOL  Every once in a while I take it off the shelf and look through it. Thanks for stopping by, let me know you were here. Inky Hugs Kr

Good Bye Dyna Blu

just a puppy in our old trailer   Her face was just starting to turn white Today I had to say good bye to my best friend for 10 years, Miss Dyna Blu, she was a Vizsla and one of the best "people" dogs I have ever known. A couple months ago she was diagnosed with a tumor in her lung, and I had a valley fever test ran on it, but it turned out to be worse.  She had been doing okay, heavier breathing and a slight cough when exerted.  She had lost weight (which she need to do, but not like this) and I had started giving her more wet food mixed with the dry, and none of the cheap stuff full of all kinds of fillers.  Last week she started having a  harder time breathing, but was still eating and drinking water.  Then yesterday she stopped and refused both and her breathing became painful to watch.  The vet had told me what to watch for and as I saw it all happening I knew I had to make a decision, but my loving DH made it for me and said it was time to let go of her.  He