Tuesday, August 30, 2016

T Stands for Birthday Celebration

Happy Tuesday!  Here I am rolling in to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang with photos of Hannah's 10th birthday.  I'm not sure how I feel about having a GK that now has double digits in their age! 

Most everybody that visits my blog know my GDs.............not that I'm continually bragging on them.....oh wait.......yes I am!!!
She had her party at Rush Air Sports.  It is something new here and I was amazed at this place.  It is an old warehouse that has been converted into a Trampoline Parks, Kids Activities, Venues & Event Spaces.  I didn't take anything to take photos with when I went to walk around and gather up the birthday group for pizza and cake, but you can check out some of their photos HERE It is worth a look at what they have made for kids to get physical and have fun....
I did get a snap of her opening the card I made her....... I posted it HERE if you missed it this week. She loved it!
Since they had been jumping and climbing, most of them were drinking water.....then a little soda with the cake.  I think they should have done it in reverse and let the girls wear off some of that sugar before sending them home.....LOL!
Megan and her Papa Bobby ( my DH)  We are all big water drinkers.....even though I'm having black coffee as I post this......
Friday night the cheer group Hannah is in did a presentation at the Bakersfield Blaze baseball game.  Since Friday was her actual birthday, my DIL had them announce it and arrange for Hannah to be one of the ones to throw out the first pitch. 
The Blaze gave them each a commutative baseball. 
I do not like all the makeup they have these young girls wear, I think it is just too much makeup........of course Hannah LOVES it!
Now I will confess......The grandparents and aunt and uncle all went next door to the brewery and ate, while all the kids were jumping around. My DIL and mothers of the guests good Moms do...LOL The rest of us were not really  interested in having pizza for dinner :O , and beer sounded better than soda.....LOL!!!
Hope you all have a great and creative week!
Inky Hugs

Monday, August 29, 2016

Layered Stamp Solution....

....or why I was so slow in doing this!
At the beginning of summer I ordered a bundle of stamp and die sets, this is just one of them.These are from Scrapbooking Made Simple and Stacy has a video every Saturday on You Tube.   They are mostly flowers, stems and leaves.  I originally bought them to use together....stamp and die.  But I was wanting to try these stamps DTP.
Now, layered stamps have always been a nemesis of mine, you have to get them lined up "just right" or they don't turn out well.  I had heard of a MISTI stamp positioner, but they are a little too pricy for me........just one of those priority things...LOL!  I did see that there is a video on how to make your own.
I had bought the items quite sometime ago, but never could get it figured out how to make it work right, using DTP stamping. (It all almost hit the trash can) Well, after watching a video See it HERE, I figured out that I needed TWO layers of fun foam!!  So I pulled out all the supplies and made me a MISTI substitute....and waaah laaa!  I can't believe how long it take me to see the light!

Here is my first card using my home made MISTI.  I love the fact that there are no black outlines.
Since these are polymer stamps, and the ink is a water base, they tend to stamp kind of splotchy.  Since the HMM holds those stamps in position, you can re-ink and re-stamp in exactly the same spot. Like magic the splotchies go away!  Since I do have the dies they were fantastic for die cutting some clear packing to make masks to use for multi prints of the same flower and leaves. Yes, I do need a little more practice, but not too bad for my first go at it.
A other great plus is if the stamp doesn't print dark enough, or there is a place where the ink isn't even.......just re-ink it and re-stamp it.  The sentiment on the above cards was stamped twice, and exactly in the exact same place. 
This was a BIG achievement for me, I had been trying to finish up some cards with sentiments, and many of them hit the trash can for being crooked, on the stamp wasn't inked well.  Then I made my about doing things backwards......LOL!!! I could have had those cards done in half the time and I wouldn't have blotches of hair missing. ;))
I hope somebody gets so use out of the trials of my weekend......if your into layering stamps you really do need to have a MISTI or do like I did and make you one.
Inky Hugs

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Sparkly Birthday Card

Our oldest GD, Hannah, just turned 10 on Friday and this evening we are joining in the celebration.
Since she is a cheerleader for a youth football team I thought this card was appropriate.......and she is a sparkly type of girl.
The front consists of all Cricut images and fonts........the background panel is the last snippet of that color of glitter paper.......which happens to be her favorite color.  It is an aqua glitter paper....but the scanner didn't pick up the color very well.
It feels good to be blogging a little more regularly again.  My summer just swoooooshed by, being kept busy with the GDs four days a week.......Now the house sits quiet    ......BUT, on the other hand G-ma now has more time to play with her stash and get back into visiting blog friends, joining some challenges and posting again....;)
Can you believe summer vacation is over and all the kid-os are back in school??? 
You know that means that ALL the holidays are just around the corner!! YIKES!!!  I can't believe I just said that!
Inky Hugs

Thursday, August 25, 2016

AI Too Cute to Spook

Over at the Art Impressions Blog they are running a challenge for cute Halloween cards. Yep! Halloween already......but then all the craft stores have their Christmas stuff on display, so why not Halloween now?  But I digress......I'm here to share a post card I made.

