WOYWW 297 Happy Valentines to Me (and Betsy)

Time I joined in the WOYWW weekly event this week.  I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks, due to having a bad sinus cold and the G-ma duties. 

Betsy is showing off our valentines to ourselves this week.  After a 3 hour visit to the dentist, which just so happens to be across the street from the local Beverly's Fabrics...............well, my mouth was still numb as numb can be, so thought I'd just "look around" to see what was new.  Oh WOW! they had Faber-Castell Mix and Match Stampers Big Brush Pens!!!!! Bakersfield is finally getting with the program on quality markers.  As you can see We got a set of each and a white marker!!  PLUS a new book (something I rarely buy, unless it is a good story, not art books of any kind) I had watched Joanne Fink on You Tube and when I saw her book I just had to have it........after all I had just been to the dentist!!!

There is also the beginning of a J52 page, water pot, gesso pot (the black one) second pair of eyes, an old fingernail file I use to sand down modeling paste.................most everything else you have seen dozens of times....................I thought I just cleaned that cutting mat....hummmm!

The dentist said I was born to be royalty and has decided to give me not one, but two crowns!!  But I have to wait until next Tuesday to get the real ones, until then they are just temporary......LOL

 Keeping it short as our Queen Desker, Julia, likes it.......grin

Inky Hugs


Helen said…
A trip to the dentist definitely requires treats afterwards, and I love those pens! I have one of the white ones. Have a great week (despite more trips to the dentist in the offing) Helen #1
Wow fab markers.. I want to order them for me, but they are very expensive..think I will order them one by one... starting with a few colors.
I am sorry hearing that you had trouble at the dentists!
Good luck for the crowns!

glitterandglue said…
Royalty indeed, Krisha! Great looking neat and tidy desk - have fun with those markers. Have to say, I quite agree, dentist visits definitely deserve treats!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #6
Julia Dunnit said…
You are royalty Krisha, believe me. Isn't it funny how the camera makes things look untidy or messy right after you've cleaned....odd. Happens to me every week! Have fun with your brush pens, how nice tofind them and how fab that they are sold in tonal packs..good thinking somebody!
Artatag said…
Faber-Castell Markers are great, but not cheap. But after 3 hours at the dentist you deserved what you got and much more!! You choose some nice colours! I don´t have a decent shop nearby and have to order everything online.
Gabriele 17
Jennidee Mills said…
Ummmm ... no way I'm taking a picture of my work desk right now. It is like a bomb has gone off. LOL And as I'm not really working on anything other than black and white (doodling) which I do in front of the TV, there isn't anything in progress - just piles of stuff I need to put away. Sigh. I'd better make a clean spot.
Glenda said…
I think a trip to the dentist definitely means some new goodies are in store! Go girl!
Glenda #41
Robyn Oliver said…
Hi Krisha happy WOYWW, have to agree the dentist trip worked out well for the crafting basket. Cheers RobynO#12
Belinda Basson said…
Well then I guess once you have the real crowns, you will have to go to the shop across the road again to see what is new! #11
Kristiina said…
Your new pens look great, and the tangle book too! Bet they won't stay NBUS for very long :)
Kristiina #21
shazsilverwolf said…
Hi Krisha, lovely treats you have there.Betsy is looking very tidy, and I LOVE your hair colour!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx
Nan G said…
Love your natural hair color! Lucky you two crowns...not. ;) But a nice score with the Big Brush ones! I love the few I have. Their white one is fab. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #62
Unknown said…
Wonderful pens! That would be just like me, to stop by the craft store with a numb mouth from the dentist, if it was on the way. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48
Carmen Wing said…
Does that mean more treats next week? ;) ;)

Lovely little stash shop and yes - thoroughly deserved!

Carmen x #46
House of Bears said…
Post dentist treats sound good to me. I love those big brush pens. Haven't got any as yet but they're on my wishlist. Thanks for the earlier visit.
Patrink said…
LOL, guess I'm also royalty. Thanks for sharing the love. Enjoy the pens.


Pat #71
Lisca said…
Yes, a trip to the dentist definitely merits a treat. And you can go again when they put the real crowns in!
The book looks interesting... is it zentangle? You didn't mention who it is by.
Have a good week,
You have got to treat yourself when you have been to the dentist Lol! it's the law!
Have a great week, Angela x 37
CatieAn said…
a queen definitely needs the best in art supplies....too cool cant wait to see what you make