Friday, August 8, 2014

Journal 52 Week 31

This page is much brighter in real life.
This week  for Journal 53 the prompt is "Friendship"  I did have a gay ole time with this page, just playing with my Graffiti writing and a bunch of doodles.  I even used a few stamps on it, then it was all black and white and quite DULL looking, so I brought out the Inktense water color pencils and went to town.  The green quote is cut out and glued to the page.

As I went to link this page up I noticed that the week 32 prompt is already up. Geeeze, am I really that slow???  Oh well have the weekend to think about the next prompt (which is Favorite Foods......mmmmm I'm seeing a lot of chocolate brown in the horizon...LOL)

I will have the GDs on hand for this weekend, so there should be some pics of our arts and craft time for Tuesday's T post.  So stay tuned.......................and THANKS for stopping by.  Please leave a comment so I can return the favor.

Inky Hugs


  1. Oh wow, how colorful. There's nothing black and white about this page. It is FABULOUS. Being behind is OK. After all, who else cares, but you, right? And you put a LOT of effort into this page. My hand is already aching from all the doodles YOU made (grin). I'm so glad this is fun for you, because I simply adore your graffiti style Friends. And of course, the sentiments are all fun to read, too.

  2. Love this Krisha!! I love a black and white page that has an explosion of color in it! Love the contrast! Big Hugs! deb

  3. Always enjoy seeing your doodles and handwritten text. My kind of fun.