Sunday, January 31, 2016

One Last Valentine..........

I'm ending my posting, today, with this expanding card made for my oldest her G-ma, she loves sparklies....LOL!!
Again I am entering this card in these challenges....they are new challenges so why not join me??

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Allsorts Challenge #348: Bring on the BLING

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More Hearts and Flowers.....and BLING!

Yes, I'm on a roll today with an other Valentine card.  This is an expanding card, where the front pulls away from the back.....kind of a honeycomb effect.
I am also entering this card in these fabulous challenges.
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Allsorts Challenge #348: Bring on the BLING

My Time To Craft!
My Time to Craft challenge 314: Love is all round

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Box cards: Hearts Galore!

Welcome ladies an gentlemen, children, dogs and cats to the LAST day of January 2016!
With February breathing down on us, everybody seems to feel the "love" in the air, as Valentine's Day is quickly approaching..........can it be already??  I got those Christmas cards down just in time to put up Valentines........LOL!!
Today I have a couple of box cards, that I finally finished, who knew this little buggers would take so long to make.  Well, construction was a's all the decorating that take the most time, but my GKs are all worth it.....*grin*

around the bottom

As you can see I did have some fun with sparklies, feathers and glittered foam hearts, along with a LOT of die cuts.  Minnie is an old Disney stamp I have had for YEARS!  She was stamped, colored and fussy cut before being mounted on a clear plastic strip ( so her feet would show)

There are quite a few challenges going on right now that these would fit into:

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Allsorts Challenge #348: Bring on the BLING

My Time To Craft!

My Time to Craft challenge 314: Love is all round

Hiding in My Craft Room challenge 236 Freestyle

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Friday, January 29, 2016

AI Paper Piceing challenge

I'm back this evening with an other Art Impressions Stamp card.  I do love these two laughing gals, they remind me of so many of my friends.....and at our ages we do the bowing, crossed legged stance when we laugh this hard......anyone else do this???

I stamped the image on a flesh colored cs, fussy cut it out, then stamped the image over and over again on the designer papers and fussy cutting everything out...................what else was there to do on a Friday morning?......besides clean and cook. (I did make dinner in the crock pot as I was making some breakfast for DH and myself)
BAM! Done!.......LOL  The cleaning will still be there tomorrow......and probably the day after that....LOL!!!

This was a fun card to put together using my nesting, stitched dies, glittered foam hearts, a lace cut out and some die cut flowers.  I did dig out some pearls for the centers of the flowers and for the blonde's earrings.  Everything, but the image, was just kinda laying on Betsy since I am still working on Valentines for the little girls........I doubt I'll even miss them when I go back to making the box card Valentines.

This card was made for the Art Impression Stamp Challenge:

Inky Hugs
UP DATE:  Christmas cards are all down now.......and before Valentine's Day no less!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Valentine box cards and expanding card

As promised on Tuesdays post here are the box cards and the expanding card.  Cindy at Plant's List is the one that inspired me for the box cards......but I had to go to You Tube to get it explained to me.....LOL!! If your interested, all you have to do in the search box is type in "box cards" and a number of videos will pop up.
The first three are for our GKs in San Diego.....not worried about them seeing this....they have 3 kids 5 and time.....LOL!!
 This first one is for my only Grandson, Taylor.....who is almost 3 years old and is so very, very into trucks and going to work with his Dad.  Our son has a ready mix plant and trucks, and Taylor is in love with ALL of it....*grin* So his box card Valentine has ready mix trucks and dump truck mixed in with hearts. Since his is nearly 3, I kept his BC in primary colors as much as possible.
 The bottom photo shows how the card folds flat and will fit into the envelope.  I also decorated around the outside of the box........just loved this little guy in his hard hat.......that is the same color as Taylor's hard hat.........yes, his Dad makes him wear one at the plant and at the job site.

Next is Taylor's big sister's BC.  Danica is 5 years old and VERY much into the princess scene!
So her BC has crowns, wands, and flowers, along with for a princess!
This BC is actually the first one I made and is smaller than the other two, because I used the measurements I found on You Tube. 
This is for Samantha, our youngest Granddaughter, only 6 months old.
I made the first two with larger paper, starting with a 12" X 12", to get more length, which made a larger box.  I like the larger size better, it is a little easier to cut things for the larger size.
This is the expanding card I made for my DIL's birthday.....which happens to be on Valentine's Day.
Because it does land on VD, I try not to give or get her anything with hearts all over it, or that is all red, white and pink...... for her BD that is!
I also found this on Your Tube, but ended up making it a little larger too......way larger on the back.  I will have to use a 6" X 9" envelope for it, but I'll hand deliver the card and gift to .......most likely at her work........I like to spoil her at her work.....LOL!! The little purse, right there on front, will hold some cash for her birthday trip my son has planned for her.
EVERYTHING was cut with the Cricut and only the bases were cut and folded by hand.
So there they are, as promised.  I still have 4 more to make, for the girls that live here.  I'm not sure if they will get a box card or an expanding one.  The two younger ones are 5 & 6 and the Hannah and Rachel are 9......  I'm leaning toward BC for the little ones and expanding for the older ones.
What do you think??
Inky Hugs

