Journal 52 week 8

Well, after three days of internet failure, due to something at the main building, and multiple people calling them, they finally seem to have it fixed.  I must say though, my house is all de-cluttered (well almost all the rooms), my laundry is all done, folded and put away, and I even managed a trip to the gym......LOL

Week-8-aromatherapy.  Holy cow! we are just finishing week 8.  My "go-to" aromatherapy is the scent of Lilacs.  It is a scent that takes me back to my childhood and the neighbor's front yard, where two HUGE lilac bushed stood.  When they were in full bloom I would stand into the bushes, as far as I could, and just take deep breaths.

Now, years and years later, I have candles that are lilac, one in the hall bathroom and one in the spare bedroom.  The one in the bathroom makes the whole room smell good without lighting it.  That room is on the west side of the house and the warmth of the afternoon sun makes the oils in the candle wake up.  The one in the spare bedroom gets the same effect, since it is also on the west side of the house, but that candle I actually pick up and smell.  It has a soothing and calming effect on me, and always makes me that's therapy.........aromatherapy!!!

So just how did I do my journal page?  With Gelatos and baby wipes, using the wipes as a blending agent.  The letters were done with Faber-Castell pens

What is your "aromatherapy"???

I'm off now to go give my candle a whiff..........................grin

Inky Hugs


Beautiful Lilacs, Krisha. I love their scent as well.
Rita said…
Lilacs are spring! Lovely scent. I could almost smell it as I was reading. :)
jinxxxygirl said…
Gosh Krisha there are alot of aromas that can bring a smile to my face... I usually go for candles with an earthy smell...think fallen leaves....Autumn walk... pine ...... But i also love wysteria... makes me think of my grandmother... honeysuckle... and lilac too.... jasmine..... Love your artwork girlfriend. Hugs! deb
Mary Ann Potter said…
Internet failure --- decidedly no fun. We had 10 hours without electricity day before yesterday. Nice to be reconnected in every way.

Lilacs always remind me of growing up in Michigan. We can't grow lilacs here in our part of NC, but I do love them. Your journal page is gorgeous, a fitting tribute to that lovely bush.

My favorite fragrances are caramel, vanilla, chocolate. But my true aromatherapy is always outdoors. I love the scent of the woods, freshly-dug dirt, and even the barnyard. I read somewhere that farming fits the soul of a woman. These things fit into mine!
Don't you hate it when circumstances beyond your control make it impossible to get on the internet? I'm just glad they fixed your ISP, because I really LOVE this beautiful J52 entry. Those look like the lilacs I remember from MY childhood, too. I would give anything for a lilac bush, but I think I'm too far north for one to live through my cold winters. Your technique is wonderful. I'm going to look for gelatos the next time I'm out and about.
A very pretty journal page, love the zentangles and the lilacs, soon enough we'll have them.

Warm hugs
Just AWESOME Krisha!
Happy new week!
Darla said…
I too like lilacs. Great page and your lettering if fantastic.