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One more for the Tag Tuesday challenge

One of my inky backgrounds. Pit Pen doodles and sentiment. Clear rhinestone hearts Fabric flowers Heart shaped paper clip and sheer ribbon.


Hello Blogger Buddies, Happy Thursday!  I hope all of you, that are experiencing the extreme cold invading the land, are all safe and WARM.  It is raining here, with a light wind, but the temperature is 55' (F), so it is not anywhere near cold, even for California.  So it has been a good morning to get some "play time", while I hear the rain coming down.....not real hard, but just right!
TAG TUESDAY is all about hearts, and it IS getting close to Valentine's Day!  There is something about making Valentines that takes me back to a school kid again.  We had shoe boxes decorated with hearts and colored construction paper, and a slit cut in the top of the box to accept Valentines from our classmates.  There was always that anticipation of getting a romantic one from the cutest boy in the room......LOL! On Valentine's Day we all got to open our boxes and read all the Valentines......of course they were not romantic ones at all......but a young girl could dream…


Since I have a window of time this morning, I thought I'd play along with the Tag Tuesday group.  Michele is the hostess with the theme of hearts.   I had an inky paper, that I wasn't going to use as art, so I cut it up into tags.  Now it HAS been eons since I made a tag of any shape or size, but I think this is how it's done!

This tag is 6 1/2" long and 4" wide.  I decided to keep things very simple and used clear stickers for the sentiment and hearts.  The beautiful lady is Graphic 45.........been hoarding preserving her, as one of my fellow bloggers, Linda, so nicely put it on her blog, for years :O ! Yep! It is time to start USING instead of collecting......right? Along the bottom I just chose some Washi tape (been preserving that too :)) and a piece of ribbon for the tie.
Now, I am off to link up and then get things set up for some fun time with my friends that will be here right after lunch. Have a great day!

T Stands for Monday Ramblings and Sharing

Elizabeth has her T-Day post up and I am getting ready to join the should come along too.  A post of drinks, or food, or both will get you in the door.  I'm using my Pinterest coffee cup for this post, just because I'm too darn tired, from cleaning house and running errands, to take a photo of my Bulletproof coffee, then do all the rest, just to show you a cup that looks like it has a latte in it.

Bulletproof coffee is part of the Keto diet, I'll give the recipe ....and it sound absolutely horrible, but tastes amazing.  I've been finding it my "go-to" in the afternoons. One cup/mug of very hot coffee, one scoop of MCT powder  and one tablespoon of all natural, grass fed, unsalted butter.  Then I throw it all in my Ninja and blend it really well.  It is very creamy with a hint of coconut.  It is supposed to provide increased focus, effortless energy( not really sure about the effortless part LOL) and suppress your appetite. A friend recommended …

Lost Marbles

Have I lost my marbles.......this is the second post today!
Since I have Bible art journaling this afternoon I didn't want to start a painting, but I wanted to "PLAY".  I grabbed one of my art journals, and behold, the page was already gessoed!!! I love these little surprises, don't you?
I pondered ( not puddled) on what to do.  I was looking around for a medium I could experiment with and saw that little stacked drawer set with my alcohol markers all divided nicely in colors. HUMMMM! I took out a few and just scribbled on the was a good start!   Next came the fun stuff........I sprayed it heavily with alcohol and let it run, first down and then up. WA-LA! perfect background. 
Art Journal Journey has a challenge this month ........ geometric shapes.  BINGO! I traced around the inside of a roll of Washi tape, and drew a line down the outer edge of the page.  I added shadows and enhanced some of the colors, in the circles, with Inktense watercolor pencil…

T Stands for Food and Fun!

