Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 What's On Your Work-desk Wednesday., is here again and for all you deskers it means time for some good snooping.  Not my normal photo format for my blog, these were taken with my cell phone.  I am pleasantly surprised at the quality it has.  This wasn't a test run, BOTH batteries for my camera were deader than dead........oooops!   LOL   I had to back away for this first photo of Betsy so you could really see the pile up around the desk.  This is how I left it this morning, planning on coming back and getting a jump on some seasonal cards, then I picked up a book I had started last night and was a good book.

So here is what is ON Betsy, like I said I had planned on coming back and working..........  I had sort of cleaned off the desk before I got the binder down, so there really isn't much to see from this angle.  Oh look there are Hannah's flip flops on the floor to the left and a bag of markers on the right.  Guess I should clean up the floor.......LOL

That's about it, time to link up with Julia or Queen Desker and see what's on you desk this week.

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Journal 52 week 34.

Alphabetical.......that is the prompt for Journal 52 this week.  I watch a lot of cooking type show on TV and they are always de-constructing something.  So as I started this alphabet page it occurred to me that the alphabet is just de-constructed words.........right?

I did have a play making the letters in all types of fonts, some graffiti style, but decided to only color in the letters that spell words, and the oval with the sentiment.  After last weeks page, this one looks quite quiet!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

T Day To T-Day

Welcome to T-day to T-Day............say what??? 
I am actually starting this post on Tuesday August 19, yes I know this will be read a week later, that's the To T-Day part....LOL  But WHY? you ask!  Well, THIS morning (the 19th follow along as best as you can here) I woke up to find a dead coffee pot!  Yep! deader than dead!  Yep, there was water in it and coffee grounds where they were supposed to be, the timer was correct, the delay switch had been activated, and it was plugged in..........................................................but NO COFFEE!
The final picture of this coffee maker.......may it rest in peace.  I will keep the pot itself, they make great watering pots for the smaller flower pots, and a good measuring pot for some of the fertilizers.

This poor OLD coffee maker has been around for over 35 years......can you believe that?  It was one of the first "cooking" utensils DH ever bought for just me (he's not a coffee drinker).  It was the FIRST drip style coffee maker I ever owned........well, I still own it....grin  I can't even find filters for this anymore, so I create my own. After years of use here, it then went and lived at our cabin, then back home, when we sold the cabin years later.  It has out lasted  5 or 6 other coffee makers!!

It looks pretty sad, but I was so happy that I've hung onto it this morning, cause it still works like a charm, just doesn't look charming.  I keep it out in the garage cabinet and just barely wiped the dust off of it before getting the coffee going. (oh ya, I HAVE to have starter fluid every morning)  The white specks are from the oven cleaner getting too close when I spray the top of my stove, all the black parts are starting to harden and turn gray, and you have to remove the top part in order to pour the coffee, and you have to remember to turn it OFF.........LOL 
So this afternoon, after a visit to the gym, I will go get an other coffee maker, with a timer, and delay switch.  Yes, I am very spoiled when it comes to having a fresh pot of coffee at my finger tips when I wake up.
As Paul Harvey used to say......................"stay turned for THE REST OF THE STORY"
Well I did go to the gym last Tuesday and I did go by Kohl's and buy me a new coffee maker, aint she pretty??  Makes a full pot, or on the right side you can make one cup or use a K-Cup.  K-Cups are a one serving  flavored coffee that require a Kreurig ( special coffee maker) So it is like having two/three pots all in one.  I did buy a box of K-Cups in four different flavors.  So far I have tried the Kahlua flavor.......pretty good.  I'm not real big on flavored coffee or tea, but every once in a while I enjoy them in the evening. 
 So on to this weeks MUG SHOT!............
Oh yes, a red neck party!!!!  No, this is not my drink.
I drank wine and NOT out of a plastic cup!
                                                          Red solo cup, I fill you up
                                                          Let's have a party, let's have a party
                                                          I love you red solo cup, I lift you up
                                                          Proceed to party, proceed to party
                                                    ( Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup Lyrics | MetroLyrics )

So onto the "Under the Sea Shark" can look away now if your not interested in a party for an 8 year old girl...............or don't believe in weapons of any kind.

