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Journal 52 week 47

Wise Words is the prompt for Journal 52 this week, and it is already week 47.  WOW! this years has just raced by only 5 pages and prompts to go and the year will be finished.  I have really enjoyed doing J52 this year and I am going to have a go at it next year too.
On this page I had an other go with the inks and sprays then doodled with a fine Sharpie, gel pens and some metallic markers.....just fun stuff.  I did use a stencil for the hearts to begin with, but they looked too ridged, so I softened them with a little doodle too.  The top heart are the words MY MOM use to say to me quite often, when my boys were small.  Now I find myself repeating them to my sons and DILs just as often......LOL!  Time has a way of repeating itself!

Thanks for stopping by and having a look.  What "wise words" have influenced your life?

Inky Hugs

T Stands for Tuesday, Thursday and Thanksgiving

I'm running late.....again... for meeting up with the Tuesday Tea Gang over at Altered Book Lover, and for preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday this week.  So I skipped ahead, in my Today journal, to this page, as this is most likely to happen as I start cleaning like a crazy woman......oh wait, I'm already a crazy it will be like a crazy woman on steroids ...LOL! It's gonna be a LONG day!

We spent the weekend in San Diego for my GD's 4th birthday, the one all the Frozen decorations were made for.  Now they are coming here for Thanksgiving, and spending the weekend.  So the DILs and I have been texting back and forth, calling each other when we can't text fast enough.  (The old fashioned "call me"" still works the best....grin)  Everybody now has the same plan!  Just our youngest son and family will be here for Thanksgiving dinner, as the oldest son and family had already made plans with her family.  So dinner at 4 PM then I am…


This week it is a wider shot of what's on Betsy, not as bad as it has been this week.  Tonight it is more of a drag and drop zone. Along the left side is a wine bottle tag waiting, a napkin holder with a batch of fresh made Christmas cards.......also waiting to be posted, and a post-it holder.  Along the back is the typical whatnots that are usually in the same spot, a few Christmas stamps, and to the right of the storage are two well used containers of glitter.  These all need to be put away since I have finished my Christmas cards......I think.....LOL
Across the middle are my glasses, some small doodles for the Abandoned Art group I joined on Face Book, some pens, my XL clipboard with an art journal and a drawer of colored pencils stacked on it.  To the right, on my paper cutter is an other journal, it's my "Today" journal.  The rest I think you can figure out, not hard to guess, but too much to list in this post........and rather boring.....grin!

Keeping it short…

Coffee and Smiles for T-Day

Hope all of you have brought your "drink of the day" with you, 'cause it is Tea Time over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover's Blog.  One day of the week we gather together and share what's in our cups, glasses or bottles.  I am drinking coffee this morning out of a cup that has been photographed so many times it's boring, so I offer up an other page from my Today journal.

This past week has been BUSY around here.  I entertained both GDs on Veterans Day, we  painted, glued, glittered and played outside.  Hannah (who is 8 yrs old) wrote a book about Fairies, which I made a hard cover and bound together.  Megan played dress-up and danced around in her tutu (which is an old net slip square dancers wear). 

Thursday Megan was back to keep me company, as that was the day her "other" Grandma had her lump-ectomy.  All went well and the doctor was really pleased with the surgery and feel like he got it all.  Once the biopsy is back on the lymph glands, …

G 45 Warm Wishes

Happy Monday Blog Buddies!  Just a quick card to share this morning, using a G45 image I found amongst the holiday stash I've been whittling on.  Sorry about the fuzziness of the image, it is covered with a transparent, snowy  glitter, really very pretty in person.  The image is mounted onto a silver-blue mirrored cs that really does go will with the glitter on the'll just have to take my word for it....LOL

It is made for a life time friend that lives in a much colder climate, and will get mailed out this afternoon. Do YOU need some warm winter wishes????

