T Stands for T-Gang Tuesday

WOOOOSH! Here it is Tuesday again and time for the Tea Party with Elizabeth, the Altered Book  .  It's always a great T-Party with posts full of food and drinks to be shared.

Today my share is going to have to be a card I made just for today............or it was made with a T-day post in mind.  I have to use it because I haven't transferred my lunch out photos over yet.

Just a quick card......Washi tape and two stamps!
I've been trying to use up some of the 50-60 rolls of Washi tape I own.  I now use it for about every conceivable idea you need tape for. LOL!

Here are a couple more CAS and quick and easy cards I got made this week.

Just Washi tape.......lucky enough to have one that had Hello repeated on it.

Washi tape and two stamps.

Not much to report on the new house.......they have put in the counter tops (except for the kitchen) and the tile in the showers, and are laying floor tile this week.  So it is hard to get photos right now.
Yesterday Bob and I picked out carpet for three areas......master bedroom, master walk-in closet and guest bedroom.

I went back to the Dr. last Friday, and he wants more therapy........surprise, surprise!!
I also have to start doing MORE stretches at home, which I have been doing and I'm see (or feeling) even more advancement. ............ to bad physical therapist had not given me the same advice.  But then this is how they make a living.

This is a short post, as I have a friend due to show up any minute for some Bible Journaling.  I can finally keep my arm up on the table long enough to get some journaling done.  Not being able to write/ color/ craft small things has been the hardest part.  You notice most of my cards are without any coloring any images.LOL!
I'll try to make all the posts when I get home from PT this afternoon.



Valerie-Jael said…
Gorgeous cards, very cleverly made. Keep up the good work so that your shoulder soon gets better! Happy T day, hugs, Valerie
kathyinozarks said…
Good morning, I have just a few wasbi tapes as I really didn't know how to craft with them. I love your ideas on the cards.
Your new home is coming along, good luck with your shoulder pt So difficult when we get injured hugs Kathy
Linda Kunsman said…
Beautiful CAS cards Krisha! I use washi on my cards often too- but I don't think I have quite as many rolls as you;) Happy T day!
I really LOVE your cards, Krisha. They make me believe I can honesty make a few similar CAS cards, too. I love what you made and they are absolutely inspiring. Thanks for sharing these and the one specifically made for the T group with us for T this Tuesday.

Sorry to read you need more therapy, but it sounds like you are finally making progress. Hope your Bible journaling went well and also hope you show improvement with your physical therapist.
Lisca said…
What beautiful cards! So simple! Most people have countless rolls of washi tape (I haven't) but i do have a few and you have given me a few idea of how to use them.
Thanks for the updates. Because we all would have asked you: How's your arm? and How's the house coming on?
Now we know.
The Bible journaling sounds interesting. Please tell me more. I have seen those special Bibles with a space for journaling. I do scribble in my Bible and underline certain verses, but I would be reluctant to paint/draw/colour etc. I suppose you have to get over that. Anyway, please show us something you have created.
Happy T-Day,
What lovely cards - a great way to use washi tape too! I'm pleased you gave us updates. Pleased to know that your arm is getting better! I haven't done any bible journaling for a while! Happy T Day, Chrisx
Beautiful cards! I live the designs with the washi tapes 😊. How exciting to pick out carpets for your new house and I'm glad your shoulder is getting better! Take care and wishing you a very happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x
Your cards are happy and cheery Krisha. It also works to help you use your tape. They are great tape patterns though and I like the stamped images, especially that tea cup. Hope it was a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika
Rita said…
Brilliant way to use up washi tape!
Can hardly wait to see when they are done tiling.
Hope you see some improvement with your shoulder with the extra stretches.
Have a marvelous day! :)
Lovely assortment of cards. I enjoy your updates on your house. I hope your shoulder therapy goes well. Happy Belated T-Day!
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