T Stands for County Fair

Hello, hello again!  Thank you for dropping by for this weeks T Stands for Tuesday !
It is corn dogs and beer this week!  I rarely eat corn dogs .........unless it is at the fair! So it depends on how many fairs I  attend as to how many corn dogs I'll eat in a year........  I CAN NOT say the same thing about beer! Sometimes, but not this year, it will also includes a giant cinnamon roll....fresh.....hot.....covered with icing and nuts............sound like a junk food run???  Yep! that's why we go.....LOL!!
The fair started last Wednesday and will run until next Wednesday.  The first Friday is Senior Citizen's Day.......and that is when we usually attend.  We get free parking and free admission until 4 P.M. that day, plus it is never packed with people.  Since we are well beyond the years of riding neck breaking rides, we just walk around and look at the exhibits, check out the animals our friends GKs are raising and showing. I always enjoy the photography and art entries, and I swear I am going to remember to enter some of Megan and Hannah's art work next year.  Why, they can draw and paint circles around what I saw out there! (said with a very puffed out chest!) *grin*
The Kern County Fair does have nightly free entertainment and brings in some big name groups.....country, old rock and roll and some of the music kids today like to hear. They also bring in top name artist, but you must buy a ticket for those...........even though you can stand anywhere and "hear" them.  I'm sure it really is no different than any other county fair.
Outside of the art, there really wasn't much that was new to us.  The day was clear and warm, only in the 80s so that beer, and a couple more, really tasted good!  Today it is 99' (F) right now, predicted 100' tomorrow and then plunging down to the low to mid 70's next week. Summer just doesn't want to give it up yet.
That's it for this Tuesday, thanks for sticking through the post till the end......*grin*  Hope you will link up any kind of drink or food related post.....which is Elizabeth's only requirement and join us this week.
Thank you to all my followers who have been leaving me such beautiful comments the last couple of weeks.................you guys are just the GREATEST!!!
Inky Hugs


Fairs are always a lot of fun, but you know, I have never had a corn dog. They are not very big here in New England. The fair is usually apple crisp with ice cream and maybe a sausage sub. It looks yummy though and one day I should try one. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika
Oh POOR Erika. She doesn't know what she's missing. Deep fried corn dogs, dripping in hot grease, slathered with mustard and relish. I can just taste one now. Yes, I was not always a vegetarian!

I've never seen a county fair here. But, our State Fair was for 10 days the first of September in another city. I didn't go this year, but I've gone in the past. I started looking at quilts and baked goods the last time I went because some of the best ribbons went to the worst quilts, or so I thought.

Even though I'm not a beer drinker, I like the layout with the photo of the beer and corn dog. I hope it was good. Thanks for sharing these and your trip to the fair with us for T this soon-to-be Tuesday.
Valerie-Jael said…
I don't know corn dogs. either, but I must admit, a bit of junk food here and then when out and about and having fun is just great! Glad you enjoyed some fun and beer, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie
johanna said…
i never heard of corn Dogs before. but cinnamon rolls would be in my Hands immediately. happy t-day!
Fairs are always fun and interesting and I would like to taste a corn dog and all the other yummie things they offer on that fair!
Happy T-Day Krisha!
oxo Susi
Looks like you had a great time, the beer and corn dog is a wonderful treat at a fair! The Kern County Fair looks like a very grand affair with all it's events, entertainments and even a rodeo - wow! I've been to a couple of smaller fairs when visiting America and there is always so much to see and do, I loved wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere and eating all those goodies - happy days! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)
Meggymay said…
It sounds like a fun country fair, not as popular here in the north of the UK as they seem to be with you all in the USA. Corn dogs are new to me as well, but I'm sure it was as delicious as it looks.
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx
Darla said…
I didn't go to the local fair this year because it was just too danged hot on the days I could have gone. I haven't had a corn dog in years, some things just taste best when eaten at the fairgrounds don't they?
~*~Patty S said…
Looks and sounds like you had a great time.
Nice deal with the Senior Day perks too.
I haven't been to a county or state fair in so many years.
Not too keen on the crowds.
Happy T Day oxo
jinxxxygirl said…
Gosh i haven't been to a fair in years. But we always went to the Fair in Texas when we lived there and as you probably know i've entered my share of artwork...even hubby won a blue ribbon for his metal work.. Its really fun to enter stuff... not to difficult to manage if you live close. The most difficult part is managing the drop off and pick up days and hours...

We don't ride the rides either but we love the atmosphere. We like to walk around and see the animals and the artwork ...cotton candy... sausage on a stick... a drumstick for hubby all required... :) We play a few games...hubs is good shooting out the stars with the little BB gun thingy..ex military so go figure... Me? my years of basketball in high school pay off and i'm pretty good at the basketball hoops...Won a couple of huge tigers one year... :) Thanks for making me think of the fair Krisha... I hope you have a wonderful T day! Hugs! deb
Fair Season! I've always loved the fair here, even now that the big one shut up shop and reinvented themselves across the state line lol. We go to the replacement fair that opened up in town. Smaller, but I like it anyway :) Your food looks good! Happy T Tuesday
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments! I would be very honoured if you painted part of the bridge (in my photo) - how exciting :-). Thanks so much for asking and Happy T Day! J :-)
Barb said…
It sounds like great fun Krisha. I've not been to a country fair for quite a few years now but we didn't have the live music. Barbxx
Carol said…
I haven't been to a fair in years :( I love walking around and looking at all of the exhibits too but Hubby isn't a big fan so we rarely go. Maybe next year I'll break the trend and go to a couple of them around here.