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All the Christmas Cheer for T-day

It is Christmas morning, here........and all is quiet. Our family was together over the weekend and that is when we celebrated, so this morning is allowing me to join  Elizabeth for a special T-day  I've had coffee and am onto getting some water in me, the pretty glass, with poinsettias is a stemless wine glass.......just a little pretty for the holiday.  We had an awesome time Saturday night.  We have some friends that have very authentic Santa and Mrs. Clause costumes and they have been visiting quite a few places, public and private.  I arranged for them to come by.  Now this couple are also the aunt and uncle of two of our grandkids.......but they were threatened if they told the younger three (who live in San Diego). They arrived and the faces (which are facing Santa) were full of delight. He started with greetings and then began to read "The Night Before Christmas" When Mrs. Clause started digging in Santa's bag, you could have hear a pin drop...O

Almost a Year has Gone By.......

 Well, hello!  I almost fell off my chair when I saw my last post was December 26 OF LAST YEAR!! I will confess that I have logged on and went "lurking" about Blogland from time to time through out the year........I'm not really sure why I stopped blogging, it just seemed to happen. :(  I use my phone for pictures so much that I almost forget how to use my there is that excuse.  As you all know it take some time to download photos form any device, edit and then upload them to you there is that excuse. Then there is the time required to visit those who have graciously there is that excuse!  I could keep going but I know they are all just excuses I have handed myself.  We STILL have NOT gotten the new house even started, but we stand on the threshold of beginning.  My husband is such a procrastinator,  so plans were constantly gone over to see if there needed to be any changes...................made me so mad