The witches hat, from TH Crazy Bird set, just seemed to fit the AI stamp from the Hot Java Mama set.....and that is how this post card got it's start....LOL! It is all colored using a water color technique using markers.......I've become so addicted to this technique!  I'm not going to list all the other stamp companies, cause I used so many little ones to finish up the PC.  I just thought it was a fun post card and I really enjoyed making it.

There is only a short time left to join this challenge so I better get linked up!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

T Stands for Wine and Fire

Hello Bloggers, it's time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang again.
Even though I am running late this week......more about that later.....
Two weeks ago DH and I made a wine run over to Paso Robles to pick up our wine club shipment.
We are club members of two wineries, and Le Cuvier was having their "Pick Up" party for club members only.  It consists of wine tasting and food (small bites) pared with the wine.  We go over twice a year for this..........that is when they release their new wines.  We kept our wine tasting to a minimum at Le Cuvier because we had one more destination that day.
Over at the Croad winery we were attending a wine and BBQ event.  This was the first of any of their events we have attended.........and most likely not the Last!
This was the menu
Looking down onto the patio all set up for the evening

DH drinks water, since he is the designated driver.......but he did do some tasting.
During dinner we were entertained by bagpipes!

I forgot to take a photo before I started eating....LOL!  The food was excellent!
Looking down at the crowd that attended......that first empty chair is mine"

After dinner, Martin had arranged for a little grape stomping! I'm on the left.  Something I have wanted to try ever since I saw Lucille Ball do it on "I Love Lucy" LOL!
This photo was taken by a friend of mine, from about five miles from was about 5:30 a.m. last Thursday.
This is one of the fires currently going in California.  This is what they are calling the Cedar Fire, it really isn't as close as it looks, about 50 miles, up in the mountains, east of here.  It is just one that we have been able to see any flames or glow from. 

This is how the sun looked the same morning at about 7:30a.m. I was just heading out for a walk.
Almond harvest time.  This is the ground between the rows of almond trees.  They have shaken the trees, but haven't swept up the almonds yet.  Both processes produce a LOT of dust in the air.......and my dark furniture shows it all!!

Looking down through the orchard.
They have a machine that looks like it has claws, that grab the trees, and shakes them till all the nuts are on the ground.  They shake them hard enough to look like this.........but the trees adapt once they get water again.
About the first of the month I was out on the patio and noticed these clouds.........they looked so much like angles I had to get a photo of them.
So why am I so late getting this posted this week??  I had a "play date" to day with a woman I met at a painting class...........well, we have painted at the same event a couple of times.....then became friends on FB.  I had taken some cards to one of the painting event and she was curious.  When I asked her if she wanted to give it a try she said yes.  So we arranged to meet, here at my house, this morning. What a great day, Patty got here about 9a.m. and I introduced her to stamping and water coloring the images.  She LOVE to paint anything with any kind of paint.....LOL  Then we went and had some authentic Mexican food for lunch.  I was glad I chose the place I did, cause her Mom is Mexican and Patty know the good stuff!! (we were so busy talking I didn't even think to take any photos)
We came back here, watched one more AI coloring video, on You Tube, then I gave her all the toys and let her have a go at all of it. Now she says she is hooked and can't wait to get home from class tonight and shop for some AI stamps!!
Patty says she has a retired friend, who is an artist and she wants to bring her next time.  How fun does that sound???

That's it for me for this T stands for Tuesday.
Have a wonderful week.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

T Stands for Celebrating

Time, once again, to link up with the Elizabeth and the T-gang!  I wish I HAD this coffee cup and not just a photo borrowed from Pinterest.  But I keep using this photo because I am drinking my coffee from the same boring coffee mug the T-gang has seen many times. 
As some of you already know, our son turned 40 last week, and we got together Saturday night to celebrate.  They chose Chuy's Mesquite Broiler to meet and have dinner.  Chuy's is a very casual dinning place, and we chose to be out on the patio.  It was a little warm, but they had the misters on and the sun was going down and it became a little more comfortable.  Around 8P.M. the band started...very loud, as it is not a large place.....but we had fun.
Their menu consist of things with a Tex-Mex flavor and the items are reasonable for this area.  It is a chain style place.  I looked them up on the internet and was surprised to see that they are only CA and AZ locations. 
Brian (our son) Me and Bob ( my DH)

All the family that could make it, it was a very impromptu party.  Hannah was at a sleepover at a friends house, and of course our youngest son and family couldn't make it on such short notice.  Most of the people in this photo are my DIL's family.......but we have all been friends for YEARS......Brian and Vanessa grew up together......her dad, Randy, and my husband went to school we ARE ALL family!
Well, I now have a fresh cup of coffee and I'm ready to jump around Blogland and see what the rest of the T-gang are drinking.
Inky HUgs

