T Stands for Tea and Trees

 Happy Tuesday! and that means it is time to link up with Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover and join the "T" Gang for drinks.  I had G-ma duty Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.  Here is Megan setting up for tea.  Thursday was so warm I had the window open to the patio.
 She takes her "tea Parties" quite seriously.  It was just her and I during Thursday and Friday, since her sister was at school.
The weather has turned unseasonably warm, but we did get a taste of the storm that went through on Friday night and all day Saturday.  The almond trees are just starting to break open with blooms.  So pretty against  the blue sky this morning (Monday)  I was glad I grabbed my camera as I went out the door. When the almonds bloom it is so pretty, but during this season I live on sinus meds.

 They are predicting 80 degree weather by the end of the week!  It is WAY too early for those temperatures..........we need more rain!

Keeping it short this week, I have a very early dentist appointment in the morning.......by early I mean 7:30 AM.  That means I have to be up by 5:30.  I was flossing my teeth Friday after lunch and flossed half an old filling right out of my tooth!  Tuesday at 7:30 AM is the quickest I could get in.  It isn't painful, just annoying and sharp.  The filling is almost 40 years old and I can see there is some decay that was under it.  So there will be drilling and filling done tomorrow.......yuck!

I want to thank all of you who are dropping by the new friends and follower's blogs.  They are loving it.

I will make the rounds when I get back home tomorrow.................until then................
Inky Hugs
   P.S. check out the ATC I got from Linda Kunsman HERE
and the canvas board I finished HERE


Oh wow. Sally had the same thing happen to an old filling of hers, too. Flossing is important, but losing fillings is not fun. I hope all goes well and you get lots of nitrous oxide in the process (grin).

Megan looks like she has all the appliances out to make scones to go with her tea! I can see by her earnest look that she takes this entire thing seriously.

Thanks for sharing Megan's tea with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, I think a lot of us would gladly trade temps with you!
TwinkleToes2day said…
What a delightful set up Megan is creating. I wonder what she served. Those trees do look awful pretty, but I hope they don't upset your sinuses too much; that really is no fun. Meantime, Happy T Day :o))
Mary Ann Potter said…
I know it was a very special tea party! Your grand-daughter is beautiful. (I love that mixer on her tea table. I'm sure she mixed up delicious treats!)

Eighty degrees? Sigh. We had temperatures in the 70's the other day, and today it's rainy and cold with predicted highs in the 40's. NC weather can be capricious! Headed to Raleigh today for shopping and hair trim ---- fun regardless of the weather! Sending blessings from here on the farm!
~*~Patty S said…
Your tea party brings back sweet memories to me...what fun!
and lucky you getting to have Almond trees and blooms (except for the achoo part that is!)
I have only seen Chestnut, Hazelnut and Black Walnut trees in bloom.
The best thing about going to the dentist is when it's over.
Happy T Day to ya.
Darla said…
What a darling Megan is, I'd love to be invited to one of her tea parties. It must be beautiful with all the blossoming trees in your area. Hope the visit to the dentist isn't too bad.

She is such a sweetie .. think she has the same eyes as you!
Oh gosh - dentist--- I feel with you- hope it was not too bad!
Happy T-Day Krisha!
Linda Kunsman said…
I'll trade temps with you anytime! How sweet to enjoy that special time with your g daughter. Dentist trips are never fun but hopefully you'll be much better after the repair. Thanks for the mention too. I did go visit your newest followers:) Happy T day!
Delightful tea party :) It sounds like you'll be able to have your parties outside soon. I'm sorry about your tooth, and I hope the repair goes smoothly. Happy T Tuesday!
Dianne said…
What a brilliant idea to have all of the tea things in a big box ready to set up for the tea party! I may just have to appropriate that idea for my 5 yr old granddaughter...beautiful photo of the trees...so nice to see there is still sunshine and warm weather somewhere! ;) happy T day!
Halle said…
I remember having tea parties with my girl. Now I wish I had taken more time to do that with her. The time slips away so fast.
Hope all goes smoothly at the dentist.
Robyn said…
How lovely to have tea with a Grand- I'm green from here!
80 degrees sounds beautiful to me of course since we are waist deep in snow right now. It's great to have some one on one time with Megan--she sets a lovely tea party! Your canvas came out beautifully! Hope the dentist visit was painless!
trisha too said…
Oooh almond trees, do you actually get to harvest almonds?

It's been way too warm and dry here, too--it feels . . . ominous . . .

Rita said…
Oh, I hate going to the dentist. I hope it all goes well and quickly.
But--what a wonderful tea party with your GrandGirl. :):) 80 degrees! I can't imagine that yet, by a long stretch. Have a great week. Happy T-Day! :)
dawn said…
Hello and Happy T Day! I hate the dentist, not fun at all. Hope it went well. How nice to have G-ma days and tea parties with them. I can't wait for the 80 degree days to come our way, months away but can't wait. Thanks for sharing!
TwinkleToes2day said…
Lol, you'll be forgiven for not doing any selfies to show your crowns off, I think Krisha :D
Thanks for the visit. Hope you slept well :o))
CatieAn said…
don't you love tea party with the grands? Such a special time and memories when they get older. The almond tree blossoms are so [pretty