Journal 52 Valentines on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day gentle blogers.  Our Journal 52 prompt for this week is Valentines, who would have guessed.........right??   I thought "What a perfect prompt to practice Dangle Designs" and I do mean PRACTICE!

 My last WOYWW post I had shared the Faber-Catell pens I had bought and a book called Zenspitations Dangle Designs by Joanne Fink.  She is a  demonstrator for Sakura products and as I was internet "window" shopping I came across one of her videos.  Well, needless to say I have hit You Tube and checked out almost all her videos!!!  Now, she does work for Sakura and she only uses their products, so by-pass that and watch her work!!

If you follow my blog you know that I have a fascination with graffiti and zentagles and doodling.  Well, Joanne rolled them all into one in this book:
I normally do not buy art or any kind of craft books, but I had just seen her video and really wanted a reference that I could study.  You Tube videos are great, but I have to keep stopping to do each step.....grin!
 You can type in her name, Joanne Fink, or Sakura and the videos will all pop up......................but be ready to spend some time, make sure you have something to drink and a snack would be advisable......LOL

Hope you are all having a wonderful day
after all it's Saturday
(and you thought I was going to say Valentine's Day)

Inky Hugs


Mike Deakin said…
Beautifully eye catching!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Wow! Let me spell that backwards: woW!!! Absolutely gorgeous!
thassos456 said…
This is beautiful. Totally awesome :)
So many hearts - it's a great zentangle!
Rita said…
Oh,I know! I ran across her last year and just love the dangles!! Yours turned out just beautifully!! Immediately made me smile. Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day. :)
Kathy W said…
This is so gorgeous! I love Joanne's videos, too, and would love to be able to do what you just did -- but I'm only in the very beginning stages of learning. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.
I remember seeing her work several years ago. Can't remember what show it was on, but some PBS show, I'm sure. You certainly have made a fantastic piece, both from a Valentine standpoint and a Dangle standpoint.

I'm late wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day, but that J52 entry says it all!
Jennidee Mills said…
Love your page. To me it says 'fun' as in it looks like it was fun to make (I love to doodle). The colours you have in there are very eye catching.
Sally said…
Fabulous dangle designs! Looks so intricate but delicate.
Linda said…
Hello Krisha. I found your blog through Joanne's Zenspirations blog today. I just want you to know that your piece on "Love" is abosulutely beautiful. It's hard to believe that this is your first dangle design. Great job and keep on going. Have a great day......Linda Epstein
MyDorbandt said…
your design is beautiful!!