HELLLOOOO T-GANG, friends and followers!!  So Saturdays post was all about "getting back in the saddle again" and getting back into posting regularly again.  Well, that lasted all about 24 hours.  Sunday I woke up with a head full of .........welllll, a very stuffy head and a cough to go with it.  Yea, all those vitamins and supplements only held it at bay until the holidays were over. I did A LOT of sleeping Sunday off and on and got an other good nights sleep last night, so I feel like I'm in the land of the living today. I even got dressed, put on my shoes and went out to buy some much needed groceries this afternoon.

There is SO much yucky stuff going around here, and from what I have heard and read, everywhere else too. Just the season.............and lets not forget the impact of all the weather has too.  My goodness we have had some rain here........ten years of prayers are being answered this year....LOL
For the holidays we had some bitter cold ( for SOCAL) along with rain, it took turns.  We get frost on the roof tops quite often, but we were actually seeing it on the ground until mid morning.  Had it rained the same day we would have had snow to wake up to. :O

What do you call a snowman in southern California?..............
a puddle!

This is the same photo I used in my last T-day post, but I'm using it again because I am drinking hot coffee out of that same mug, as I type.

Well, we celebrated our "family" Christmas on New Years Eve weekend and had all 5 of the grandkids here. I won't bore you with 500 pictures of the festivities.......believe me I could ya, know?

I had invited life-long friends over to help celebrate Bob's (my DH) birthday on Sunday.

This is "us" the first generation

 So we were pleased to have three generations here.  We were missing a few of the second and third generations of the kids from across the street, but their Mom, Dad and little brother and his son was here.
I had Monday to get all my decorations down and put away.  I took the time to go through all of them, even the ones I didn't use, and retire a box full. Then I HAD to mop the kitchen floor, I was afraid to walk in there without my shoes on...........I forgot what it was like to have so many little ones that eat and drink sticky stuff.......LOL!

Tuesday through Thursday I had Hannah and Megan (GDs) it was their last week of Christmas vacation.  All three of us were pretty much pooped form all the festivities of the weekend, so we didn't really do too much, caught up on some very OLD "I Love Lucy" shows.  The girls think they are so funny to watch.......well, so do I, even thought I grew up watching that program.

We did a little crafting and Hannah made a couple denim bracelets and want to show them off to you.

Wednesday we made a trip to the Dr. office, Hannah's tonsils were really swollen and we were afraid of strept throat, but they were just swollen and sore, then we had some lunch and took in a movie.  We went to see "Sing" an animated film. It was really a cute movie, and I think I enjoyed it as much as they did.

Thursday we had company.  My painting/stamping friend, Patty, also had her granddaughter, Courtney, for the school break.  They brought along  Alanna, one of Courtney's friends, and we had a paint party.  They chose owls, and I found some easy ones on Pinterst. Alanna and Courtney had never painted on a canvas before, so they were having a ball.  Courtney is 1 year younger than Hannah, but is barley taller than Megan........a little petite thing, but then my GDs are tall like me.

Here they are with their master pieces.  Hannah chose to paint an H for Hannah.  Hannah is standing and Courtney is sitting next to her Grandma.....tiny huh?

Then I drug out a few stencils and some water color paper so we could use up any left over paint.  Megan dove right in, but she has used stencils before.

Courtney is getting her paper prepared for stenciling.

She is very proud of her design! Bravo Courtney!

Well, there ya have it in a small nut shell......my holiday and happenings.  My coffee has gone cold and it is time for me to take some cold medicine......almost bed time.  Yes, I drink coffee at night, not real often but tonight it is keeping my throat warm, believe me, it is not going to keep me awake once I take that medicine......so I'll be making T-day rounds in the morning with some fresh HOT coffee!
See ya then!!!


Sometimes sleeping is the best medicine. I'm glad you're feeling better. It looks like you need your energy for all that fun :) Happy T Tuesday!
jinxxxygirl said…
Just loved catching up with you Krisha!! Its been too long... I hope you get to feeling better soon... I'm so glad your getting some rain... I know it was really dry the three years we lived in Lathrop... and now we live in Arkansas and its really dry here...geesh... but some rain is expected later this week.... fingers crossed... Happy T day my friend... Pssst... I just put a PostCard in the mail for you... keep an eye open...:) Hugs! deb
Valerie-Jael said…
Looks like you had a great time with that lively bunch of kids and family visiting you. Hope your cold soon goes, get well soon. I remember the 'I love Lucy' shows from when I was a kid, my great auntie always watched it. Nice that you could craft, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie
chrissie said…
Sorry to hear you got a bug and I hope you are soon fully recovered from that.