My son bought a sheet of 1/4" plywood and cut out little surf boards and spray painted them.  Then each of the guests got to paint a design, or what ever, on them and take them home.  These kids had a ball with the paint, from the 3yr. olds to a few of us adults......GRIN!  Now there are the two men folk that seemed very interested in making friendship bracelets............LOL!!

There were only a few things she really asked for and one was a real cross bow, and her daddy bought her a pink one!  We are true "rednecks"!  NOW, Hannah didn't get the bow, arrows (which are just practice arrows) and a target to ready herself for hunting.  She want to take archery and I am thinking I might just get a bow and join her.  She has already practice until her arm ached, but she has managed to hit a bulls eye already, and that was the next day!

As you can see we also enjoyed the beautiful pool, all the kid-Os swam until they could hardly crawl out of the pool.  It was a great party and she went to bed one happy little girl.

Now to link up with Elizabeth, the head TEA drinker and see what's in everybody else's cup this week.  What's in yours???

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Please no negative comments about the cross bow, this is not the place for political comments.  This is who we are and  we do not fault anybody that feels differently, so please be as respectful to us.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

A Little Gratitude Please; Journal 52

Journal 52 time, once again and this week the prompt is Gratitude, as in what are you thankful for?  It would have been just super easy to just list what I'm thankful for, but the entire list just wouldn't fit on this page.....LOL  So I narrowed it down to just having a good life, and the things that are VERY important to me.

I think I got a little carried away just playing around with inks, stamps, Washie tape and modeling paste.  The word "EDIT" does come to mind when I look at this page.......LOL

Thanks for popping in for a look, let me know you came by and I will return the visit.
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Playing with Paper

Happy Friday bloggers!  Geeesh, it's the end of the week already, are you ready for the weekend?  Any great plans?

Last night was one of "those" nights where Mr. Sandman was late in getting here, so after tossing and turning, and messing up the bedding I finally just got back out of bed and had some very quiet time with Betsy (my desk) and some snippets.  Earlier I had played around with a new Prima paper doll stamp, and doing some paper piecing.  This stamp is a bit smaller than the regular ones (actually I bought two of them........grin) The regular size is great for journals and large tags, but a little hard to put on a card.  This "new to me" size works great for a long slender card that will fit in a 9.5" x 4.1" envelope........the size bills usually come in.  Anyway, she was just kinda shifted from spot to spot during the day until I remembered that Tuesday Morning Sketches has a sketch challenge going on this week.  So out came the box of snippets and I began to just play around and finally landed on this LO of pattern paper.  I did back each piece with black cs before gluing them down.  I also dug out my box of sparklies and  found some green rhinestone butterflies.  The sentiment is die cut, all is mounted on a white card base.

I have a new printer/scanner now and it is getting some taking to get used to it.  I scanned this twice and still got some wonky lines..................hmmmmmm!??

Well, I'm off to link up to the challenge.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WOYWW 272 and an APOLOGY!!

Once again I'm trying to get back in the rhythm of WOYWW, and posting to my blog in general, instead of sporadically posting.  But then it HAS been a sporadic summer......LOL

So you came to see the desk named Betsy this week?   This is how I left her last night, just a drag and drop zone.  I had been working on a new journal, I made some time ago,  but I had drug it, the drawer of water color pencils, and the clip board to the sofa to get started on that is the pile in the middle.  It is all stacked on the next Journal 52 page, that is finished, but needs posting.  Around the edges are what nots and a few cards I've finished, my controller for the I-Pod.  While cleaning and moving Betsy I discovered not one, but TWO ATCs from the big swap we did for Julia's celebration, that I never did post.  Now I am really BAD,  'cause I just now remembered them as I and telling you about what's on Betsy............see the little brown owl there in the left, the little white envy in front of the brown envy??????  Well THAT is them........hanging my head in shame!

