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T Stands for Down on the Colorado River

Helloooo! Happy Tuesday!  This past weekend I got to enjoy an all "girl" getaway to Laughlin Nevada.  Five us loaded up and headed to the Colorado river.  Laughlin is like a little Las Vegas, about 6 casino/hotels along the river bank. We arrived about 4 P.M. and the sun was starting to sink in the west and made the mountains on the east bank glow.  This is the view from my room.......on the 20th floor.  Looking down onto the river.....that is a river taxi heading to the east bank to pick up people and bring them over. Saturday morning I was sitting on the River Walk....a walkway between the river and the buildings.......runs behind all the casinos.  I was enjoying my first cup of coffee as the sun came up.  There was artwork on the buildings along the River Walk.  I found this one the most interesting. Back in my room, for one more cup of coffee before joining the others for a hearty breakfast and the days shenanigans. I have never been much of a g

T Stands for an other catch-up post!

Well, here I am trying to catch up with the  T-gang over at Elizabeth's blog .   This morning (earlier) I was set up for some devotion time and as I sat my coffee down I realized it was Tuesday, grabbed my camera and WA-LA here I am.  I had already prepped my Bible page with clear gesso and had slid a traceable behind it.  I had lightly traced it with an Inktense watercolor pencil.   How it turned out.  The opposite page is a free hand drawing.  One thing about all this is I get a LOT of practice with lettering you can see I NEED it...LOL! OTHER HAPPENINGS Our oldest son and wife decided to put their home on the market and look for something a little larger.  This meant that during showings I had to get the dog, and the family was here quite a few late afternoons, while the realtor showed their home. They had it sold and found one they liked and things were about to get very serious and then the buyer of their house pulled out of the deal :(. This m