Such a fun post with the family all having a good time--thank you for sharing that

Happy T Day

Love Chrissie xx
Meggymay said…
I hope you are feeling much better today. Your holiday with the family looks like days of fun and festivities. Its good to spend time with the ones we love.
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx
Wow- it looks like your holiday was A LOT of FUN! How cool to have such a house full. What a good way to welcome in the new year. Hope your cold stays at bay, and you have a happy T day. Hugs-Erika
You had great holidays! Awesome!
Happy T-Day dear Krisha!

Darla said…
Hope you woke up feeling a bit better. Oh what a crowd and oh what fun you had over the holidays. My favorite picture is all the kids getting to sleep on the living room floor. Great memories for them. Rest up a bit now.
Linda Kunsman said…
Oh yes, tis the season for the colds and viruses ...lots of rest is the best thing. Hope you're feeling better. Looks like you all had a grand time celebrating with friends and family. The owl art is so cute and I love the denim bracelet. Happy T day!
Sorry I'm late visiting. My old computer had a major meltdown, and I had to reboot it twice in order for it to run again. I was able to visit a couple of people, then it went out again. I gave up and went to bed. I'll be glad when I get my new computer back.

I slept most of Sunday, too. You would think after all I slept on Sunday, I wouldn't sleep at all on Monday, but after the stress of that computer, I just gave up and went to bed. Sometimes sleep[ is the very best thing for us, with or without a bug.

I really enjoyed reading about the holidays. You packed a lot into this post, with all the family. I'm so glad you shared the photos with us. And that paint party with your friend and her granddaughter is wonderful. Loved all the owls the kids made. They are fantastic.

Thanks for sharing your coffee, your Christmas photos, your cupcake making, your paint party, and your wonderful story of Christmas break with us for T this Tuesday.
Hope you are feeling better soon! You've been so busy and I loved your post, it looks like you had so much fun with your family and friends! What great memories you all made, the type that you will treasure forever :-). Everyone looks so happy and the denium bracelets and stencilling are beautiful! I bet those cupcakes were eaten quickly too :-). Happy T Day! J :-)
~*~Patty S said…
Boo on feeling poorly! Hope you're back to your ole self very soon Krisha.
What a fun and colorful family gathering!!!
Lots to enjoy for sure.
Happy T Day to ya
Barb said…
Sorry to hear you were feeling unwell Krisha. I know so many who are feeling poorly at the moment. What a lovely collection of photos. It sounds as if you've been having lots of good times with family and friends. Do tell Hannah he bracelet looks lovely. Barbxx
Lisca said…
I'm glad you are recovering from that nasty bug.
I really enjoyed looking at the photos of your holiday festivities. A great family gathering. I'd love to watch old I love Lucy shows. Would you believe I grew up with them too. I think they were famous worldwide. She still makes me laugh.
I love Hannah's denim wristbands. Please tell her: Well done.
Oh those girlies must have loved the paint party! They all did so well.
Belated happy T-day,
Dianne said…
Wow, looks like such fun! adore that photo of grandkids having the slumber party in the living room on new year's eve! love those denim bracelets, and a paint party too! you must be exhausted. Hope you are feeling better...I am right there with you. yuck. Happy T day!
Halle said…
What a wonderful Holiday gathering. Loved the photos of each of the generations in the same spot. You have so much fun with those grandkids!!
Happy T day!
Well, if you hadn't had a cold I'm sure you would have had even more fun! I love what you did with the girls and don't they look pleased too! Hope you feel better soon! Happy belated T day, Chrisx
Sorry you're not feeling well, but you still put up a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing all the photos of the kids. I'm awed at all the activities you did with them. "They did get some (frosting) on the cupcakes." lol. You've got some budding artists there! I bet hanna plans to hang that pretty H on her bedroom wall. Well, that's what I would do anyway;-)

Happy T Day, Krisha!