Andrea and Shaz I am so sorry I did not post these beauties in a timely manner.  So I am going to take a minute and scan them in and add to this post........don't go anywhere.....I'll be right back...

A beautiful ATC from Shaz, love the soft colors in the background.

Andrea not only sent an ATC it came in a gorgeous card,
and a pocket of it's own, but the ATC is stunning.

  One good thing about it taking so long is I have a new printer/scanner and this new one catches the sparkle form the glitter that each ATC has.....GRIN!

Now I'm off to do some desk snooping, late as I am in getting this posted.  (but I know the secret knock so I know they will let me in.......LOL)

Inky Hugs

Monday, August 18, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

Welcome back for T(ea) and this week I really am drinking tea.  It is Exotic teas from Teavana, brewed slow, then iced down with a touch of sweetener.  A really great way to end a day of shopping with my DIL.  We were on the hunt for decorations for my GD, Hannah's birthday party this coming weekend.  She is turning 8 and wants an "under the sea, shark" birthday party. They are lucky enough to have a pool, so we should be able to pull this off. They had been watching shark week on tv and that's where she got the more princess parties for this girl....LOL.

I needed a beverage container for my warn drink when we got to DILs house, so she kindly loaned me one of her insulated glasses, with a straw.  They are from the Dr. she works for.  She has quite a few in different colors.  I was lucky enough to snag a clear one so you can see how pretty this tea blend is.  I am starting to think I'll just keep this one......grin
Today was the first day of school, here.  Hannah started the third grade today.

Time to link up with Elizabeth to make the rounds for tea or beverage of your choice.  I do make the rounds and leave comments, but have started getting e-mails saying they aren't going through, then I check back and I can see my comments, so I don't know what is going on with the main computer, or if it is yahoo, google, blogger or the boggie man!  Tonight (yep, still Monday here) I am using my lap top and will make comments on it in the morning to see if it makes a difference.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Me Want Cookies! Journal 52

The Journal 52 prompt for week 32 is.................. Favorite Foods!  Now I like to EAT, and the list of what I DON'T like is way shorter then what I DO like, so I really had to think about this challenge.  There was steak and lobster to think about, but then pasta stuck his head into the conversation, and then there was a reaction from the hamburger section, and I couldn't leave out potato salad (my recipe of course) and the list just kept getting looonnnngerrrrr!  BUT there is one thing that I WILL NOT leave alone, if they are in the house, and that is COOKIES!  From bite size to dinner plate size I love cookies.  They require no plate or eating utensils, easy to carry, and go with any drink on the market.  I do prefer mine with a hot cup of coffee, and my favorite cookie is a home made oatmeal raisin with lots of nuts.  McDonalds has a really good oatmeal raisin cookie as well as Sequoia Sandwich Shop, but home made is still the king.

So for this strong addiction I decided there was only one character that wood work for this prompt, and that would be Sesame Street's Cookie Monster................right???  I printed out a coloring book page from the intranet and traced him onto the page  ( you didn't really think I DREW him...........seriously???)  I played around with some lettering, drew a cup of coffee, then took a circle stencil and made the background orbs.  For color, I used  the GD's water colors ( since they were all ready moist and ready to go) for the orbs I used Inktense pencils and a moist brush. I wanted it to be bright and cheerful like Sesame Street is.

I remember when Sesame Street first started, waaaayyyyyy back when my boys were little, and we watched A LOT of it.  Of course we didn't have 5000 channels to choose from at the time......LOL and it wasn't all animated.  How times have

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Monday, August 11, 2014

T Stands for celebraT ion

Last Friday I took my friend, Cathy, out to lunch for her birthday, and we celebrated with a glass of start with.  Then we had a great lunch of 1/2 sandwich, with fries.  She chose a side of potato soup, a signature of the Black Angus restaurant, I chose a cole slaw as my side dish.  We met at 11:30 and parted ways at about 1:30..........a typical lunch......for us.......LOL

Sorry, no pics of the food, only of the wine.....THE most important part, as we gabbed about everything under the sun.  It was a super great lunch, always is with Cathy, lots of laughing for sure.  I did stretch the limit and had TWO glasses of wine, but it was for a good cause.....'cause it was Cathy's birthday.........grin! (plus I had to drive home)

So I'm linking this up with Elizabeth, our Altered Book Lover for tea day, won't you join us?

