T Stands for Food and Fun!

Well, that week just flew by.....and now it's time to join Elizabeth and the T-gang once again for a food and/or drink post....... a weekly gathering of friends!
I'm dropping back to December, when my Bible Art Journaling group came together for a Christmas lunch and a quick craft.  I'm not sure which they like to do better....eat or craft or Bible Journaling!
We had a veggie Quiche, chips and dips, pizza, tamales, pasta salad, pumpkin pie and I can't remember what else........I just know it was way more than the 5 of us could ever eat in a day!

Before lunch we did a quick little Christmas craft.  We painted pint jars with Mod Podge and then rolled them in a mix of Epson salt and glitter.  We used jute and little holiday pieces for the decoration.  They are little luminaries made for the battery operated candles......or regular small candles.
This is Miss Pattie showing off the two she made. 

no, the arch on the wall is not mine.
 A  painting friend wanted to participate in a local craft fair, and wanted me to go with her.  I had to hurry and get something whipped up besides just my painting........which were NOT priced for a craft fair........but we wanted to get our names, as painters, out.
They had a fair amount of crafters, still mostly vendors of home party items. It was a nice set up BUT it was in a really hard to find location, without much foot traffic,and we nearly froze, the building was so cold.  We were wishing we had chose to be outside.......but at the time we committed it was blowing cold and raining.
These types of things really are not what I like to do, guess it's because I did so many of them YEARS ago, but I wanted to support my friend.
Did we make money?........LOL! We made enough to pay for our spots and a couple bucks.  People don't shop craft fairs, around here, like they used to. When she asked me if I would do an other one.....I said not thank you to this particular venue.  I might consider one in the fall, just because I like to make Christmas stuff......LOL!

Last week we had a pretty good storm roll through.  A lot of wind and rain, and snow in the mountains, closing a few roads for a couple of hours.  The sun is shinning today, or right now anyway, I have two forecasts.......one just says cloudy and one says 50% chance of rain this afternoon.  I guess I'll just wait and see.
I see that the mid west and east coast are getting a lot of snow.  I pray all of you in these parts of the country stay safe and warm.

Well, that's a "WRAP" for this week.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you take a moment to leave me a comment.
Have a blessed day and a glorious week!


Eating is a good thing when you get together. That's what happened with my book club, more than talking about books. :) And I think you had a successful craft fair if you made even a little money. It must have been do share the day with a friend. Happy T day Krisha. Hugs-Erika
Halle said…
Friends and food seem to go hand-in-hand most often. Fun craft you created for Christmas. Craft shows are hard. I haven't had much success with them either.
Happy T day!
Valerie-Jael said…
It looks like you and your friends had a great crafty-arty time together. Strange, but crafting in company makes you hungry. When I'm alone I never eat, but at art-group someone always brings temptation! Craft fairs here are also not as popular as they used to be. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie
chrissie said…
Nothing better than a group you enjoy eating, drinking and crafting. What a fantastic idea to decorate the jars the way that you did.

Have a great T Day

Love Chrissie xx
johanna said…
good to have a come-together with friends for crafting and eating. you look so happy:) have a great t-day!
Lovely artwork. I especially like the Christmas glass candle holders you ladies made back in December. The storm covered a large swath of the country. Fortunately I didn't lose power during it, like others in Connecticut did. I'm ready for Spring!
kathyinozarks said…
Good morning, sounds like a very fun group you are in-the food sounds delicious. before we retired and moved to Missouri-I loved visiting the art and craft shows allot-here they don't seem to have much. I did get to go to a quilt and fiber art show last year.
I don't think I would enjoy having my own booth though-Happy T hugs Kathy
Your Bible art journaling Christmas party looks like it was a lot of fun, Krisha. I love the pretty wintry candle holders.

