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T Stands for Two Weeks

I'm not really sure where the past two weeks went to, but WOOOSH! Here it is Tuesday again and time to catch up with all  The T-Gang at Elizabeth's blog . The first week I was absent was due to two sick granddaughters, about a third of both of their classes were absent with the flu that week. Then last week a dear friend of mine ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and we were all rallying around her. Even though we had a very sick friend in the hospital, we did take time to celebrate Lea's 75th birthday at Bill Lee's Chinese restaurant. One of our favorite lunch spots.......lunch specials are only $10.00 and none of us can finish them, so there are always take-out boxes for all of us. Look what I found!! MY own "world in a cup" cup Even a compass inside to keep me on the straight and narrow! LOL! WHAT'S ON THE EASEL THIS WEEK I took this photo of Hannah when she was about 5, we were at the beach and she was just walking al

A Second look on the Second of March

The summer of  2015 was a very busy one, and a lot of you will remember "Camp Grandma" with Granddaughters Hannah and Rachel.  So here is a short look for  Elizabeth's Second look on the Second challenge  ( the original post was WAY to long to re-post) Rachel is on the left and Hannah on the right.  Two cousins born exactly one week apart.  Hannah is the oldest.  Rachel is not my birth granddaughter, but might as well be I knew her mother at a younger age than she is here in this photo. Some of my T-day friends commented on seeing the "grands" and how they have grown.  Oh, you have no idea how they have grown!!! * * * * * * Hannah on the left, Rachel on the right. Hannah is nearly as tall as me, but Rachel is now taller than I am......and I am not a short woman. They are in the 7th grade ( jr. high) and both are cheerleaders for their school. They will turn into "teenagers" late this summer......EEEEKKK! If you