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T Stands A Tuesday post on Monday

HEELLLOOOOOO! To all my T-day friends, WOOOOOOSH! it's been two months since I've had a chance to sit down and actually write a post.  Betsy (my desk) even asked to see some sort of identification......... Tonight, as it is about 7:30 PM, here, I am drinking it does NOT seem to help!!!!  It has gotten back up into the triple digits again and that calls for water around the clock.  I don't even leave the house without a bottle of water with me.  Now that plays havoc with a wee thing called the bladder.........LOL!  I know where ALL the clean restrooms are with in a 50 mile radius!!!! No GDs here this week, as they are over to the beach where it is a balmy 63' (F) 17' (C)at the moment.  I can't wait to join them Wednesday....the forecast says 73' (F) 23' (C) for the rest of the week.  Right now it has cooled down from 106" (F) to 100' (F) 38' (C)!!! It has been a very busy summer......since I last s