T Day: Coffee and Water and Ice Cream

Grab button for T stands for Tuesday

Welcome back T-gang and friends, thanks for stopping by this wonderful Tuesday.  This morning's drink is black coffee and water for the T-gang.  My water bottle looks like it is looking back at you in this photo.....LOL! Since there are a number of family and friends, that have the same bottle I grabbed some nail polish and marked mine.....thus the pink "eyes". It is a bottle from Arbonne, and I think it is for the protein shakes, but I use it to measure my water intake ( so do the others).......4 of them a day is the goal. 4= 1 gallon!  Do I make the goal everyday?....no, but I'm still getting more water than I used to.... and now that the dust is starting to settle, I'll be striving to hit my goal again.

 A lot of questions last week......I didn't take very many photos of the whole process, but here are a few.  Packing was really a mind bender, we weren't planning on moving at this time, but the offer on our house was too good to pass up, which meant we were headed for a rental for at least a year. Now, with 41 years of junk stuff to go through,  I had to decide just what we would need for a year and what we could do without for a year.  So I was packing for two destinations......A LOT GOT THROWN AWAY!  This summer will go down in my mind as "Why on earth did I/we keep that!"  LOL!!!

The stripping down of the my craft room.
Betsy ( my desk) was left until the very last so I still had a place to keep my Bible journal and my mind.

Like working a jigsaw puzzle things got packed as they would fit in a box.

With no place to stack the full boxes, they got stacked in the spare bedroom.....this is just the beginning.  Later there was just a small walkway to the bed, so I could sleep in there when DH had to leave for work in the middle of the night, and I was up late packing.

 A long side of the bed

So what did we do with the things we figured we wouldn't need? 
 DH bought this car trailer all 28 ft. of it!  No it is not full, only about 3/4 of it is full and thinking back I should have thrown away about 40% of what is packed!  When we open it up for the next leg of moving I'll be sorting and getting rid of more.....

The day I turned over the keys to Mary.  Hannah and Megan went with me to say good bye to the old house.  It looks so much bigger without the furniture, or maybe it's just that I hadn't ween it empty in 41 years :0 !
From the kitchen to the livingroom

where the kitchen table was ...among other things....

from the hall into the kitchen.....( sorry about the bad photo, took these with my old phone)

Hannah and Megan sitting on the fireplace talking about their memories of this house.

The floors were left a mess, the next day Mary was having new flooring put in......bless her heart for not making me clean that old carpet anyway......LOL!

Oldest son, and family came by last Friday night and wanted us to go with them for ice cream.  Nobody has to ask DH twice about ice cream...haha! So off to Dewars we went.  Yes, Dewars that makes those wonderful taffy chews! Megan is working on a banana split, shared with her Mom........Hannah is finishing mine (she takes after her Papa when it comes to ice cream)

I finished with water

 Now it was too dark to be taking photos with a phone, but these two insisted, stating that it was tradition to take their picture with Mr. Chew!

Well now, that was more than you bargained, for on this Tuesday.......sorry it got so lengthy.....but you all asked the questions....haha!
Now I'm off to make a couple of visits with the T-gang  before the 4 girls get here.  Grab your drink and come with me.........


Moving is so hard! I always think I've pared down and gotten rid of _everything_, but then when I unpack there's still so much lol Ice cream sounds like a good reward for a job well done :)

Happy T Tuesday
kathyinozarks said…
wow what a big job-when we moved from northern Illinois to here in the ozarks-an 8 to 10 hour drive-we packed things slowly and took most things-I was so burnt out from my job at the time and we both had health issues that I didn't want to throw anything away I would regret later--a good decision for us in most cases but now its time to get serious and purge good for you for doing it-hugs Happy T Day Kathy
Valerie-Jael said…
Oh my, this looks like a HUGE amount of work, well done on getting so much done in a relatively short time. And I like the sound of water, ice cream and coffee, especially the last 2! Happy T Dya, hugs, Valerie
jinxxxygirl said…
Moving.... i don't even want to think about it... For me it was quite the mixture of feelings and bittersweet... Your sad to leave the home you've known so long , yet excited about the future.... I wish i had seen more of your home while it still had everything in it... those walls were painted wonderfully and i would have like to see it all together... Happy T day!! And here's to new adventures!!! Hugs! deb
You did a great job moving so quickly and thanks for sharing all your photos ๐Ÿ˜. Water and ice cream sound perfect for me, we always have Chocolate Malts when we visit America - yum! Happy T Day! J ๐Ÿ˜Š
So, so glad you finally got everything moved. I always need a staging area, so a bed and Betsy would have been good choices until the very end. I'm just glad you (and Mary) are both happy with the sale, and don't have buyer's/seller's remorse.

Thanks for sharing your coffee, water, ice cream, and a look back at your old home with us for T this Tuesday. You can drink a gallon of water a day, and I can eat a gallon of ice cream a day. Sounds good to me!
Linda Kunsman said…
Well, long time no see my friend. You have been SO VERY BUSY!!! I can't imagine such a quick move after so many years collecting in one place but you are to be commended on doing an amazing job. We have 30 some years in our place and being we're beginning to discuss retirement/move I have begun going through things little by little so it won't be quite so much when the time comes.
Glad the sale and all is working out. Nice to see the girls enjoying their memories ...and the ice cream treat. Best of luck, and happy T day!
Dianne said…
wow! 41 years in one place...I can imagine there was a lot to go through. I should do that- without the moving part! here I thought you were going to say stuff was going into storage...surprised me with the car trailer! I am guessing there is a further plan for it? good luck with it all...ice cream makes everything better! happy T day!
I look around my house and I wonder how I would ever move everything. I give you kudos for doing what you did. I am kind of a pack rat, so maybe I should move to clean out? LOL. I enjoyed your post. You did a great job documenting the big clean out. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika
Cara said…
Wow, so many changes and so much work! Take care of yourself x
Rita said…
I'm sure you will purge a lot the second time, too. Congrats on the move. They are soooo much work! It's hard to say goodbye to a home of 41 years.
I like that Betsy was left until the very last so you still had a place to keep your Bible journal and your mind - lol. Moving is the pits. It must have been extra hard after 41 years.

But now you're opening a new chapter! Best of luck.

Happy T-Day, Krisha! Hugs, Eileen