Monday, January 25, 2016

T stands for Dickey's BBQ

Welcome back T-Gang and hello to anyone else dropping by.  Today's post is about a new place DH and I stopped and had lunch at today (Monday here).  We had heard it had some descent BBQ and thought we would give it a try...........being BBQ competitors.....and loving OUR is sometimes interesting to eat it at a restaurant.........sometimes!!!

Pit BBQ is always the my book....and the windows bragged on it being pit BBQ!

We were almost finished with our lunch (it was huge...both plates) and I have to admit......IT WAS GOOD!!  I will defiantly go back to Dickey's BBQ.  Everything was cooked perfect and the taste was spot on.  We each had a beer......gasp!  Yes, a beer just sounded good with BBQ.....we also had small glasses of water.  The drinks are for Elizabeth and the T-gang for T stands for Tuesday 

I had the rib plate with green beans and coleslaw sides.......I was finished by this photo....LOL  DH had a 3 meat plate........brisket, pulled pork and German sausage.  His two sides were baked beans and macaroni and cheese........needless to say we did get a to-go box for all the left overs.....*grin*  That is a couple different BBQ sauces in the small cups....they have three:  Hot and spicy (not really) regular and sweet.  I ended up mixing the hot n spicy and the sweet together.
So while DH (way back there in the plaid shirt) was finishing I got up and took some photos......well, ALL but the ones of our lunch. It was a nice clean place, but not really big and country music was playing, and the people working there were top they still say that??  When they heard we had not been in before, they gave us a sample of their turkey and a rib to share, before we even ordered.

It is more like fast food, in that you have to walk up and order, then take you plates to a table, but only THAT part, cause GOOD BBQ is always low and slow!!
This is a picture of how the plate (?) comes.  It is really a small metal tray with clean paper on it.......cause you are supposed to eat BBQ with your fingers!  BUT there were some plastic eating utensils to get the  sides into your mouth.....*grin*
This is NOT one of our plates.....a gentleman set his lunch down and went to get some sauce, and.....well I WAS just standing I took a picture of it.....LOL
He was over here, the BBQ sauces are barely in the picture on the faaaarrr left. 

An other young man was picking up some grub and asking me what I had had, it was his first time there too, and I got a picture of their to-go bags......I think they are neat looking.

A closer look at their menu.....a little pricy, but the food was really good.

The sides and misc. stuff

They even have 4 table outside, but today was to chilly, with threatening clouds over head, but at least there isn't any snow..........sorry all of you that are buried in it!!
So what else has been going on since last we met??  I learned how to make box cards and have three to share in my next post.  They are Valentines for the grandies in San Diego and will need to be mailed shortly.........can you believe it is almost Valentine's Day???  I really need to go take down my Christmas cards from over the bar. (I always forget them).
I also learned to make an expanding card.  It is for my DIL, who's birthday is Valentine's Day too!!  The big 4-0 this year!  I'll post it with the box cards, but right now I'm going to run into the dinning room and take DOWN the Christmas cards........LOL!!
Inky Hugs

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Mixed Media and some photo fun

It is midway through the More Mixed Media challenge and the challenge for this month is "Blue".... a nice winter color don't you think? All though our weather is more gray than blue, since the fog has rolled in.
This journal page started with some scraps of blue prints that I had die cut flowers from.  Gesso and blue paint were added then some of the left over die cut flowers (TH Tattered Flower die)  Once it all dried I took some Pitt pens and doodled all over it.
With DH home (way more than usual due to the rain) I have been relaxing on the sofa, in the evenings, watching the programs HE likes to watch (which he tapes then watches)  I'm not too much into some of the reality ( or should I say "almost" reality) programs he watches......but I digress. It dose give me time to just sit and doodle and spend time with him.......I do have to comment once in  a while.....LOL!!
I was scanning this page and putting it through MS Digital Photo to water mark it.  Then I got to playing around with all the different things you can do to your photos..........a real time consumer, but fun!
So this is what I did, then saved a copy to my files, so I could share......*grin*

Of course one of the first things is to turn it into a negative....oh I LIKE it!!

