Monday, July 25, 2016

T Stands A Tuesday post on Monday

HEELLLOOOOOO! To all my T-day friends, WOOOOOOSH! it's been two months since I've had a chance to sit down and actually write a post.  Betsy (my desk) even asked to see some sort of identification.........

Tonight, as it is about 7:30 PM, here, I am drinking it does NOT seem to help!!!!  It has gotten back up into the triple digits again and that calls for water around the clock.  I don't even leave the house without a bottle of water with me.  Now that plays havoc with a wee thing called the bladder.........LOL!  I know where ALL the clean restrooms are with in a 50 mile radius!!!!

No GDs here this week, as they are over to the beach where it is a balmy 63' (F) 17' (C)at the moment.  I can't wait to join them Wednesday....the forecast says 73' (F) 23' (C) for the rest of the week.  Right now it has cooled down from 106" (F) to 100' (F) 38' (C)!!!

It has been a very busy summer......since I last sat down to join Elizabeth and the T-gang.  I have Hannah and Megan Monday through Thursday every week.  I have never painted so many picture in such a short time.  It all started with the paintings, I have stacked on the fireplace, that I have done at the paint party events.  They decided they wanted to try some of them, then Hannah discovered Pinterest and has pinned close to 100 she wants to paint!!!!  YIKES! I've created a monster!  She is satisfied to paint small ones in her art journal.....thank goodness.  Since I can't afford 2-4 canvases   (2 GDs) every day, they have settled for 9x12 watercolor paper taped to a canvas.  Which is great, then they paint both sides, and I am putting them into books for them to take home.  Yes, I'll share photos in later posts, which should take until almost Christmas!!

The 40th birthday card, to the right of my PC is for our oldest son, his birthday is August 4th. GOSH, 40 years old!!   I thought  I had better get it made while I have some peace and quiet............I about 3 weeks I am going to be complaining about how quiet it is around here, and how there is anything to do...........LOL!

Last Friday night I painted this Koi
Here is my friend Carol and I hard at work on a different painting Saturday night.
So that wraps up this post I hope you join me in visiting the rest of the T-Gang this week.
Here are some smiles....................
Pssst! I'm already old and they are already saying this about me.........even sort of looks like me!