Friday, August 30, 2013

Black and White CAS

I love the look of a simple black and white card, and that is what I have to share today,  The small, doubled stamped image is from Rogue Redhead Designs RRD011: Nature Notes, and layered onto black card stock.  A black and white Gingham ribbon was added before mounting onto matching background paper, then onto an other layer of black card stock.  I decided to do something a little different and placed the images to the far left of the card base, then used the sentiment form Rogue Redhead Designs RRD013: This N That in the lower right corner. Clean and Simple!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tag Tuesday- Swinging 60's

AAH yes, the 60's.  What a decade that was, and how it changed many things.  I feel like a survived just having lived through it.  LOL  Tag Tuesday has "The Swinging 60's" theme starting this week, and I decided to play along, even though I am not one of their "players".  The tag was fun to make and brought back A LOT of memories.  I have always like the "hippie" art work that came from that decade, all the bright colors and simple designs were right up my alley....(do they still say that?) 
I also did some surfing on the 'net and came across some things that I had forgotten about.
Sixties Television
TV networks actually signed off at a certain time of night, like right after The Johnny Carson Show
Johnny who????

Television in the 60s was unique compared to what it is today.  We only had 3 channels ABC, CBS, and NBC.  We received our TV reception either through a pair of rabbit ears antenna located on top of the TV or an aerial antenna attached to our homes or on the roof.
One potato, two potato, three potato, four"
Jinx, you owe me a coke."
"I need a 15 cents for the pop machine."
Mimeograpgh paper sure smells good."
Come in when the street lights come on
"You wash and I'll dry and put away."
Leave a note for the milkman
Look it up in the dictionary
 Don't sit too close to the TV it is hard on your eyes
 Don't you ever forget when talking to adult it is "Yes Ma'am", "No Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" , "No Sir
 Step on a crack, break your mother’s back
The S&H greenstamps catalog is here.
 I’ve run out of film for my camera”

The 60's Official Site  a really fun site to visit

So much for walking down memory lane, I've got laundry to finish!!!
Inky Hugs

T stands for Tuesday

Still early here in SOCAL (southern California, USA) and here is my cup  for this Tuesday.  Dyna (my dog) and I usually have coffee on the patio where it is nice and cool in the mornings.  Days are getting shorter now this was taken at 6:30 A.M. , with a flash and I still had to adjust the brightness. 
She is a Vizsla, full name is Dynablu.
"Originally from Hungary, the Vizsla is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting dog that is essentially Pointer in type, although he combines characteristics of both pointer and retriever. An attractive golden rust in color, this "dual" dog is popular in both the field and the show ring due to his power and drive while hunting and his trainability in the home."  AKC
They are so recognizable, when you know the breed.  They are always the same red color, with amber eyes (they look brown with the camera flash) and their toe nails are not black but brown and so are their noses.  They are THE cutest puppies in the world!!
Dyna's face is turning white now, she is 8 years old and my baby for sure! No, I don't hunt with her she is just a pet, but she does point birds in the yard and the neighbors cat through the knot hole in the fence! LOL

Just finishing the pictured cup of coffee and now it is time to link up with Elizabeth over at the
Altered Book Lover Blog to see what the rest of the world is drinking this morning/afternoon/evening.
Inky Hugs

Monday, August 26, 2013

An Other Bombshell Image: DT project

Week TWO of The Cheerful Stamp Pad challenge-67-your-choice starts today.  Bombshell Stamps is our sponsor and I chose this feather and arrow head digital image for my DT project this week.  I colored both with colored pencils and fussy cut them.  I wanted a metallic conch, so I took a Q-tip and added the pigment ink and then embossed with silver EB powder.  The turquoise insets have Glossy Accents on top.  The feather is resting on Pop Dots to give some depth to the card.  The background paper is from my stash that is a really thin  wood., that I have been hoarding for years.  The sentiment is a TH favorite of mine.
Since this is only week two you still have time to link up and join us.
Inky Hugs

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Envelope Art Journal

Front cover of journal using evny flap for a closure.
I joined the Paper Traders Yahoo Group some time ago and just now joining one of their swaps.  The swap is going to  be a hand made art journal using a large 9 x 12 manila envelope for a cover.  I thought this was very interesting as I have been wanting a smaller art journal, but didn't want to spend more $$ when I have three large ones waiting in the wings. 
After reading how to make it HERE I figured I should give it a try-out first and work out any problems I might have to work on.  Believe me, I do have a few to work on, but I know what to look for now LOL! So here is the front of the journal, I still want to add the words "of art", or something along that line under the word journal. I did use some Velcro along the flap to keep it closed, because I did add something that the instructions did not, and I did it for my own use.  You will see it in the last photo.