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Big 4-0 and Happy Summer Mail

My oldest son turned 40 yesterday and his card has been sitting here for nearly a week waiting for a sentiment to be added to the inside.  I had both his girls here for two days making gifts and cards for him.  We even made a "fruit" cake with candles. ( their fruit cake was a jello fruit salad in a mold.. they are all on a clean eating diet, so it was all fresh fruit and homemade jello....LOL)  We were so busy I didn't get a chance for photos of them.  We were all ready when he came to pick them up, after work........all but Mom.  I had completely forgotten about his card....BAD MOM!!! LOL!
Everything was cut with the Cricut, and a little white gel pen stitching.  Luckily I had set it aside ( so girls could make their cards) as I came in to put things away and finish the card this morning and knocked over a FULL cup of coffee all over my desk....ugh!  So Betsy got a good cleaning....unplanned, but desperately needed cleaning! The card is still sitting here waiting for that sentiment....haha!
Most know that DEB and I have been exchanging post cards for quite awhile now.  She blessed me with these three this summer.

As you can see, she is quite a versatile artist.
Well, I need to finish THAT card for my son.......then, since I have a start.....the rest of this area needs put away and cleaned.  I won't have the GDs till next Thursday......a little scheduling problem.  Since Dad drops them off on the way to work, and he will be out of town Monday through Wednesday and there isn't enough time for Mom to bring them clear out here, and it would be two trips to Bakersfield for me........the GDs "other" Papa will be in charge.  I'll pick them up Tuesday, for a painting class I signed them up for at the beginning of the summer................I'll share photos later ;)
Hope your weekend is full of creativity!
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A 2nd Look on the Second


Today,is the 2nd of August and means it time to take a look back, or a second look at something, anything and the link it up with Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover. 
I've been sitting here wondering around Blogland visiting and wondering what I would share.
Then I thought I'd take a look at what was going on on this day in 2013.
I did not copy the whole post, only the art, as we were at a BBQ competition that day.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Missing You Mail Art

This was a post card, made with a decorator paper and a rubber stamp from Red Rouge Rubber Stamps......back when I was a DT sadly they are no longer in business. 
Hope you enjoyed a second look at this post card.
Inky Hugs

T stands for Back From The Beach

Back from the beach......out of the cool.......and into the heat!!! LOL!  It was a fantastic 5 days at the beach, but now it is time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang. 
My drink photo has three drinks containers this week......why?? The JIB cup was my coffee this morning after having to fast for two different tests.  One was an artery scan.......absolutely no caffeine for 12 hours and the second was a lab panel.........fasting for 12 hours.  Thank goodness the scan was  at 7:40 a.m. and the lab is a I did them back to back.  I don't normally eat fast food, but my first choice is Jack in the Box when I do.  It is about the only place I can handle for a breakfast sandwich on grilled sour dough bread.........and then I have to be at the starving point for that! Now I am home and drinking my first bottle of water......I just keep refilling this bottle, it holds 33.8 FL.OZ. or 1L, and I try to get at least three down each day.
The other paper cup is holding these........shells and sand dollars that were picked up on a morning walk along the water at low tide.  I have tons of whole sand dollars so I have gotten picky about which ones I pick up now.  I had to have the one with the black tar on it, cause I think it looks like a turtle. I am thinking of painting the black spot to look even more like a turtle. The scallop shells are not as I had to have them too.
The weather was gorgeous, this was the first day we woke to clear sunny skies, we were camped way up in the sand dunes.  You can barely see the fence between us and the water......that is a bird sanctuary and nobody is allowed in there.  To get down to the water we had to walk to the right and then down.   Great exercise for the legs in all that soft sand.

The evenings were just as gorgeous, now you can see the fence better.

The days usually started like this, over cast and cool, but it burned off fast.  This is looking out from my trailer door.

Papa and I did take the two oldest into town to goof off and to have lunch.  The two little ones went the day before with their mothers.  I had Hannah and Rachel stop by this hanging basket of flowers.

They spotted Elvis and wanted a picture with him.
Megan on their quad, getting ready to take off.   Be still my heart, she is only 6 and can ride the heck out of that thing.  She and Maddy, who is 7 both learned to ride this trip.  They were NOT allowed into the sand dunes, but got to circle the camp.

Megan is helping Maddy get started.  That is my son's sand buggy to the right.  This photo is looking out into the sand dunes.  The only way we could tell these two apart, when riding quads is Maddy has a red sweatshirt jacket and Megan is in pink.  They have a little trouble pulling in the clutch handle to start them, but after that they are off!!!  They have a thumb ignition and they will ride until their little thumbs get to tired to push the button.
So that's a wrap for this past week, now I'm off to see what the rest of the T-gang has been up to and what they are drinking this week.  Hope you can join us.
Elizabeth also is the hostess for a Second Look on the Second, a chance to show something again that others may have missed the first time you posted it.  Great fun and ANYBODY can join in.
Inky Hugs