Grandma duty this week, before school starts.  I get some one on one time with Hannah, so I'm planning on a "for girls ONLY"

I'll be around in the morning to see what's in YOUR cupa..............see ya then!

Inky Hugs,

Photo: Celebrating Grandparents!

Megan's water color painting

See the original post HERE since EACH entry has to have it's own linky.  All were posted on the same day.

Here is her painting,
 she drew it then painted it in rainbow,
'cause she doesn't like yellow...LOL

Megan's Case Card

See the original post HERE since EACH entry has to have it's own linky.  All were posted on the same day.

This is HER CASE of my card.
 Sizzix die for the paint splotches, with a mirrored paper under.
  Stampa Rosa sentiment and flower stickers from my stash

Hannah's Water Color painting

See the original post HERE since EACH entry has to have it's own linky.  All were posted on the same day.

Here is her water color painting.   pretty good eye for an 8 year old.

Chalenge card by Hannah

See the original post HERE since EACH entry has to have it's own linky.  All were posted on the same day.

A portrait of Dad,
hand drawn and colored with markers,
 and a Recollections mustache sticker.
Smile stamp from Stampa Rosa
 and Dad stamp is an old Eureka Stamp.

Bear with me on some quick posts

Please bear with me, the Simon Says challenge, says enter as many times as you want, BUT I find that each entry has to have a link of it's own.......bummer,  So here we go so the links can be made.

Not to be out-done by big sister
 this is her card for her Daddy.
  Hand drawn and colored with markers.
 Eureka stamp sentiment and Washi tape boarder

My Weekend Guest Designers

 Happy Monday!  After G-ma duty all weekend Monday, quiet, un-demanding Monday, is welcome.  It also means I had , not ONE but TWO guest designers for the weekend.  All who follow this blog know that my GDs have had all the "free" time they want in my craft room, and Betsy( my desk) is always excited when they come to play and create.  This is a VERY heavy photo post, so you can just skip through and look at the pictures......that's okay.....grin
I posted this card for a challenge last week, some of you might remember it.  Hannah (the 8 year old) decided she would CASE this card.
Here are her cards. 
Shinny Washi tape was laid on the inside
 and a Sizzix die
was used to cut the stars out of the front of the card
 to expose the tape.

Washi tape to the front of the card base,
Sizzix die for the stars and glittered designer paper was glued to the back of the card front. 
There was a tad bit of help with the Big Shot....but that was all
A portrait of Dad,
hand drawn and colored with markers,
 and a Recollections mustache sticker.
Smile stamp from Stampa Rosa
 and Dad stamp is an old Eureka Stamp.
This is just the inspiration for Hannah's painting below
.  I did demonstrate techniques,
 then removed my paper and told her to paint what she saw
Here is her water color painting.   pretty good eye for an 8 year old.
She proudly poses with her painting.
Yes I said I had TWO guests designers, so next up is Megan who is 4 years old, and still in training...LOL

This is HER CASE of my card.
 Sizzix die for the paint splotches, with a mirrored paper under.
  Stampa Rosa sentiment and flower stickers from my stash
She used a stencil
 and then colored in the hearts....this is for her Mommy

Not to be out-done by big sister
 this is her card for her Daddy.
  Hand drawn and colored with markers.
 Eureka stamp sentiment and Washi tape boarder

Megan's inspiration for her painting.