Back cover
This journal is decorated the way I want, just paint, inks, stamps and stencils. I like the faux fabric look that was created by pressing the paper towel into the paint.
 The swap will be according to what the other person likes.
Here is the journal opened.  I did make an extra pocket, so that both covers are pockets.  I had decided to decorate the first and last pages, as suggested in the directions.  I added one more folded page to compensate for the decorated pages (maybe not a good idea made things too thick)  I also chose to cut a heavy cardboard to slip into the pocket for stability, many times I start a page while sitting on the sofa and need the extra stiffness.  I did not sew it together as it should have been, truth is I was just too lazy to watch the video again.  The edges of the pages are not even either, that is something I really need to work on along with getting the pages TIGHTLY sewn.
So here it is my first hand made book/journal, a little rough but I like it and can't wait to start playing with it, but I am determined to finish the last couple pages of the large art journal before opening a new one. 
After the swap I am thinking I'll make me an other one with more signatures to it...... we'll see how it goes.
Inky Hugs

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ink Pads and Journaling

the new line up!!
Yesterday's post was all about getting all those ink pads into my storage, which meant going through the old ink pads.  I had flipped open my journal to rub the pads on to see how "juicy" they still were, and if they would stamp an image.  Well, all but two passed both tests....LOL  BUT, I did find I had some duplicates ( yes I see your raised eyebrows)  They were colors I used years ago, and had re-ordered them before taking a hiatus from stamping to scrapbook for more than a couple years.  So I just opened the new ones and placed the old ones in the journal pile.

So the journal was sitting there all smeared with ink, some of it pigment ink, so I threw some clear embossing powder over the pages and heat set it. Now there was some texture!! I have 3 new stencils, so I figured they needed testing.  LOVE the rocking chick! I'm working away, just having an inky time and Lovin' Spoonful's  song "Do You Believe in Magic" just kept running through my head, so that is where the words came from. ( the Lovin' who??? you need to be at least 50 to remember them well!Listen to it HERE I added some hand stamped tapes here and there and called it done!!
Have a great day and enjoy some old music!!! Remember "Summer in the City"?
Inky Hugs

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's going to be an INKY day

Well, it will be when I get these new inks opened. LOL! Yesterday my order arrived from  Everything you see was 40% off, making these Distressed Ink pads  $2.99 each, how could I pass this up?  I also thought I should have a couple of stencils,  a couple of Distress Stains, Distress crackle paint and a new StazOn black, and why not a stone gray too?  This morning I do have one dilemma.........
can you guess what that might be? LOL! yep, just where an I going to put them?  Granted there are a few here that are almost dried up (but only almost).  Yes, I know I have a LOT of ink pads already, but honestly I have only bought 6 Distressed ink pads, 2 StazOn and 1 Archival stamp pad in the last 10 years, until last week.  Some of these ink pads are pushing 15 - 20 years!  I have a Stamping Up pad that I bought with my FIRST stamp set and it is still good.  So see, storing them tightly closed and up side down really does make a difference. Do I still use all of them? The answer is YES and more than you might think. Okay, so what I am thinking ( and this could be dangerous... the thinking part) is going through them and removing the ones that are ALMOST dry, to a drawer for journaling use, since they don't make a good stamped image any longer, but still have enough ink to play with. I have 7 new ink pads, the black always stays on desk top, to find a home for, and honestly I don't think there are 7 that are headed for the journal drawer.
Will this cause a major "clean up"?  Guess I'll have to get started to find out.
Come back later and find out just what I did do..............LOL
Inky Hugs

