Friday, August 31, 2012

Just for Kicks..

 As my last few post have shown I have been busting butt to get some scrapbooking done.   I have accomplished quite a few pages.........Grandma's take a lot of pictures of their Grandbabies!!  But I did have to take a break (all my pages were starting to look the same :O)  So I cleared off my stamping area (remember WOWW photo?) Geeesh, I found my stylist for my phone (been looking for that for three days), my pencil sharpener and 3 pairs of scissors!  Then I checked my e-mail and.......
Yep, it is digi image time from and this week is a fun one to play with.  The challenge "twist" is you also have to have something torn on it. Knowing that I have tons of oriental stash  I pulled out a couple of pieces and tore around the edges, I haven't even seen these scraps in years!! LOL So glad I don't throw away or give away any unused stuff away!! (Tis a wonder I can even walk into this room.) To put it all on a white card was too stark, so I went around the edges with Tim Holtz Fire Brick and Wild Honey, using my favorite tool.......a pom pom.  I also used the same treatment on the sentiment.  For a little "Bling" I added two rhinestones.  So who is up for a challenge?  There is still time to get your FREE digi image and play along, you know where, and to get there just click here:

Thanks for stopping by......hope your weekend is full of fun and surprises.......

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOWW 8/29 but which one??

 So here is the stamp area, not much has changed, just more clutter.  Since I have been scrap booking I have just been using this space to get die cuts finished.  To the left is a really cool book ( the blue one) that was featured on today's post over at: You really need to check it out!!! 
 So this is where I work on my scrapbooks.......yep the dinning room table, at the other end of the house from the stamp room.  So I have been getting exercise too! ;)
 here is where I sit, notice my new FREE paper organisers on the next chair, so far one for loose prints and one for loose solids and one for scraps
So this is what I am actually working on, this is a page in progress for Danica's album.
I am writing this Tuesday....TUESDAY!......yes Tuesday late afternoon, as I have Grandma duty tonight, and NOTHING is going to change in these pictures while I'm gone.  It is back to school night for the parents, and I'll go to their house and watch the kid-os.  Easy peasy, into the pool we will go!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free paper organizers

That's right FREE!  Yesterday during a scrapping break I was wondering the web looking at all the really COOL scrapbook/crafting rooms ( on you tube) and I came across a couple that featured this idea.  Sorry I can't give credit to the people I watched, I didn't take notes as to whom I was watching, but I did want to pass the idea along for those who have not seen this. 
OKAY! so everybody recognises these mailer boxes that are free at the post office, and that is what is used.  This one will hold 12 x 12 paper.

So I folded it up, and only used the tape on ONE end, then cut it. (tricky thing to do when it is already a box shape LOL) Top is 12" tall, front is 6" tall, and the distance from back to diagonal is 4".  Well, the insides are not acid free so I lined it with the white papers that are in the pockets of the albums I have bought. ( I always take them out to eliminate some of the bulk)
 The outsides I used some of the Patten paper form the large tablets of  I have bought ( you know the ones that Michaels will run on sale) and knew I wasn't going to be using these busy pattens.  It takes 3 sheets of 12 x 12 to cover the outside (what do ya know that is how many of each color and pattern are in each tablet!) This was my FIRST attempt at this with NO instructions.  So I decided to make the measurements slightly smaller, only 11" tall at the back.  So I am sitting there thinking this is pretty neat, but there has to be an other, easier way to cut these.
 This is NOT the way to cut them!  I thought I was soooooo clever  ROTFLOL
 This is what you get, the two sides do not match.  Well *&^&#@ now what?  Our little post office only had two of this size. Humph!
 Then there was the piece of the top that I had cut off, well it looked like this.....tooo big to throw away......right?
I decided to cover them anyway and use the larger one as planned for the 12 x 12s.  The smaller one is going to be used for the scraps, I always ending up with a pile of them here and some over there, so this should help keep a little more organized.
NOTES: I used some Elmer's wet glue that was acid free, but a little on the messy side.
I used an Elmer's tape runner, that I had left over as I don't like them AT ALL. The dry tape idea is good, quick and I figure expensive to do as many as I need.
I also tried a spray adhesive on the small one.  It worked pretty good, my fingers were pretty sticky, but for the outside of the box I feel I can get away with it when I am ready to do more..........and I WILL be doing more of these to get my scrapbook paper store vertically. I guess you can just leave the outside as a mailer, but I like the colors, and the that they are on a box!
The gal at the post office said you can go on line, to their web site and order a full box of these and they will deliver them right to your door.......Hmmmmm.
So that is your FREE paper organiser.  Thanks for coming by,  hvae a great week.

