T Stands for Valentine's weekend

Hello gentle bloggers and welcome to the Tuesday madness called T stands for Tuesday ,one of  the many names, that is put on by Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover.
Since Saturday was Valentine's Day DH and I decided to go pick up the spring wine shipment from the winery.  It was a super gorgeous day and very warm for the coastal area.
 Standing just outside the door looking down into the patio area, many people take their wine down here to sip on it.................mine doesn't last that long......LOL
This winery is the one that sits on top of a small mountain, and the view is wonderful.  You can see some that are sipping their sample out here on the wine barrel chairs that are provided for just that.
It was into the afternoon before we made it to the winery, so we didn't tarry around.  We did sample all the wines that are in the wine club case we were picking up.  They also pair all their wine sample with a tasty hors d'oeuvres, that are made right there in their kitchen by local chefs. 

We came off the mountain and went to an antique store on the main street.  It was quite large and had some rather interesting things in it.
I thought a picture of these cups and saucers would be appropriate, since it was Valentine's day.  They had many unusual shaped and painted pitcher, and I took a lot of photos of them, but I'll hold off until a later date to share them....that is how many they had!!
Back in a little tiny hallway, there were some shelves and as I walked by I noticed something........
For Elizabeth and Bluebeard
From the antique shop we headed over the specialty cheese shop a couple of blocks away. They carry a lot of different cheeses that are imported and locally made.  Of course they let you sample before you buy.....grin.  They had a Merlot and Balsamic cheese that is out of this world, and I ALWAYS buy some.  DH chose a cheese with truffle in it.......very tasty too.  Then there was the standard fresh parmesan that couldn't be forgotten.

Then we headed south to Pismo Beach, about 40 minutes south, thinking we would get some clam chowder then head for home.  It was so BUSY in the Pismo area that it was like a big legal holiday.  I don't think we saw that many people over the 4th of July weekend!!!  Now this is, of course right along the beach and the weather there was just perfect beach weather.  So much for clam chowder.......LOL

We did remember a wonderful pizza place, the kids introduced us to in July, a wondered how busy it would be.  It is way OFF the beach area, but in an older part of town that is all specialty shops and can be wicked to find a parking place in.  As we lucked out, we found a parking place right away and there was hardly anybody in the pizza parlor.  Maybe because it was only 3:30PM????

I did take a lot of pictures at the Klondike Pizza Parlor, those will have to wait for an other time too, as this is getting rather lengthy.

So what's in your cuppa today??

Inky Hugs


Fantastic cups and post this week again Krisha!
Happy T-Day!
Darla said…
Wine, cheese and an antique store? Why wasn't I with you that's what I want to know.

What gorgeous weather and what a great afternoon spent sampling and browsing. Those heart shaped tea cups are just the cutest every! Can't wait to see more!
Halle said…
Ok that is my kind of place!! Fun finds with the heart shaped teaset and rocking horse for our lovely hostess.
Your blog didn't want to load for me this morning. Could it be because your blog background looks like the view from my window (grin)?

I remember you taking us to this winery last year, and it was fun to see all the lovely wine and hors d'oeuvres you had. This year, you also treated us to heart shaped tea cups and and saucers. And of course, I adore the rocking horse. In fact, I have one exactly like it. Thanks for thinking of me, because it is awesome.

Sounds like you and hubby had a great Valentine's Day, and you got to share it with each other over wine, cheese, and pizza. How awesome.

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, as well as the rocker, for T this Tuesday.
What a fun day! I think I would enjoy an outing with you, and I appreciate being able to tag along on this virtual trip.
Linda Kunsman said…
I sure would love to go on an outing like this with you-cheese and wine, pizza, antique shops-oh yeah!! Love that red cup and heart shaped saucer. My cuppa is filled with Starbucks so I can help hubby shovel -yes, another round of snow we got last night! thankfully only a few inches. Happy T day!
voodoo vixen said…
Hi Krisha, what a lovely day out you had, winery and shops and pizza... it really doesn't get much better than that!! Love the heart coffee cups... would have been seriously tempted to buy those! Happy T Tuesday to you, Annette
~*~Patty S said…
Fun wine tour Krisha...
the patio pics are really lovely with all of the shadows.
What a fun ♥ cup and saucer along with that rocking horse.
Enjoy * Enjoy and Happy T Day to ya
TwinkleToes2day said…
What a fab post. I enjoyed seeing the views at the winery and the valentine inspired tea set. The rocking horse is lovely; how amazing that Elizabeth has one the same. I hope you enjoyed your pizza, it seems to have been a fine day to spend together. Happy T Day :o)) x
jinxxxygirl said…
Well you had a busy day...! Living in wine country i sure wish i liked wine..lol ... maybe a little moscato once in awhile but thats it... We went to Lake Tahoe on Valentine's Day it was crazy there too.!! So many people! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us Krisha!! Happy Tday! Hugs~deb
Lynn Holland said…
This is a blog post to make us all jealous. You look to have had a lovely time.
Hope you got to do some Papercrafting after seeing it over at mine.
A big wave from a very chilly lancashire UK
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oooh, warm weather! We had a little snow, a little sleet, and really cold temperatures. Odd for North Carolina. Enjoyed the virtual visit to your corner of the world!
Dianne said…
Oh what a lovely day...such gorgeous sunshine and sounds wonderful! Glad you enjoyed your Valentine's Day...and wishing you a Happy T Day!
Rita said…
Yes, what a lovely day! I don't drink but the views and the cheese...ahhh! Love-love-love the red cups!! Happy T-Day! :)
Carol said…
Those cups are perfect for a Valentine's post :) Beautiful place where the winery is. I love day outing like that.
TwinkleToes2day said…
Dear Krisha, my dragonfly ATC arrived today. It is even more beautiful irl and the shimmer on it is fantastic. The wee envelope it is in is aweome. Thank you so very much, I am honoured {{Hugs}} xox
Karla B said…
Krisha, love your cups!Your post is adorable!
Terry said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. We went up to Portland and loved the getaway! The weather was totally gorgeous with absolutely not one drop of rain! Happy Weekend!