Monday, August 19, 2013

T stands for TUESDAY

 Monday night here, but what the heck it's Tuesday somewhere! Besides Elizabeth of the Altered Booklover BlogSpot has this weeks post up and ready to go......see it on the PC screen??
I have been cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms, and stripping the sheets off the beds to get them in the washer, this evening whilst the DH is working late, and I thought I'd take a little break and have a snack.
So here is my cup of sweet flavored coffee ( my version of Starbucks) and some left over beef tri-tip from last nights dinner.( Tri-tip is a cut of meat that is infamous here in CA.)  MMMM it is so good, been grilled with a great rub for seasoning.  Yes, I do drink coffee in the evenings, usually a sweet flavored coffee, and no it doesn't keep me awake all night.  I am one of those few people that can fall asleep before the cup is empty!! LOL
 The paper work to the right are some print outs of Dutch oven cooking, and some recipes.  My DIL asked me if I wanted to do the dessert competition and the next BBQ competition and I said "SURE".  Well what ever we make has to made on what they call an open flame, or natural heat, so baking in the oven of the playhouse is out!.  Figured I better start looking into a few ideas and get some recipes lined out to try.  We are talking about the next competition that will be in Lancaster, CA on October 20 (that will be our 40th anniversary too) So we need to practice a few ideas.  Now I can't find my cast iron Dutch oven we used years ago when we tent camped, but DH says we will buy a new one.  Was checking them out on line this morning and could not believe how expensive they have gotten!!! OUCH!

What is this funny post about and why would anybody care about my coffee habits??  Well you need to hop over to Elizabeth's blog and check it out.

So I'm off to change loads in the washer and the dryer, then I think I'll put the front of the house on hold till tomorrow morning.  A shower is really starting to sound good, then maybe I'll get nosy and see what everybody else is up to, and what's in their cup.
Inky Hugs

A Feather Bookmark

Good morning, and thanks for stopping by for an other great challenge from The Cheerful Stamp Pad BlogSpot.  For the next TWO weeks the challenge is Anything Goes!   The sponsor  for this challenge is Bombshell Stamps.  I chose this digital image of a feather, enlarged it, copied, then pasted, then flipped the copy horizontally, to give me a front and a back.  I knew I wanted to make a bookmark, so I needed the strength of two layers of cardstock.  I used colored pencil and OMS, then cut them out and glued them together.  I added some fibers and beads for a little color. 
So are you ready for the challenge?  It really is an easy one, and you have two weeks to enter.
See you there!!
Ink Hugs

Saturday, August 17, 2013

90th Birthday Card

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by today. I also want to say a quick "Hello" to Lunagirl and welcome to my blog.
So today is the birthday party for a friend (my DIL's Grandmother) who is 90 years young.  This lady STILL lives by herself out in the country, and STILL drives a car!  You would never know that she is 90!!  So hats off to FERN!
Here is the card I made for her, I struggled with what to do, and took hours to just pick out what papers and colors I wanted to use.  She is not a frilly person, but LOVES flowers.  I finally decided on this luscious paper that the  Marvelous Ms.. Monica gave me on her visit to California.  The sentiment is an old one from All Night Media, stamped with navy ink and then die cut.  It looked a little to blaaah, so I used a Q-Tip and gold pigment ink and went around the edges, then embossed with gold EB powder.  The flowers were made with a blue and white marbled vellum and TH Tattered Flowers, with a dark blue rhinestone in the middles, and green leaves.  The 90 was Cricut  out of a gold cards stock, and using the same gold card stock to mat it all to the card base.
I really wish the gold in this paper would show better in a scan or photo, this paper is soo pretty!  Thanks Monica!
So while your reading this I am chowing down at the birthday party and going for swim afterwards, YEP! this is a scheduled post and I am already thinking CAKE!!!
Inky Hugs