Here is her painting,
 she drew it then painted it in rainbow,
'cause she doesn't like yellow...LOL

All of the above art is going to be entered in the

Simon Says challenge JUST FOR KIDS: Anything goes
So that is it for all the "challenge" art, now I have to go and get them all linked up.  This challenge runs through the month of August and is open to all 2-16 year olds, so there is still time for your guest designers to enter the challenge too.
Inky Hug'
Photo: Celebrating Grandparents!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Journal 52 Week 31

This page is much brighter in real life.
This week  for Journal 53 the prompt is "Friendship"  I did have a gay ole time with this page, just playing with my Graffiti writing and a bunch of doodles.  I even used a few stamps on it, then it was all black and white and quite DULL looking, so I brought out the Inktense water color pencils and went to town.  The green quote is cut out and glued to the page.

As I went to link this page up I noticed that the week 32 prompt is already up. Geeeze, am I really that slow???  Oh well have the weekend to think about the next prompt (which is Favorite Foods......mmmmm I'm seeing a lot of chocolate brown in the horizon...LOL)

I will have the GDs on hand for this weekend, so there should be some pics of our arts and craft time for Tuesday's T post.  So stay tuned.......................and THANKS for stopping by.  Please leave a comment so I can return the favor.

Inky Hugs

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wine a bit.....You'll Feel Better

Friday I am getting together with my friend, Cathy, to go out and have lunch.  We only do this about every two- three months, and it is always a LOOOONG lunch.  She has her own Computer Accounting business, so her world is black and white ( and if her clients are, in other words, she uses the OTHER side of her brain.  What they say about opposites attracting must be about the two of us. So her birthday was at the beginning of the week, and I want to take her to lunch.........I think it is my turn to buy anyway.....LOL
Here is the card I made for her, of course she is a wine drinker!  I just love the AI "girlfriends" stamps.  They just fit me and all my mature friends..........LOL

They say that is a friendship lasts seven years it will last forever.  Well Cathy is just stuck with me cause it's been over 10 years now.

Inky Hugs

Got Stamps????

Not the inky kind, but the postage type?  I found two containers of stamps that I have had since probably...............................1772!  Kid you not, I've had these rascals for ever, and just recently came across them, as in this week when I moved things around in here.  Moving things and going through the "stash" is sometimes like have an extra Christmas.......LOL

Late, late last night ( I mean I was already on the way to bed)I was thinking about some post cards, and Bingo! The idea hit me to put them on the FRONT of the post cards. So making a quick detour I ended up digging everything out and started to glue this stamps onto PCs.  They are all pretty old and I was afraid the lick'em stuff wasn't any good.  Now filling a post card size space takes quite a few stamps, and I'm having a gay ole time just stick'em down.  Then I get to noticing a lot of these are old US postage stamps that have never be used...........WOOOOOOAH!  Do these things ever expire?  So I set aside the rest of the US postage ones and continued with what was left and adding some that had been canceled.

This morning I ran down to the post office and asked my friend Mandy if they expire and how many can you put on a PC or envy.  Her answer: "Nope they do not expire and you can put as many as you want that equals the postage rate, as long as there is room for the address".  So in the picture are little piles of postage stamps that equal 34 cents (what it takes for a post card.........I'd forgotten they were less expensive to mail)

Now dummy me, I see that there is one post card that already has enough postage GLUED to the FRONT to make the 34 cent postage.  Live and LEARN, at least this lesson only cost me less than a dollar in postage stamps.......BUT look how pretty the cards turned out.....and I even got to use my new die from Die-namics............VERY BIG GRIN!!!

