T Stands for The Whole World is a Single CUP

Here it is time once again to join Elizabeth, and the "Tea" gang.  I found this picture on Pinterest and thought it was just perfect for T-Day, does this say it all?? I do think I might modify it to say "T-day.....The Whole World in a Single Cup"............good idea??

Shafter is having a celebration of the arts, yes this small community is really supportive of all the arts.  Being so small, it means you tend to know almost everybody attending or participating....grin.

One of our friends, and used to be neighbors, coned talked me into helping set up the Art Gallery, last Friday, at the Vet's Hall.  I was pleasantly surprised to see some new artists in the area, one lives just a few doors down....who knew???  All I can say is "generation gap"!  No, I did not show at the gallery, maybe next year.
program of events

The DH and I did attend the Art Gallery and the Wine tasting (grin) and Meet the Artists event Sunday afternoon.  These events always turn into "seeing old friends" for most of us, so much fun  catching up, since most of us have children that all went to school together.  Now it's how many grandkids??????.........LOL  They did have a memorial for two of the local artist that have passed away recently.  I knew both rather well, and it was sad to see their art and not them, but thought it was a really nice memorial.  I didn't take pictures at this event cause I couldn't hold my wine glass, my Hors d'oeuvres and camera........I do have my priorities!!
The best news is that we had rain Sunday, not enough to dent the drought, but nice all the same.
Over Valentine's weekend we did drive up to the mountains, where our cabin used to be.  The new owners tore it down and built a brand new house there, rather sad for us.  We LOVED that old cabin with wood burning stoves to heat and to cook with.............but time marches on.  As we drove by the cabin I had the truck window down and I am sure I could hear the echo's of my boys, on the their bikes, racing down the hills.  Such good memories.
Coming down the south side of the mountain brings us to Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella (also called Isabella Lake )[1][2] is a reservoir in Kern County, California created by the earthen Isabella Dam. It was formed in 1953 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Kern River at the junction of its two forks at Whiskey Flat. At 11,000 acres (4,500 ha), it is one of the larger reservoirs in California. The area is in the southern end of the Sierra Nevada range and the lake itself is located in low mountains at an elevation of approximately 2,500 ft (760 m) where summer temperatures reach over 100 degrees (°F) but low enough to avoid winter snows on the surrounding ridges. Lake Isabella is located about 40 mi. northeast of Bakersfield, and is the main water supply for that city. Lake Isabella can be reached by car from Bakersfield via state Highway 178 and from Delano via Highway 155. The former towns of Isabella and Kernville were flooded by the newly created reservoir.

Yes, it does get HOT here, but I have also seen snow on the lake shores, and the snow in the higher elevations feed this rive and lake.  Our cabin was about 20 minutes, up the mountain, and we always had snow in the wet years...........................by I digress.........
It is normally a LARGE lake. This is further up the river  from the dam

You can see the river that feeds the lake., even it is running low.

This is much closer to the dam, but you can still see the tops of the trees poking out of the water.  The water line has been as high as the line above the arrow.

I took this just for the scale of things
Well, that warps up this T-day post, hope you weren't too bored with the lake pictures.  I know there are some people that think CA wouldn't be in a drought if we ALL didn't own swimming
pools ....LOL.........I should be so lucky!!

Inky Hugs


Sounds like a fun yearly event! Since everything is still frozen and white here, I enjoyed seeing the lake pictures despite the fact that they illustrated your drought. It is sad that the new owner tore down your old cabin, but I smiled when I read what you said about "hearing" your boys on their bikes! Happy T day!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Dramatic drought photos. May the rain fall soon! I know what you meant about the cabin. It's always sad when old places are torn down. The art festival looks wonderful --- I know it cheered you. Have a blessed and abundant day in the California sun!
Linda Kunsman said…
Oh I love the lake pics but sad to see when a drought hits. Also sad to know about torn down old buildings but, on a good note we always have the memories! Looks like you had another fun art, wine and food outing:) Happy T day!
Lorraine said…
Sounds like a wonderful event. Guess you have to practice your juggling to get more photos. But I do love the lake pictures. Glad you had such a good time even if it was a little bittersweet.
I LOVE that mug, but please add some cream to my coffee.

CA is truly in a drought. And it's a serious drought. I recently attended a conference we in Wichita conducted because of our drought. The workshop panel brought in people from CA to help us solve our problem, while learning how they were coping with theirs. They argue for using gray water, but many people can't get their heads around it. I think it's a great idea.

Sounds like a reflective weekend. Loved the photos, though. And of course, I hope you show your art next year, too.

Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this week.
Your art event must be great! The cup is an amazing idea Krisha! Fixes T-Day perfectly! Wow what fantastic imoression from this trip! Thank you!
Happy T-Day --
and YES! Next year you have to show Krisha ART there.. that's a MUST!
~*~Patty S said…
Interesting to see the lake pix...
at some point conserving water will have to become a priority everywhere in the US.
That mug is great and I always marvel that we get to connect with people all over the globe with the click of a button.
Your artsy community sounds special.
Happy T Day
Lynn Holland said…
Any pictures with a blue sky and the sense of sunshine do it for me as its very chilly in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire, UK
Lorraine said…
art and wine tasting sound fabulous..lovely photos hope it rains for you soon
Rita said…
Boy! The water is really low. I hope you get some precipitation pretty soon. Spring is around the corner. LOVE the cup and the idea of us T-folk being from all over the world. Happy T-Day! :)
jinxxxygirl said…
Loved seeing your lake pictures Krisha! And i hope next year you do show your art. LOVE that tea cup picture. Hubs and i often wonder not about the swimming pools but trying to grow the food they do grow in areas that do not get alot of rainfall...... seems they should try to grow those crops in a more friendly enviroment then it wouldn't have to be irrigated.... Hugs! deb
Darla said…
The art exhibit sounds like it would be fun to attend. Hope you enter something next year. I'm glad you showed the lake pictures. I have mentioned the drought on my blog several times but I don't think people elsewhere really get the picture - they need your pictures! LOL.

I guess I have a good excuse for not washing the car though.

~*~Patty S said…
Krisha I Loved your sharing about your family cabin with sweet memories and your children's laughter!💙
Mr M and I are both orphans now and after driving
By our childhood homes a couple of times we decided we'd better not anymore...too sad to see big beautiful trees and such whacked or gone and other changes.
Your art gathering sounds very special and good for you and your priorities 🌞
That is a perfect cup...Happy T Day
Thank you for your nice visit and comments today too