Then there was the chalky block.........didn't even know what that meant until I clicked it....LOL

There are quite a few bloggers that are doing hybrid art, and it has fascinated me to see their work.  I gave it a try and waaalaa!  To be honest, if I were to really get into hybrid work I would use my Adobe Photo Shop program.   I know it does a lot more than the simple digital photo program from Micro Soft, but this was my first attempt and I KNOW how to use this program more than the other one.
*NOTE TO SELF: start playing and learning Adobe Photo Shop!*
Which one catches your eye?
There is still time to join this challenge and you don't have to goof around like I did....LOL just link it up here:
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

T Stands for coffee, wine and paint

Good Tuesday morning! Time to link up with E and the T-gang.  I was MIA last week.......just didn't have anything to say write about.  Ever have times like that?? But I'm back with my favorite coffee picture, since I am having my coffee out of the same boring cup you've all seen over, and over.
We've been having relatively nice weather for the past couple of weeks, then the rain started again yesterday........go figure.....I had planned a picnic at the playground for the GDs, who were here due to a school holiday!  We ended up messing about the house watched a movie, played cards and taught them a new board game.  They also took a turn at painting.....sorry no photos.....just didn't think about it....LOL! Next time I'll have a plan B!!!
Last night was my second paint night, with Brush and Blush this time.  I really liked their venue....not so many people.  It was at a wine and beer store called Imbibe. 
So this is what we rendition of what we were painting.......
I could tell you...or point out, all the things I see wrong with it.......*grin* But I'm sure you will notice them by yourself.  DH said it was much better than the palm trees......LOL! I did change the flowers from what they had, can't say I did much better, but I like the IDEA of mine better.
There would have been photos of the evening, but I got to talking to one painter who grew up in Shafter, as we had a glass of wine and some delicious flat bread.....mine was three cheese and was very good!!  She is a bit older than my oldest son, but her brother and our son were in band together and graduated high school the same year.  Well, from there it was do you remember so and so??  We didn't sit together, but I did sit next to some really fun was fun time.
I have also signed up for an other paint night with a friend on the 26th of this month........this will most likely be a story to tell.  We usually have a lot of laughs together, we are neighbors, and we have also worked together.  Once I was the boss and one she was the boss.............and we are STILL friends! 
There is much ado about the adult coloring books around here.  I've been tempted, but the pages are not suitable for anything more than colored pencil, although I did watch a video on them.....the one that is heavy weight is also expensive.  So I was bumming on Pinterest and found a lot of free coloring pages, so I down loaded a few of them. 
This one was printed on card stock, still rather light weight.
I didn't want to JUST color it...............
So I made a copy and started to doodle it.....

Then I copied it again and added and Inktense wash pencil, which I used a damp water brush to blend it..................
An other copy, so the card stock would be all warped from the damp brush, and blues and greens were added and blended.........................

The last copy is where I started adding more colors..........and this is where I stopped.  I found I rather liked the stark white. I really liked making the copies, for each step, since my printer ink is permanent once it's dry......and the water color pencils don't bleed either.
About a month ago Deb, our Jinxxy Girl had posted this darling owl, she drew, and let anybody, interested, download........then she gave us the final colored picture on the post linked above.
I fell in love with what she had done and suggested she make cards and such with it.  She took my suggestion and has made quite a few things with it......

Last week I get this gorgeous post card from Deb

Thank you Deb.............I think it is phenomenal, I just love it!! 
Well, for not having anything to say last week........ to an over kill this week.....LOL!
I'm starting to run late for the T-party, so why not join me over at Altered Book Lover we can dash around the world with a single cup of coffee....or tea.....or what ever you have in your cup!!
Inky Hugs

Sunday, January 17, 2016

January Photo Challenge 1/16 & 1/17

Well, I got the photo taken for yesterday's "On the screen" but just didn't follow through and get it posted. Ended up helping DH with the lights on the big truck.......well, helping might be an exaggeration....but I did have to stand there and tell him when the light came on.....LOL  His "Can you help me a minute" translates into ALL DAY!!
The prompt for today is "Unusual".  Last summer we had to remove an old tree (it was sick).  I was walking around the yard and discovered ........................ mushrooms!  OH NO! A fungi in my yard! 

This has never happened before, but the rains must have kept that spot damp enough to grow these.

They seem to growing one on top of an other. 
A little research proves me right........that spot has stayed damp, and it is over the old dead roots of the tree....
"Why Mushrooms Form
Mushrooms found in lawns often develop from buried scraps of construction lumber, dead tree roots, or other organic matter. The fungi that produce these mushrooms are beneficial because they decompose organic matter in the soil, making nutrients available to other plants.........

 The Good News:
Most lawn mushrooms do not harm your lawn nor cause any damage. They are simply, and quietly, decomposing organic matter and releasing nutrients that are then available for plant growth back into the soil, and that's good to know."

Since there are no small children, or pets around, that might accidently eat them.....I'll not worry.  I'll show them to my GDs, tomorrow, just cause they are unusual (for us and our yard), and explain to them what I learned about them......and of course remind them to leave the mushrooms alone.

Have you ever seen them growing like this......or maybe in the woods???

Inky Hugs