Friday, August 16, 2013

CAS with Rogue Redhead Designs

Happy Friday everybody!  Today I have a very quick clean and simple card for you using the Rogue Redhead Designs' This N That RRD013 sentiment and Nature Notes RRD011 flower.  The sentiment was stamped with black ink, but the flower stamp was colored with water base marker, spritzed and then stamped onto the card. Now how simple is that?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Well, here it is Wednesday again and time for WOYWW.  To be honest I nearly didn't post and play this week, BUT my GD, Hannah spent 2 days with me and worked so hard on these tags.  Her comment was "Put all these tags on your desk Grandma so your friends will see them on the computer".  So how could I NOT join this week....LOL   She had her first lesson on the Cricut (after I did all the settings) so she is the one who cut all the tags.  Then about 20 of them got the marbling on both sides using shaving foam and ink.  She calls this foam printing (good call).  Along the back are a few from day 2 that she decorated, and to the far right is a stack of cut tags she left for me to play with.  She told me she likes having an Artsy Fartsy Grandma!! LOL
If you haven't already linked up to play WOYWW you need to start HERE at The Stamping Ground, where Julia will get you all lined out.
Off to spend some time being nosey and seeing what everybody else is doing today or yesterday in the UK
Inky Hugs

busy decorating tags, she did not bring her glasses

she chose not sit, but is standing on my foot stool

Standing on a stool to run the Cricut,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday is T day from young to old

from the young
Tuesday means T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard. and I am posting a little late (for me) this week.  Have been having the pleasure of my oldest Granddaughter, Hannah's company for two days.  She is almost 7, only a couple more weeks until it is official......(groan)  So here us our T-cup and T-pot shot for this week, yes those belong to the GDs! 

to the very old
This is a chocolate pot for the very early 1900s and was given to me by DH's aunt, who was an antique dealer in the 50s and 60s.  I was at an auction some years ago and the auctioneer is the one who told me what it was and about how old it is, using one in the auction as an example.  They also had tiny cups that went with them.  This sits at the back of the top shelf in my china cabinet, and all my kids have been told NOT to put it in a yard sale when I'm gone.  Actually there are quite a few items in the cabinet that are on the list, and I have a DIL that knows what antiques are and that they can be valuable

this morning she is at it all by herself
So, yesterday I introduced Hannah to the Cricut and showed her how to use it (I did all the settings)she places the paper correctly, loads the mat and presses what she wants to cut.  We have been cutting tags, then marbling them using shaving foam and ink.  At the moment she is at Betsy decorating them with what ever she can find...I think I am now out of pom poms.....LOL!
Later it will be a little roller blading (for her, I will ride my bike) lunch at the Red Wagon and a restful afternoon as she and her sister have swim lessons at 6:30 PM.
I'll link up with Elizabeth and hope to get around to see what everybody is doing today.  Our list of players  is growing weekly, good job Elizabeth!!
Inky Hugs


Monday, August 12, 2013

An Option for Digital Images

Sometimes working with a digital image can be difficult, especially if it is a sample for a DT project and you need to have a little extra creativity. 

This card was made for Design Team project for The Cheerful Stamp Pad challenge 66: Vintage Children using McMahon Five Designs' digital image.  The image is a colored copy of an antique card and looked like this:
Now, there is nothing wrong with this image, but it just didn't really inspire me.  I played around with it on Print Shop, turning it to a black and white, and that did nothing for my Mojo.  I then added a sepia tone to it and fell in love with the image.

It is mounted on a brown card stock that has been stamped with Rogue Redheads Beach Babes background stamp using Staz-On Timber ink.  I also used the stamp and same ink on the card base itself, and a sentiment from the same plate of stamps.

This is the second week for The Cheerful Stamp Pad challenge 66: Vintage Children so won't you play along with us?  You don't need to use this or any digital image to play along, just a vintage image of children.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Ok, it's Tuesday/ Wednesday and time once again for the desk hopping event of the week.  That means it's time for WOYWW!!
So with further ado here is Betsy, still covered with G45 papers for the envelope book I had started last week (there in the middle).  I am hoping to get it finished in the next day or two.  On top of the envelope book is today's HAPPY MAIL from Nan G. a very pretty post card. THANKS NAN!
closer look at that post card
We did the BBQ competition this past weekend (see my last post) what a riot that was and the reason that book isn't finished.  After yesterday's mad cleaning of the Playhouse, and laundering  a ton of smoky smelling clothes I have had NO energy today.  So this is the kind of post Ms. Julia likes, short and sweet!!  There are the GDs swim lessons to attend this evening and with the DH working tonight I might just come home and clean this house, and then again maybe not......LOL  May spend the time hopping around the world and visiting YOUR desk.
Inky Hugs

T stand for Tuesday, but I’m talking BBQ!