Well, that week just flew by.....and now it's time to join Elizabeth and the T-gang once again for a food and/or drink post....... a weekly gathering of friends! I'm dropping back to December, when my Bible Art Journaling group came together for a Christmas lunch and a quick craft.  I'm not sure which they like to do or craft or Bible Journaling! We had a veggie Quiche, chips and dips, pizza, tamales, pasta salad, pumpkin pie and I can't remember what else........I just know it was way more than the 5 of us could ever eat in a day!
Before lunch we did a quick little Christmas craft.  We painted pint jars with Mod Podge and then rolled them in a mix of Epson salt and glitter.  We used jute and little holiday pieces for the decoration.  They are little luminaries made for the battery operated candles......or regular small candles. This is Miss Pattie showing off the two she made. 

BACK TO THIS PAST WEEK  AND A CRAFT FAIR  A  painting friend wanted to parti…

T Stands for Bar-B-Que

I'm back and it's "T time" again......and time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang to show off our drinks and or foodie things.  My drink, this week, is a tall glass of iced tea....with lemon.
 I had to visit the mall to have my rings checked (for insurance purposes) and cleaned.  It really doesn't take long, but I decided to walk down to Lucilles Smokehouse Bar-B-Q and have lunch as I waited.  I didn't have any Libations, just iced tea, but I like the looks of the drink menu, and I had forgotten to take a photo of the entrance.
I ordered a tri-tip salad with the dressing on the side.  The dressing was interesting, as it had BBQ sauce in it.  I finally figured out what it reminded me of.  The old fashioned French dressing with BBQ sauce added.  That is as close as I can get to describing it.  Most people out-side of California do not know what tri-tip is, but it is VERY common here.  It is a junk meat that the Hispanic workers learned to cook and make t…


WOWSER! A NEW LAYOUT AND A NEW BLOG NAME!But it is the same old me......Krisha!!
So what is going on here?
 Some New changes were needed, and to tell you the truth I was just too lazy to start a new blog.  It is easier for you to find me if I just stay here.

In 2018 I read a book called "Created to Thrive" by Matt Tommey.  It made me take a deeper look at my art... first my painting.......had to get serious here!!  Since it is a new year I decided to make some new plans.  First is to start my own art business......plans are still in the basement, but I climbing out.  I have an overload of marketing ideas, so there is going to be sorting out in that area.  Thus the my new business card!  I thought Thriving Art was a great name, after reading "Created to Thrive" least it makes sense in my head LOL!
 I already belong to many art groups on Facebook and have plans to stop lurking and start joining by posting my work regularly and taking  free sem…

T-Stands for Coffee and Colors today

Helllllooooo! I'm not quite sure how this morning got away from me so quickly, since I was up early, as usual.  Must have gotten distracted by the beautiful sun rise while having my coffee on the patio.

It was a glorious morning sun rise!  Our patio faces due east, so if there are any clouds I get to enjoy these mornings. Yesterday I had my coffee on the patio and enjoyed the rain.....LOL!  This is southern California and that is how our weather quickly changes.
The photo of my coffee and camera are for Elizabeth and the T-Gang .

I was shooting the sun rise with my camera, but in all honesty the photos above are from my phone.  The camera seemed to wash out the colors and they didn't show as vivid.  My phone captured what I was seeing with my my camera obsolete now???  I admit I rarely use it anymore, must get back to picking it up..........but the phone is so much lighter and fits in my purse!! LOL!

Got to keep it short and sweet, I've managed to go from…

First 2019 T-day

Happy New Year! I'm so happy your dropped by for this First 2019 T-day post, as I'm joining Elizabeth and party on the first day of the new year. Did you celebrate New Years Eve? How did you celebrate? Hubby and I attended an annual Bunco party with family and friends.  It has been years since we attended this event, but the family came before Christmas, which freed us up so we can once again enjoy celebrating, while rolling the dice!

For anyone who does not know the game of Bunco, it is a game played with 3 dice, and the object is to roll 3 of a kind, of the number your on.  Game cards have 1-6 on them, so when your rolling for 1s and you get 3 of them that is a Bunco! Then on to rolling for 2s and so on. We play four games of six, breaking after each game for refreshments. There is a lot more to the game, but that is the basic idea.
We each pay $10 and it goes into the pot to pay the winners.

We also take a White Elephant type gift, one for each player, wrapped, with a clue…