What a weekend!!

Sorry about the small print in last weeks blog, not sure what happened, must be the owner/operator clause on my PC.......and with my camera as well.  It is quite evident with this photo.....Quite blurrrrry.  I would have re shot the pic. but I already put them back into the album.
It was really all about the COUNT.  I finished 10 PAGES....WAHOOO.  I am sooo far behind on this granddaughter's album that I have to continue to bust butt and get it caught up.  I haven't done any scrapping since last October when I was off with my foot surgery, which means the two I did have caught up are now a year behind. I did spend some time on the web searching free layouts and found quite a few, so I printed them off and bound them in a quick booklet and have them at the table where I am scrapping.  It really has helped, if not just to jump off some of the ideas.

 So here are some clear shots of my favs from this weekend.  That powdery looking stuff at the bottom of the photo is flash.
 This was Christmas morning 2010 and Dani is just a month old.......told ya all I was behind!!
 I love this 2 page layout.
Fun page, I actually did this for a challenge but I think I have already missed the date.

Thanks for comming by and looking at my babies.  This is the family that will increase by one come next March........gotta get this one caught up.......LOL

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You're My Beacon

So here is this weeks FREE digi image from Hambo Hoedown and this is the tag I made with the Free images.  There was ONE TWIST to this also had to used wood, wood print, wood stamped images, etc., etc. you get what I mean.  I still have some of these large laminate samples laying around here that have a wood grain design so I figured "why not?" I colored and cut the image out then layered it onto a die cut that I had darkened the edges with a colored pencil.  I wanted the beacons that light houses put out, so I found a gold vellum that worked perfect!  I cut the flowers with the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die using an OLD piece of stash background papers I found at the bottom of the drawer.  I put a sparkly in the center of each flower an then more at the top.  I printed the sentiment out and used a weathered wood frame from Printshop to frame it.  A tad bit of lace at the bottom and a sheer glittery ribbon at the top and a few pieces tucked around the flowers finished it off.  I think this is the first project that I have used more of my "old" stash than any in a long time!!! LOL I really need to dig to the bottom of the scrap drawers more often, maybe start at the bottom and work up :o Here is the blog addy again for Hambo Hoedown:    Great digi images and some fun challenges!!!
Thanks for stopping I'm off to get some scrapbooking done.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last weeks guest designer.......Hannah

 Our oldest granddaughter came to stay with me last week for three days and what a time we had!  She loves to stamp and craft, which was really good as the weather last week was too hot to enjoy much outdoor activities. (Yes, I am a very proud grandma, is there any other kind of grandma? I think NOT) She reminded me to put these on my blog before she left and I am now just getting to it so here is what she made with VERY LITTLE help from me.  Her first card is for her Aunt Monica who just found out she is pregnant, and due in March. She used a brass stencil for the bottle, glued it to the card and stamp around it with Inkadinkado stamps.
 This is a card for her Daddy (very much a Daddy's girl) She used a new embossing folder from Tim Holtz then stamped greetings around it and attached it to a card. Yes, she know how to use the embosser and folders.
 She discovered a bag of feathers and made what she called a fluffy card.  After rummaging through my stash she decided to add sea shells to it. So what do they have in common? Who knows what an arteeest is thinking during creation!
 One afternoon I taught her how to make paper beads.  Once we had quite a few made she rolled them in glitter, then when dry we coated them with clear nail polish.  That evening she strung her paper beads with her stash of plastic beads to make a necklace for her Mommy.  Of course Mommy was thrilled!
 Like I said it was so hot the first 2 days she was here we stayed inside.  We did make a trip down town, now Shafter is  very small, not even 20,000 people, but about 10 years ago they put this water fountain park right on main street.  It was so hot when we came out of the store we walked over and I let her get wet.  When finished she was worried Papa would be mad she road in his truck that would happen!
The last day the heat broke a couple of degrees and we finally had the picnic she had been asking for. Mc Donalds never tasted so good!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I haven't posted WOYWW in quite awhile, even though it technically is still Tuesday here, this scene is not going to change before morning........LOL This is it for tonight, a cluttered mess and a card I have just finished and posted.  I didn't really clean up after my guest designer was here last week for three days, those sparkly pipe cleaners are Hannah's (my oldest G-daughter) She made me the Styrofoam face hanging up toward the top-middle to watch over my work. AAAAH to be 6 years old again (well she will be 6 on Saturday) Which reminds me I still have to post her crafts and cards, she is expecting to see them on her next visit (bad G-ma!!)  Well that's it Blog Friends, time for a shower and a little snack-e-poo before bed.

Hey Diddle Diddle.......

