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T- Stands for ART

Once again my Paint Pals showed up last Tuesday, for some paint fun.  This month we chose a picture of a cross from Pinterest, and we thought we would tackle our inspiration with pallet knives.  Through the  photos, I remembered to take, are various containers of water.....we are all on a quest to drink more water. Maybe not the best photo, the easel closest to the camera has a copy of the cross taped to it. Lea was trying to figure out what to do about her grass......she didn't like it.  Between the two of us we figured out a better way of doing it.......she was happy with what she took home. Patty struggled and in the end hated her painting, so I gave her one of my spare canvases and she painted a beautiful abstract tulip........sorry I didn't get a photo of it. Cheryl had an idea already formed, sat down and whipped this cross out, all in pallet knife. She loves abstract and working with the pallet knife............Patty does not......LOL! We took a

T-Stands for a Four Day Weekend

Well, I'm running a little late for the T-Party over at  Altered Book Lover ......I just checked and the party started without me! I'm starting off with the ONLY photo I have of a drink from the weekend that was all about wine and wineries.  A glass of water at a Pub style restaurant...and now I can't think of the name of the place....LOL!  We pulled our 5th wheel trailer over to Paso Robles, about 1 1/2 hours from here,   It was raining like crazy by the Mr. (a big rig driver) had no problems.  Just before getting to highway 101 the rain was headed for our house by then.  We stayed at a place called The Paso Robles RV Ranch, a very nice RV park.  By the time we got parked and set up the sun was setting.  I took these with my phone because I hadn't unpacked my camera yet. These two, above, are actually looking east and the reflections of the sunset in the storm clouds. These last two are looking west at the setting sun.  It wa

More Red

Well, the weekend seems to be blowing in, and I do mean blowing.  It is a very blustery day along with down poring rain.....brrr!  A week break in the weather brought us beautiful sun shine and temps nearing 80' (F) and now????........not a good time to pack away the winter jackets.  And everyone wonders why there are so many people sniffing, coughing and just feeling down right rotten. Last week I finally got this week's journal pages finished.....before dashing off to the coast, but more about that later. Of course this week is all done up in reds in honor of Valentine's Day and  Art Journal Journey's 50 shades of red .  This journal is treated more like a diary.....and the difference is???? I scraped the paint onto the pages with an old credit card, stamped the days and dates, and added some glittery washi tape.  The shinny papers are from Hershey Kisses.......oh ya...chocolate!! There is something about these individual wrapped candies, beside just