Thursday, March 31, 2016

Get Ready.....................


Darnell at djkardkreations is hostessing an event tomorrow!!

Hit the link, find out all the fun and funny details and get ready for some laughs...........

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

T Stands for.....TIME

This morning I am drinking my coffee out of a cup everyone has seen many, many times, so I'm using my Pinterest photo again.  I really need to look into actually buying a cup like this...if I cold find one for sale....LOL!

It is a bit chilly ( for SOCAL) this morning, for being almost April.  We had some very threatening clouds roll over us last night, but no rain.....just a lot of wind!

It is starting out to be an other busy week.  I had the GDs yesterday, the last day of Spring break, and that is why I'm a tad late for linking up with T- Gang.   Today, and possibly all week, I am going to help with a non-profit organization that helps women get back into the work field.

Thank you to all that dropped by last week and left me comments on the cards I posted.  I hope I got back to everybody.  I'm trying not to spend so much time on the PC and just keeping it to a few hours in the morning......over my coffee.....and just a tiny bit of creativity time....*grin*

"Time" to link up with the T-gang , make a few quick visits ( as many as I have time for this morning) then hit the shower and get ready to go help the "ladies".  I WILL try to get around to everyone before the week has ended.....LOL!

Inky Hugs

Friday, March 25, 2016

Color Throwdown!!

Well, here we are at the end of an other week, the last Friday of can it be??? :o)

This morning I was carousing the neighborhood, of Blogland, and stumbled on a challenge that looked like a fun one to try.  After hours of trying to "make" it I the only one??
I finally went a totally different direction, and making myself step out of my comfort zone......just a little. 

I have had this stitched diamond die set for quite a while, but haven't really used them.  I don't do much with diamond shapes and was wondering "why?" I even bought I the only one??
I made diamond shaped frames and then in-laid them into the card base.  A die cut hello for the center.  The butterfly is a remnant of the first direction I was headed, I die cut and embossed it, then rubbed some gold over it.

The comfort zone thing????  Well, I would normally center, I mean totally center, the diamond shapes!  I know, it wasn't a "big" step out of the zone......but there ya have it!......LOL!!

Here is the challenge:

Color Throwdown #385

Some really great DT work and entries for this challenge!  I hope you get a chance to drop by and leave some luv for the DTs!

This is my last post for this week, with Easter celebrations this weekend, there won't be time.

Happy Easter to all who observe this holiday
Happy Weekend to everyone else!!
Till next week......................
Inky Hugs

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Breath in Deeply.........

Breath in deeply and breath out slowly......the weekend is nearly here!!
This is an other great stamp set from Stampendous that I have been playing with.  Yes, I know the chair looks all cattywampous, but it is the angle I took the photo.......honest!!!
I chose to put the marker to the stamp again, then blend and add some shading.  I am really liking NOT having the black outline on the images.  Makes more of a water color painting style....LOVE it!
The inside of the card reads..." Fine a few moments to just sit your eyes". 
I'm ready to hit the beach, dig my toes into the sand, sit and rest my about you?
But, in reality........the weather can't make up it's mind yet.........our Easter celebration is this weekend.....I need to get a place ready to plant some veggies..........the front flower beds desperately need attention...............and the house needs a good "spring" cleaning.....LOL!
Thanks for stopping by.
Inky Hugs

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Roses on Wednesday

Well, here it is "hump day", middle of the week and supposed to be down hill from here to the weekend.  Up hill, down hill......the weeks are just flashing by, with no intention of slowing down!
I have been enjoying this stamp and die set from Stampendous.  The is the flowers and the other is the mason jar....can be stamped and cut from snippets that are just begging to be used...*grin*  I used marker to stamp to create the image and then marker and water to blend it all in.....doing away with the black outline and the color book look.
Once it was dry and die cut I added it to an embossed, die cut piece ( which the GDs were all to happy to make me a pile of).  To pull it "off" the white card base a piece of designer paper was used. 
There are two fantastic challenges that I am going to enter this card in.
Pixies Crafty Workshop
I encourage you to drop by both these challenges and check out the DT work......just gorgeous!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tulips on Tuesday

Tuesday's card was inspired by all three of these challenges:

Hiding in My Craft Room #243

Just Us Girls

Pixies Crafty Workshop

Pixie's Craft Workshop #221

The stamp is an oldie but goodie, stamped on a snippet, then hand painted.  I fussy cut it all out and mounted it on a snippet (that just fit :))  The little brass dragonfly charm has been floating around my desk for months!