That’s right, BBQ!! We had  three day treck to Vista, California this weekend,  pretty little town about 15 miles off the coast.  My DH and both sons decided they wanted to try a Smoke’n  BBQ competition, Kansas City style.  It was set up like a street fair and there were about 45 BBQ contestants and lots of street venders selling stuff.  The venue was chicken (thighs only) pork ribs, pork butt (or pulled pork) and beef brisket.
What a whirl wind these competitions are, pulling in, setting up (trailer, smokers, tables, cleaning stations, prep stations and cooking utensils)   We couldn’t pull in until 1:30 PM on Friday and had to be cleaned up and off the street by 9PM Saturday night! There was a meeting of all the contestants to go over the rules (mostly of the city of Vista) at 7PM. Then it was back to the cook site, get smokers ready, start prepping the meat ( doing some trimming and getting the rubs on) , getting the fires started and going over the cook time table.  You have to put the meat on according to how long they each take, and have them ready to turn in for judging at designated times, and only a 10 minute window for each category.
So enough chatter here are a few of the 181 photos that were taken.
BBQ contest 002
Youngest son Tony, also our Pit Master.  The apron has our team name on it.
BBQ contest 013
Tony and one of his friends and his son

BBQ contest 007
Prepping the brisket
BBQ contest 028
9 PM Friday night lighting the fires

BBQ contest 035
5 AM Saturday, Brian our oldest son, starting to prep the ribs
This would be the coffee mug for this week...LOL
BBQ contest 083
Chicken ready to turn in....mmmm this was so good!

BBQ contest 060
Ribs getting one last wash of glaze, back on the fire for a few minutes.
So how did we do?  Well we didn't place in the top 10, but were weren't in last either LOL!  We fell in the lower half, but we felt THAT wasn't bad since none of us have never done this before, and we beat out some that have been doing this for awhile!  Now all the talk is about what we will do differently "next time"  Oh ya, there will be a next time!
So Thank you to Elizabeth and Bluebeard for allowing me to brag on this lovely T stands for Tuesday.  I have my cuppa in hand and I am ready to see what everybody else is doing.....
BBQ contest 135
Line of people waiting for some of our samples.  GD, Hannah taking tickets

Friday, August 2, 2013

Missing You Mail Art

Well, it's Friday and I am not really here (scheduled post of course) But, I did want to share my Rogue Redhead Designs DT piece with you.  I used a stamp from the Relish Reading RRD001 plate.
I stamped the image right onto the background pattern paper, colored her with markers and sealed it so it is protected from wet hands or weather that may be involved.  The sentiment is just one of those in my stash.  The paper is mounted to white c.s. for some weight.  Keeping things 2 dimensional can be a challenge, at times, but I rather like it and have been having fun making post cards.

If anybody is interested in exchanging post cards let me know.(lmogle1950 at

So where am I today?  I am at a BBQ competition, no I'm not BBQing, but all three of my guys are.
Their first competition.  Menu is chicken, pulled pork, brisket and ribs, hope to be back next week with lots of yummy looking pictures.
Have a great weekend.
Inky Hugs

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meeting The Marvelous Ms. M

Monica Smith 001
August 1st, and what a great way to start this month than to meet up with Monica Smith of Material Pleasures Bog!!  What a great person and artist she is, and what a fun, but short visit, we had.  They are here is California on holiday and liquid pleasures…. LOL They stayed the night in Bakersfield and are heading north as I write this.   Praying they have a safe trip.  Hopefully we can meet up on their way home and have a little more time to visit.  Those are some of her journals she has in her arms, and they were fascinating to go through, she has such a talent!
Monica Smith 002
Such a nice surprise for ME!!!  She made me this tag book and added some beautiful oriental papers.

Monica Smith 003

Here is the inside of the book, it is accordion style.  Look at all those luscious tags and papers, and all in my favorite bright colors!!

Monica Smith 004
Here is a shot of the cover, the flash really picked up the colors of the fabric.  Yes, she covered it with the greatest batiked fabric….LOVE IT!!

Thank you so much Monica!!
So now I'm off to get a mile long list accomplished today, as we are setting out early tomorrow morning for a BBQ competition, but more about that later, so stay tuned for some pictures of yummy BBQ.
Inky Hugs