Thanks for stopping by

Inky Hugs

Journal 52 weeks 45 and 46

Just catching up on my Journal 52 pages and posts.  Seems like the weeks are getting shorter and the days busier....tis the season!! This first page is done with acrylic paints and marker.   Ever sit and look for shapes in the clouds, like this girl, on a windy day?
This second page I just finished this morning.  It went rather fast and I am pleased with the outcome of playing with napkins, modeling paste and Gelatos.  I did a little sketching around some of the fruits and vegetables with a marker.  There is already SO much Christmas on the market right now that Thanksgiving, and the meaning, really do get forgotten, until it is time to sit down and eat on Thanksgiving Day.  So here is a little tribute to the fact that harvest time is what brought together the original guests for a feast of thanks. Thanks for stopping by to have a peek at what I've been up to this week.  Please let me know you were here so I can return the visit!!!!!!!! Inky Hugs Krisha


Here we go with WOYWW again.  Thanks for stopping by this week.......Me thinks I just did this, oh wait, that was a week ago!  Don't we all feel that way??  Grin

Betsy is showing signs of Christmas makes this week, there is a pile of card bases and a few stamped images on top.  To the rear of this pile is a little black wire basket with a few sparkly C. card makes, then my cork coaster.  Along the back are the usual things, maybe in different spots, as I did a little cleaning and re organizing over the weekend.  In the middle is my new 2015 planner, those curled things are labels for some folders and few odd things.  The large yellow tablet has my GD's story on it, that she wrote while here today, it is all about Fairies.  My other eyes on top of the tablet.  To the right is my paper cutter (back up on Betsy again) with the pile of new stash I shared last week.....still haven't gotten those put away!

After finishing the birthday banners, last week, I had a real mess of p…

T stands for Veteran's Day

Happy T-day to all of the Tea Gang, and Happy Veteran's Day, and THANK YOU to all that have served our country. A page from my Today Journal, I think it is page 8, may have went a little overboard with the doodling......grin.

So what have you been up to since last we met for tea? I had G-ma duty Thursday and Friday with a little 4 year old with a tummy bug.  By Friday she was back to happy little self.  Other than that I kept plugging away at getting all the "Frozen" decorations done for the GD that will turn four at the end of this month.

Sorry about the flash is these photos.  Our bedroom wall is the only one big enough, and empty enough to put up 3 rows of banners. Plus I was standing on the bed.  I left long ties so my DIL can put them where she wants them, she can always cut off the extras.
 The top banner was printed off of a web site I found on Pinterest.

Three Olafs to put on the their patio wall.  I just loved this little guy in the movie.  No my kitchen wall …

Catching up on Journal 52

Boy, does time get away from me anymore!  This is my Journal 52 page from week 43, which the prompt was stencils.  It has been ready to post for two weeks!  I've kept moving it out of the way until I finally decided that tonight I would get it posted......since I just finished week 44.....LOL
This is how my page turned out.  It was all done with Gelatos and a shading stub.  The very dark at the bottom was blended with a water brush.  Now to seal it with something, as the Gelatos will smudge, since they are on there pretty thick.  What do you think would work best?

Thanks for stopping by, Please let me know you were here.

Inky Hugs


Welcome deskers to an other snoop around Betsy.  This week she is all a glitter with all the glitter colors for a "FROZEN" birthday party.  Youngest GD is turning 4 on the 30th, but her party will be the 22nd of this month.......just before Thanksgiving (here in the States).  So for 5 hours, just before taking this picture, I stood and cut all this out with the Circuit.  Now there are also some plastic snowflakes thrown in there that will also get used in the making of the banners and center pieces.  Now all the surrounding things were just pushed back, slightly before dumping all this in the middle. Now the paper mess is NOT contained to Betsy, it has also spread out to two of the desk chairs.  I really didn't need to sit down anyway!!  LOL  Here are the three bags of supplies I hauled to Temecula on our 5 day RV trip.  Yep, still sitting right where I dropped them Sunday night! Up in the right more glitter paper, I tell ya that stuff has about taken over the whole roo…

Put the Kettle On, It's Time for Tea

Oh My Goodness, it's been a week since I last posted, and now it is Time For Tea again!!
Sorry about the glare in this photo, I took the picture through a glass case, but just had to get a picture of it for Tea with Elizabeth and the gang.
This past week we spent Wednesday through Sunday in Temecula with the Heatland RV group.  The weather was beautiful until Friday night when we really had some WEATHER!!!  Yep, it finally rained in SOCAL!  But Thursday DH and I went down into old town Temecula and kicked around awhile, checking out the antique shops.

Our youngest son and family drove up, from San Diego on Saturday, and we went over to the golf course for lunch. DH and I ordered iced tea to drink and this is how it came out.  The pot on the far left had HOT water, the pot in the middle was full of ice as well as the tall slender glass.  The tea bag was completely separate.  You put you tea bag in the HOT pot, with the little stem poking out of the top of the pot, and got it to …