Thanks for stopping by,
Inky Hugs,

Monday, March 21, 2016

Have a Happy Monday

Just a quick post, to get this week started, with this really quick and simple card, before the GDs arrive.  It is "Spring Break" so there is no school. (We used to call it Easter vacation).
I used stamps from a new set of Recollections, that also included a stencil, but it was set aside.
I chose one flower, one sentiment and three colors of stamp pads.....that really is a purple and not a blue color. It was all stamped DTP.  My inspiration for this card came from:
Fun challenge, and fun card to make.  This challenge runs this week so there is time for many more to join.
Must get ready before the girls arrive and our "Play Day" begins.
Inky Hugs


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stamp and Die Flowers

A quick offering  of a card made with a new Stampendous stamp and die set.  I have to say this is really a great set, the dies fit the images perfectly.  You get the jar and the bouquet of flowers ( stamp and die) and a few sentiments in this set.

I did a double stamp and cut the bouquet, then layered them to make a larger bouquet. All had been hand painted with marker ink.  I snippet of a paper doily was added to the ink pad swiped table top.  The Happy Easter stamp is an oldie but goodie .

I am entering this card here:
Please grab our logo

Stamping Sensations has a month challenge of "Flower Power" in progress for the rest of the month, so there is time for you to join in the fun too.

Short and sweet (?) LOL!!

Inky Hugs

Monday, March 14, 2016

T Stands for "Blarney"???

Are you here for the blarney? Or for T-day?.....or possibly both?
Blarney: noun
1. flattering or wheedling talk; cajolery.
2. deceptive or misleading talk; nonsense; hooey:
a lot of blarney about why he was broke.
verb (used with or without object), blarneyed, blarneying.
3. to flatter or wheedle; use blarney:
He blarneys his boss with the most shameless compliments.
Well here is a no blarney fact: it is time to once again join  Elizabeth and the T-gang, so why does "Betsy" look like she is entering WOYWW?  Well.......this is how I am starting this week......yep!  What a mess and only 1 cup of coffee, but I was on my way for a refill when I grabbed the camera and took this photo......"grin"  I couldn't possibly even begin on just one cup of coffee, especially on a Monday morning!!
So what's been happening around here?

Some of my flowers are blooming........................................
I went to an other "Paint" night and painted some flowers......better than the irises don"t ya think?

I found a painting on Pinterest that caught my eye and I used it for inspiration for this 16" x 20"........ it's a little blah, but I love the peacefulness of it, and find myself stopping to look at it quite often, as it is propped up on the mantel of the fireplace.
I like the 16" x 20" so well I painted this 20" x 36", but with a little more character to it, for over our bed....the sky needs lightened up quite a bit........didn't really notice until I took this photo of it.  That will be added to this week's "to-do" list. I do like the water and the sand area of the larger one better.  How say you? and please no "Blarney"....LOL
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Playing with Markers

We all have them, some of us have hoards of them..........markers!!  Water based markers, alcohol markers, cheap ones and expensive ones and the list can even continue further. They were really the rage, years ago, just to color  a stamped image.  Now they have taken us down the artist road with all the colors for blending, and classes on HOW to blend to get those luscious shaded images.
I went back to a time to when using your marker to actually color the stamp was the thing to do.  All things old are becoming "new" again.....*grin*
I chose this delicate vine of flowers stamp, most people prefer to use a solid image, but I really like this stamp and have had it for years.  For those who have not tried this, it is rather simple........color your image with a water base, we used to "huff" the stamp......huff??? Just means to give it a good moist breath of air.  I use a small misting bottle of water, these days, held about a foot away. ( you might want to try this on a scrap paper first, just to see how much spritz you want to use) Then stamp the image......simple huh? 
Since this is an outline stamp the image didn't have any weight to it.  I took the same markers, scribbled on a piece of plastic ( the top to know, the ones you have to CUT open)
With a small, detail paint brush, I added a little water to my "scribbled" ink then lightly gave the blossoms a touch of colored shading.......repeat for the leaves.
Now, why would I cut that ragged edge??.......because I stamped a butterfly in that lower corner, and hated it, but didn't want to start ALL OVER AGAIN.  So, I trimmed it off,  went along the edge with the same pink marker and then took a damp brush along the edge to make the marker run a little. I added an embossed paper to the back for a little texture.
This is a great technique that leaves you NO black outlines, or coloring book look.....and it's FUN!
The butterfly I did use is from a stamp and die set from Art-C and are NBUS (Never Been Used Schtuff) Using the very same technique. The same holds true for the sentiment and die. AND since Darnell is running her annual, or semi annual challenge to use YOUR NBUS........I'll link this card up on HER blog.
Inspired by All the Little Things  has a challenge that is photo inspired:
I just fell in love with the delicate pink and the butterflies in this photo.
Please grab our logo
Stamping Sensations March challenge is Flower Power.......everybody is getting ready for spring.
and so is Just Us Girls with their "word" week.
ALL of these blog sights are showing some really terrific samples by their DTs.  I do hope you drop by and leave them a little love for all their hard work.  Being a DT is not always an easy task, fun, but not always easy.  And while your there.....why not join the fun?
Inky Hugs