So check out any old stamps you might have to see if they can still be used.  I did do a little intranet searching last night, and there is one 4 cent stamp that might be worth more than face value.  With my luck it is probably only worth 5 cents now...........LOL

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a message so I can return the favor.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WOYWW 270 I'm Back and Betsy has moved

Holy Mollie! It has been four weeks since I have had the time to join in the weekly Wednesday happening called WOYWW.  July is now a fuzzy blurrrrr and I'm now trying to grasp August before it too slips away. 
Okay your hear to see me deskie, named Betsy (incase you've forgotten I named my desk)  Well here she is, all moved into a new location, but still in the same room........oh look close and you can see the window sill!
It is mainly all the same schtuff, rearranged a bit.  On the left is my Ott shinning on my water bottle, with a round bottom, thus the coffee mug to keep it up right. Little brown owl with writing instruments, Ink pad storage, second Ott and one of my new white owls holding various paint brushes, small glass to hold sharp things, flower pot for my glue bottles, little easel, tool turning thingy and across the middle is a finished Journal 52 page, with Inktense water color pencils on top, stack of some new stashy items (AI stamps and Dies), a book I made about Graffiti, laying on my paper cutter and then the various other odd things all piled on my blotter and craft mat.
So where in this room is Betsy???

Swapped things with the computer table and moved it all over to this corner.  You can read all about the move, with pictures HERE, if your interested.

It feels good to be back in the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday group.  Many thanks to Queen of Deskers------Julia for keeping the show going.

I'll make as many desks tomorrow as possible, as it is late Tuesday night here.

Inky Hugs

Life is too short to act normal (I just bought a stamp that says this too)

Monday, August 4, 2014

T stands for moving BeT-sy

Happy Tuesday Bloggers! Time once again for our customary, once a week marathon around Blogland to have tea, coffee, water or a favorite beverage with our world wide friends.  Of course none of it would be possible without Elizabeth and Bluebeard at the Altered Book Lover who links us all together.

This week I am having coffee AND water in my regular coffee mug and a plain old cheap bottle of water......nothing too exciting as it has been a very long day around here.

Over a month ago I bought a new printer (yep! that long ago) and yesterday (Sunday here) I decided it was time to get it out of the box and start using it.  I had been waiting for the old one to run out of ink.  The feeder on it only worked when it want to, and the fax part of would work the other part of the time.  It had been on it's "last" feeder feet for a long time, but it still printed a very good picture, when the paper would feed through it, and the scanner still worked,  so I have just been limping along babying it.  I did buy a cheap less expensive Brother printer a year ago.  The fax worked great, the printer was S-L-O-W and the picture quality was horrible.  But we just kept switching back and forth, depending on the job requirements.  Then I was in Office Depot and started looking at printers and dreaming of having just ONE printer for all our needs.  Well wouldn't ya know it, there was a brand new shiny (you know how I like shiny) black HP printer with a 11 inch x 17"scanner bed!!!  I thought I had heard the angels singing...........AND it was on SALE!!  Not just a little sale but $100. OFF!!  Thank goodness for cell phones, 'cause I got a hold of the DH and told him all about it and that the sale was going to end that weekend.  SOOOOOOO, long story short I walked out of there with a brand new shiny black HP Printer........grin!

Now this thing is HUGE compared to the other printers, so there was going to have to be some "moving" around of things in here.......................thus the long delay.....LOL   It's just been too hot to tackle such a task................then the weather dropped below 100F..........and that was all it took.....LOL

So here are some before and after pictures of Betsy and Betsy in her new home.  For those who don't know I have been calling my desk Betsy for a long time.

view of the printer set up with the old printers, one on top the other to the right.  The
long desk on the left belongs to DH for our truck business.

Looks so empty now.  Still have books to straighten up on the upper shelf

So now everything has been moved and most of it gone through, and condensed to a smaller amount.  I knew I had a LARGE stash but there was more shit crap junk schtuff that I was NEVER going to use.........just little bits of this and that.  I finally had to make myself  just"let go" of some stuff, or move it to the location it really belongs in.  It took all day Sunday and all day today, and there are still little things that need to be done, or cleaned.  I haven't "lived" in the new space yet, so I am bound to find I put something in the wrong place.  BUT I HAVE MY NEW PRINTER WORKING NOW!!!

Sorry this got so lengthy, if you made it this far let me know you came by.
I'll be around in the morning with my coffee visit as many as possible.

Inky Hugs