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T Stands for The Last T-day this Year

What a wonderful Christmas we had, even took pictures!!! AND we will do it all over again this coming weekend when our youngest and his family are here. But today DH's cousin and hubby, from up in the San Francisco Bay area, is dropping by.  I've been dashing around trying to remove some of the Christmas Eve all the dishes, sweep and etc., etc.  So, I had not gotten any drink related post ready, and no time to down load photos now :o  BUT, I am having my last cup of coffee for the day!   I really did not want to miss posting for the last Tuesday of 2017..........very hard to believe a year has dashed by already!  Hope everybody had a very festive holiday and the weather is behaving in your area.  WE have a predicted high of 65' (F), but have had a few days that didn't come close to being this warm.  Well, I hear car doors closing, so I better close and get linked up with the  T-gang .  I'll be around sometime this week to check out all the festiv

T stands for Holiday Festivities

Helllooooo my lovely, little blog elffies, hope the holiday cheer has descended upon all of you and all is merry and bright.  Christmas is RIGHT around the corner, whether your ready or not!! I think I have most of it under control...........but then....ya just never know for sure. T-Day  (with the T-gang) For all my T-day followers I'll start with a lovely early dinner with Mr. Santa ( or Papa Bobby as the grandkids say).  We had been out scouting appliances........still planning the house build...... and thought Basque food sounded really good.  I think is was because the temperature dropped and they have the loveliest cabbage soup..................naaaaa, we were hungry....LOL! You must be hungry, really hungry, to eat Basque food, because there is A LOT that will be served. Mr. Santa had beer and water, I had wine and water as my drink choices. I had already tasted my soup, with beans and salsa added before I remembered to grab my phone and get some photos.

T Stands for the Dessert

(me-Lea-Mary) Hello all my little blogland elves, welcome to a flurry of festive photos that I'm sharing for  T Stands for Tuesday ......oh look! I brought friends with me!!  Our cups are holding sparkling apple cider, as we were waiting for an event to begin.  Our friend , Cheryl had invited us to an annual Holiday Dessert event put on by her church.........and we told to dress festive! Each woman, in this group had a table to decorate, and provide desserts.  This was our table and Cheryl had chosen a beachy Christmas theme.  The lighting was horrible for picture taking, and I was using my phone too.  This photo and the next one I did run through my photo program and tried to to get the colors a bit more like the original colors. This is how each our places were set, the bowl and everything in it were ours to take home. The photos below are unfiltered, but the tables were all decorated beautifully.  The group from our table. I'm o