.....someone new, someone LITTLE.  This was such a cut set of stamps from Inkadinkado I had to buy it, especially since I found out I am to be a grandma again in March!!! yeah!!!! I chose the baby colors blue, yellow, pink and green (since it will be next month before we find out if it's a boy or a girl) and to follow the challenge that Crazy 4 Challenges going.  The shapes were chosen to follow the Rouge Redhead RC 014challenge,.  There is still plenty of time to join these challenges, you can check them out here:

Rouge Redhead: square, circle and rectangle. Under Rebel Challenge

Crazy 4 Challenges C1C150: blue, yellow, pink and green ONLY

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Good morning Blog Land,  today I am posting a CAS anniversary card I made yesterday.  I stamped my sentiment on some yellow mulberry paper and tore around the edges.  I just love mulberry paper, and have a large stash of it from away back (when it was the IN thing to use).  I like the soft edges when it has been torn.  I use Inkadinkado stamps from a wedding/anniversary set for the images and sentiment.   This card qualifies for the following challenges:

Less is More: tearing

Sweet Stamping Challenge: wedding / anniversary

I do hope you can take a minute and check out these challenges, lot of great eye candy :) 

Have a great Monday!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Wasn't really in the mood for making a card, but really wanted to play with this little digi image from Hambo Hoedown. After I got him printed out and duded up with some, colored pencil, paper piecing, glitter and googly eyes. A leather knot gave him an ascot. I wasn't sure what to make with him, so he became  TAADAAA a door hanger!  I just used Publisher to print out the words, and the Cricut to cut the knob hole.  Very quick and simple.  I did add stitch marks to the snake and the layer.  Yes he is "cute" but I don't like any snakes so this was my way around the phobia....LOL!

This was the free digi image from Hambo Hoedown for playing in last weeks challenge.  You can check out the challenge and instructions on how to get a FREE digi image here:

Friday, August 10, 2012

PSC44.....and it's Friday

It is 7:47 p.m. and 106' outside right now UGH!!!  This heat really does an old gal in at times.  I got up early this morning and got into town and got all me errand finished before it hit 90' !  So onto the card I have pictured here.  What a time I had trying to get a good picture of it.  Trim paper is a metallic and every which way I tried I got a flash back.  In natural light it also picked up the glare.......I finally scanned it with the scanner lid open!  Now there is a shadow but it will have to do.  I made this card for the Perfect Sentiments challenge.  The square is dry embossed, which doesn't want to show up, to top it all off.  I made the grunge flowers out of the same metallic paper and added a pearl in the center of each flower and finished the embellishments with added pearls.  It really is a pretty card to LOOK at, just not to darn near went into the trash can earlier...LOL 
Anyway check out the challenge here:

Hope everybody has a great weekend, we are headed to San Diego tomorrow morning to see our youngest son and family YAHOO!  I did get word that is has been unbearably hot there too......hmmmm might have to get a hotel room just for the air conditioning............

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's a Photo Finish!!!

First I want to thank Hambo Hoedown for the free digi image, isn't he a "cool cat"? I came upon this challenge group through The Daily Dare site and couldn't believe that when you join their challenges the will GIVE you a free digi image to start and a FREE one for the next week and so on and so on!! OMG....FREE, now that is right up my alley LOL.  Since this is my first challenge the free digi image is Cool Cat and the challenge is Show Your Olympic Colors, for those ongoing members it is Cheeses, with a really cool cheese digi image.  Want to check this out and get a FREE digi image to start playing with??? Then you need to go HERE:

So for this card I cut the rings with Cricut, and colored the image with pencils.  I used the centers left over from the rings, cut them in half and used them for the photo corners.  The image was laid on a black mat.  The sentiment is  PC generated.
Thanks for stopping by, hope your day is a great one and keep!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I see spots from challenges......

......LOL.  What great fun I had using this stamp of circles of dots.  It is one that came in a set that I had never really used, sort of ignored it for the longest time.  Since I have been trying to use some of the stamps I have had for a while and not used :O it was a good time to give this one a try.  I stamped the card with black ink (in case you can't tell by the pic...hurumph) I then used the same black ink on orange cs and used a Spellbinder to cut out the shapes (I made 6 of them for a 5x4 1/4" card, yes a little excessive, but hey I still have 3 more ready for different card) A couple of grunge flowers made of the same orange cs with a black rhinestone for the centers.  The flower shapes were originally cut out to fit the centers of the circles on the card, but I went to plan B and they became grunge flower accents.  This card is eligible for four challenges listed below: CH 126 Black, white and 1 color

and for my good friend Vicki at challenge 49 Coming Up Orange