Tuesday, December 12, 2017

T Stands for the Dessert

Hello all my little blogland elves, welcome to a flurry of festive photos that I'm sharing for T Stands for Tuesday......oh look! I brought friends with me!!  Our cups are holding sparkling apple cider, as we were waiting for an event to begin.  Our friend , Cheryl had invited us to an annual Holiday Dessert event put on by her church.........and we told to dress festive!

Each woman, in this group had a table to decorate, and provide desserts.  This was our table and Cheryl had chosen a beachy Christmas theme.  The lighting was horrible for picture taking, and I was using my phone too.  This photo and the next one I did run through my photo program and tried to to get the colors a bit more like the original colors.

This is how each our places were set, the bowl and everything in it were ours to take home.
The photos below are unfiltered, but the tables were all decorated beautifully.

 The group from our table.

I'm on "Grandma" duty this week, Hannah had pneumonia and can't go to school, so she is here with me.  She had a tuff weekend, and ended up in the hospital for a day.  She is doing much better now, but her the cough makes me hurt.   She has a doctor's visit this morning, so I better get linked up with The T-gang , then finish getting dressed.
Thanks for stopping by.......don't forget to check out The Altered Book Lover's blog and see who else is playing along and what is in their cup!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

T Stands for Down on the Colorado River

Helloooo! Happy Tuesday! 
This past weekend I got to enjoy an all "girl" getaway to Laughlin Nevada.  Five us loaded up and headed to the Colorado river.  Laughlin is like a little Las Vegas, about 6 casino/hotels along the river bank.
We arrived about 4 P.M. and the sun was starting to sink in the west and made the mountains on the east bank glow.  This is the view from my room.......on the 20th floor.

 Looking down onto the river.....that is a river taxi heading to the east bank to pick up people and bring them over.

Saturday morning I was sitting on the River Walk....a walkway between the river and the buildings.......runs behind all the casinos.  I was enjoying my first cup of coffee as the sun came up.

 There was artwork on the buildings along the River Walk.  I found this one the most interesting.

Back in my room, for one more cup of coffee before joining the others for a hearty breakfast and the days shenanigans. I have never been much of a gambler, or heavy drinker......but I did have fun just "people" watching.  This was Veteran's Day and the casinos had free buffets for all the veterans, which I thought was such a great thing for them to do.  So there were a lot of veterans wearing their baseball caps with their service logos on them, such a heat warming thing to see......and they were fun to talk to.
After a couple hours at the out-let, shopping we took a break.......which meant it was time for a little wine.......

......and a few minutes to prop my feet up.....grin!

 I was just amazed at how clear the water was in this is a muddy dirty river in Colorado, but so clear and clean here!  So I took this from my room, so I could get a shot looking down.......even though the windows were very can see the bottom of the river.

So now it is time for me to take my coffee and wine, and join Elizabeth and the T-gang.
Happy T-day

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

T Stands for an other catch-up post!

Well, here I am trying to catch up with the T-gang over at Elizabeth's blog.  
This morning (earlier) I was set up for some devotion time and as I sat my coffee down I realized it was Tuesday, grabbed my camera and WA-LA here I am.  I had already prepped my Bible page with clear gesso and had slid a traceable behind it.  I had lightly traced it with an Inktense watercolor pencil.  

How it turned out.  The opposite page is a free hand drawing.  One thing about all this is I get a LOT of practice with lettering you can see I NEED it...LOL!


Our oldest son and wife decided to put their home on the market and look for something a little larger.  This meant that during showings I had to get the dog, and the family was here quite a few late afternoons, while the realtor showed their home. They had it sold and found one they liked and things were about to get very serious and then the buyer of their house pulled out of the deal :(. This meant our son had to pull out of the deal for the other house. I think they will wait for spring before putting it back on the market.

One afternoon Megan begged to stay here for a while.  We don't get much one on one time, so I was thrilled (proud grandma!)  She wanted to paint, so we picked out a scarecrow she wanted.  I did trace it onto the canvas board for her.  While she painted I worked on a page in my Bible.

A very serious little artist

Here she is with her painting...............pretty darn good for 7 years old.


My friend came over one afternoon and we painted this fall painting.  I found it on Pinterest., but we did add a few of our own touches.


This tree had the first signs of fall.  It is our backyard.  It will be beautifully full of color by the end of the month.

I just love the fall colors and the cooler weather.

The weekend, right after our 44th anniversary, my husband was in Los Angles picking up a gun safe, and fell and broke his hip!!!  Luckily he had asked a friend to go with him.......even though HE drove 2 1/2 hours back home!! He didn't want to go to the emergency in LA, so he came home and THEN we went to urgent care, got X-rays and they sent us immediately to the emergency room.  That was on a Sunday, Monday morning they did surgery and put three screws in his hip, Tuesday we came home.  He is doing really well, in fact he went back to work (driving a big rig truck) the next week.  He limps a little, when he gets tired and says there is a little pain.......but won't take pain pills!!! STUBBORN!!!!.....sigh!