I remember how much work craft fairs were and am really glad I don't have to do them anymore. Christmas ones were the most fun because like you said, Christmas stuff is fun to make, but also because people like to buy Christmas stuff ;-)

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Meggymay said…
The Christmas gathering sounds good fun and you made beautiful tea light jars as well.
Our reading Group gatherings always seem to have far too much food for us to eat as well and we are always tempted to eat more than we really need to.
Craft fairs are hard to make profits, at least you covered your costs and were able to show your wonderful art pieces.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx
Linda Kunsman said…
lots of yummy food at the festive table! The pint jars look great as does your craft table. Happy T day!
CJ Kennedy said…
Looks like a lovely spread. I love the tablecloth and it matches my new Christmas mug from my Eldest. The tea lights are adorable. I must remember that as they would make great gifts. I did a few craft fairs many years ago. I created a line of Christmas ornament which I personalized while people shopped. I made my table money and some change. Too much effort and stock to try to store to make it worthwhile. As you said, not many people shop at the craft fairs. Or the crafters come to see what's new and go home and make it themselves. Still, you helped your friend out and hopefully had a good time, too. Happy T Day.
Rita said…
I've done craft fairs long ago in Minneapolis and my DIL and I did them after I moved up here years ago. Leah wanted to try it so I joined in. But she found out how much work it is for how little profit, too. They are fun because you get to meet other crafters and lots of different people. I am glad I have experienced doing the shows a little, though. Christmas shows were always better for sales. :)
It looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends over Christmas, the buffet sounds delicious and I love the candle jars that you created - amazing! I'm sure your friend appreciated your support at the craft fair too 😁. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊 x
You had me at veggie quiche, yummy! I like the luminaries, especially without the open flames :) I'm sorry you didn't get the traffic you could have wished for. I've heard craft fairs here aren't doing as well as they used to either. I wonder what that's about. Happy T Tuesday :)
Eating is always a good thing when crafters get together. Crafting makes hungry! And a veggie quiche sounds yummie! Sorry that you didn't sell much. I fear this is normal nowadays , I am hearing that from many crafters who join craft fairs - so much time and love and not enough money - that's not nice.

Happy T-Day dear Krisha!
Big hugs, Susi
Kate Yetter said…
Eating and crafts look like the perfect way to spend a day. Those jars are very pretty and would make a great centerpiece.
Your craft fair table looks lovely but I hear craft fairs are a lot of work.
Happy Tea Day,
Darla said…
Those candle holders look great and an easy enough idea. Have you been posting some of your paintings? Guess I need to scroll back and look. I always looking at what you paint. I'm waiting for warmer weather to get out the paints, knitting for now.
My sincere apologies for not visiting sooner, but my electricity went out about 4ish this morning. It is finally back on and I am trying to play catch-up.

I want some of that quiche and did I see deviled eggs? It all looks great. BTW, I love the candle holders, but what is the purpose of the epsom salts? I understand Mod Podge and glitter, but the epson salts don't seem to fit.

I have only been to one craft fair in the past three years. The problem is, the venues all charge between four and six dollars just to get into the events. I won't pay that just to get in to look at crafts. Art fairs are better. There, you don't pay and you get to meet some pretty incredible artists, real artists, like yourself, NOT crafters. At least you made enough to pay for your booth/table and that was important.

Thanks for sharing these two events and your candle holders with us for T this Tuesday.
Lisca said…
What a lovely spread! Yes, I know, there is always too much food, but that doesn't matter. You had a very good time and that is the most important thing.
Those candle holders look really nice and seem very easy to make.
Very kind of you to help your friend out at the craft fair. It's not really my thing either. It's not really worth the trouble (and the cold). Nowadays people sell on Etsy online.
Happy T-Day,
The buffet looks wonderful! Craft fairs used to be held quite regularly at a local hall but they seem to have stopped! I used to make things for one run by a friend but found it took me away from what I wanted to do! Happy T Day! Chrisx
Sharon Madson said…
Oh, I wish we had a Bible journaling group here. I have tried my hand at Bible journaling and I have not yet been happy with what I have done. I haven't found my style. That being said, the food part would definitely be fun, too! Nice that you could take part in a craft fair. I love going to them, and haven't much for last two years! Hopefully, 2019 will be different!
Happy belated T Day!