Journal 52

So here we are on week 6 in the Journal 52 adventure.  This week's prompt is windows.  It took me a minute ok a day or so, to think about what to do for this prompt.  The GDs were here and playing with the doll house and Megan was looking at me through the window......BINGO!!!  We have a winner!
I drew in the window and eye, masked it then added Gesso.  Next was inkiness fun with Dylussions, but the really fun part is dropping alcohol inks onto the wet water base inks..................oh yea!!

After a night of drying time it looked a little duller, but I still like the effect.  Using Jofey stamps I stamped and embossed with white powder, then again with black Staz-On.  Very disappointed in this new EP, didn't stick very well and I even turned one spot brown (as in well-done) getting it to set.

A few bricks were created with a stencil and modeling paste.  I took a water brush and washed off spots in the stamped images, then colored the eye and window frame.  Somewhat satisfied it was time to write what was on my mind (well, not really but some things I just won't put into print.....grin)

As I was getting this page ready to post I realized I hadn't share week 5, which was television.
This only brought one thing to mind.......
Yep! the old test patterns (I'm talking OLD here) They had these when the networks went off the air at night.........................really!!  Way back then they didn't run 24/7 and sometimes you got a "Please Stand By during the day or during a storm.  Who remembers rabbit ears?????
Thanks for stopping by, let me know you came by with a comment.
Inky Hugs


I love that quote very much, Krisha :)
Your journal page is so pretty, loved to read how you made the background, earlier I could not recognize you have used alcohol inks as well for that, it turned out beautiful. Great interpretation of what you want to say. Thanks for sharing.
Visited your last post, your granddaughter is lovely!! :)
Rita said…
Love all the rich color on your window page. And I sure remember the days when TV stations went off the air and rabbit ears! Remember when "we interrupt this program..." used to make your hair stand up and heart race? Nowdays they interrupt constantly for little or nothing.
Neet said…
I just adore this creation of yours. Loved reading how you did it step by step and now want to try the AI's on the sprayed papers - never knew of this.
Who would have thought a day with the GD's would inspire to make this - great use of JOFY stamps btw.
Hugs, Neet 28 xx
Darnell said…
I was full of all the warm loveliness of your journal page, Krsiha, which is sensational, and then that all went out the window as my head was filled with memories of the TV test pattern screen and rabbit ears!! Oh, my, then I got to thinking about how we didn't have remotes. It seems like it was a million years ago that we got up off our asses when we wanted to change the channel or adjust the volume!! That alone probably accounts for the epidemic of obesity in America, lol. A really fun and artistic post!! Hugs, Darnell
Jennidee Mills said…
I love both your pages ... so personal and meaningful. I'm old enough to remember the test pattern and the rabbit ears. The test pattern was slightly different in Australia. I remember sitting at school watching the test pattern in between programs as the teachers waited for our educational show to come on. BRILLIANT> I must journal about this. And I love your window in the wall. It brought to mind the eye is the window to the soul too. The bricks are terrific. It's a shame the colours faded so much. But still an awesome page.
Darla said…
Fun to see your pieces and read about the process. I've fallen behind on J52. I couldn't figure out how to make a knitted hat (my project) fit into either of the last two themes, hahaha.

Yes, I do remember rabbit ears and test patterns. And "snow" on the screen. What a long way TV has come.

Oh Krisha, these are both simply stunning entries. Your window is SO clever, especially with the use of your own lovely drawings. I don't have your talent, that's for sure, so I can appreciate what you have done with your window.

Of course, I enjoyed the TV screen, too. The first time I watched TV was in 1973. Yep, showing my age. Don't remember rabbit ears, but I DO remember when I first got cable in the mid 80s. Again, love what you did.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I love that window. Oh, yes, I remember the rabbit ears and the antenna on the roof. We didn't have a tv till I was nine years old (1954). It was a VERY big deal. And it was black and white. Three channels. I don't watch much tv now. I still love old re-runs of "The Andy Griffith Show" and "I Love Lucy." I indulge myself with "Downton Abbey."
CatieAn said…
oohh very nice I love all this wonderous stuff