Every time I mention Bible Art Journalig, I get requests to see what I am doing.  For those that are interested here a few samples.
I just discovered all this in February, and it has brought me deeper into God's word.  I call it my "play time with God".  Somebody asked me what I thought God thinks about me drawing and coloring in my Bible.  My answer: "I would think He would be pleased that I am spending time with Him and His word.  It's not the "book" that is holy, but the words"  She joined our little group that meets once a week.   So, what do I use to create in my Bible??? Just about anything I have....LOL!  The most important thing (I have learned from Rebekah Jones) is to prep the page with clear Gesso.......and what kind of clear gesso to use, because the pages are so thin and it keeps products from seeping through to the other side.
Rubber stamps, Inktense watercolor pencils and sticker letters

Washi tape and die cut

Colored pencil (traceable)  A lot of the pages have washi tape down the sides.......I'll explain that later

Inktense watercolor pencils, gold gel pen and Pitt pens for lettering

Sometimes it is just scrapped on acrylic and some words

Pitt pens and Inktense watercolor hand.

Free hand Inktense watercolor pencil and Pitt pen..........yes, I LOVE my Inktense watercolor pencils for Bible Art Journaling!

There are days that there isn't much "art" involved.
This page is prepped, stamped and drawn out for Danica to color.  She is one of my GDs in San Diego. This Bible will go to her after I am no longer walking the earth...........hope she is a lot older by then....LOL!
When they were here, last spring, I let her color in the numbers on the first page.  She had just gotten into trouble for coloring in her Mom's Bible.  So the deal was made: that THIS Bible was the only one she and I would color in.  Since we will be in San Diego for Thanksgiving....and her 7th birthday I thought I had better get a few pages ready for her.
It has gotten a little thick with all the tabs, markers and drop ins that have been added.  So, I am about finished with this one and have ordered an other one that I will illustrate for my grandson, Taylor.....who is Danica's little brother.  I have decided to do one for each of the 5 grandkids, plus it keeps me "in" the Lords word.

Sorry about such a long post.........I left out a lot of other things LOL!  But it is time to get this posted and get linked up with the T-gang.

It's going to be a busy week, but I will try and get back to everyone that visits.......Happy T-day!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

T Stands for Catching Up

Happy Tuesday folks!  Thanks for dropping by to see what I've been up to in the weeks I haven't been here in Blogland.  As you can see I'm still in the "coffee" stage of the morning as I'm trying to get set up for Bible Art Journaling with a couple of my friends.

A little broader shot of the table....only halfway ready, but I really wanted to join the T-Gang at the Altered Book Lover with our Hosetess Elizabeth.

So WHAT have I been doing?
Prepare for a lot of photos........"grin"

Some finished Mixed Media Paintings

I finally unpacked my paints and did a little creating. I saw a photo somewhere on the blogs, of blue poppies and just had to paint some.

A closer look at the background and texture created with tissue paper and designer paper. 

One afternoon my friend, Mary came over and we were playing with our pallet knives.  I really do not like this painting!

A closer look at the mixed media background

Next I decided to paint some tulips......with a brush!!!  Again a mixed media piece.  I really like this one, reminiscent of the tulips my Mom used to grow when I was a kid. 
Closer look at the background

Yummy texture, again with tissue paper.

A QUICK trip to the state of Colorado
 When I say quick I mean for the weekend!!!

My cousin and his wife were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!!!  WOW! Isn't that just amazing, especially for today???  This is the card I made for them. 

I found this idea on Pinterest, I mean just WHAT do you give somebody that has been married this long?  They have what they want, or buy what they need, and let's face it, do they need something else to set on shelf and dust?  So I bought a Scrabble game and got it all laid out on a burlap background.  I found this burlap with a gold thread running through it at Hobby Lobby.
 also found the rusting frame there too.  They are "cowboy" people, I guess because their son is a big rancher in the area.  They said they loved it, and I'll accept that.
NOTE: I didn't take pictures at the party, it was at a park and a bitter cold wind blew all day!

The evening I made the anniversary card above, I just kept on going.  Ya know, once your in the grove it's hard to stop.  I think I stopped somewhere around 1 A.M.

YEP! I got this beauty form Deb! She is really a wonderful artist.

This is where I am keeping this one, where I see it every time I sit down to create.
I should move it, because it intimidates me......LOL! I swear, Deb, I have started 3 PC to send to you and none of them have made it past the trash can.....LOL!!!!

Well, my friends, I better put and end to this and finish getting ready for "the girls" to come and play.  Some of you expressed that you wanted to see our Bible Journaling, and I do have pictures.  I'm thinking of adding a page just for Bible Art Journaling.

Since when did "JOURNAL" become a verb???

I'll be around later this week to get caught up with everybody.........Patty is going to stay today and we are going to paint after lunch today, then there is Bible Study (BSF) tomorrow morning, followed by my back adjustment. 

Inky Hugs