Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WOYWW? 178

 What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Yep it's back again the weekly blog hop Miss Julia created for all of us nosey bloggers.  So tonight (as it is still Tuesday here in California for an other 45 min.) this is dear Betsy, quite cluttered with an assortment of stamps, ink pads, and scissors.  Not much creativity lurking about on Betsy this week.  I have been busy searching, and cropping and printing photos for a Christmas present for my DIL. I decided to make her a memories quilt.  I've made a couple in the past and they do take some time to make. Getting the pictures cropped and printed take the longest, but I finally got the last sheet printed this morning.  Then a couple hours of cutting them apart and trimming them( oooph! I hate that part)  So here is a pic of the quilt, it's a twin size, meant more for a throw than a blanket. 

 Here it is all laid out again with all 62 pictures!!  She loves purple, so every picture is framed in purple with a purple and hot pink daisy in the corner.  The word Family runs through the middle ( also printed on the PC)  Sine there was still a lot of space left, and I'm out of transfer paper I chose to use some stamps around the edges.  There is a flower boarder all the way around it, then in between the pictures I used a butterfly and a dragonfly stamp.  I was not about to try and color each image, but it needed something........... Since the paper backing was still on each pic. I chose to use a couple stencil brushes and and eggplant purple and a plum ink pad and just softly shadow around each pic.  There is one picture, under the I that has a white frame around it, that is my son and daughter in law the day they were married.  It's the Kiss of course, and the caption says "It started with a kiss".

Here is a closer view of one of the corners ( pretty little granddaughters there too)

I haven't gotten started on my Christmas cards yet, but here is one gift finished!!  I had planned on making two of these this year, but youngest son and DIL announced they are expecting in March, so theirs gos to the back burner for awhile.

My Waahoo moment is.........wait for it................
We are going to be blessed with our first grandson in March!!!!!! Yes I have already bought a couple of "blue" items.
Sorry Julia, this is just as short as I could keep it this week.  Oh you don't know Julia?  Then you must go to: Say a How do and join this crazy weekly blog hop. (pssst! you can hop in any order you want LOL)
Until later
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

ATC Swaps Arrived!!!

October 2, I had posted about the EERIE-Spooky ATC swap I had joined over at Unruley Paper Arts Yahoo Group..  Well, the mail came yesterday and here are the return ATC!! Such great art, please give these ladies a round of applause! (insert clapping sound here) I really wished the scan and/or photos would really show the great dimensional detail these have.

Sharon Briss (our swap hostess)

Cathy L. Calamas


Helene Huber
Now don't YOU wished you had joined too? LOL
If you haven't checked out this awesome group NOW would be the time to do so.  Where? Why HERE: 
Until later,
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing in my art journal

A couple weeks ago I had gone on about using up a bunch of scrap shapes that I just toss into a large baggie.  I started randomly gluing then to a journal page, then used gesso over the whole page. I used paint and ink to add some color.  I had dumped a small box of crayons on Betsy (I have always loved NEW crayons, and just had to have a look at them LOL) So there they were just laying there so pretty and new and screaming "Use Me! Use Me!".  What was I to do? I stripped the paper off them (Oh no naked crayons!) grabbed my embossing gun and started to melt them onto my page, just through the middle.  Oooooh I liked that, looks like a rainbow puddle. Hence the sentiment written with a white out pen.

WOYWW 177 Betsy displayed a journal page all gessoed and textured, ready and waiting.  I had bought some Modeling Paste at Hobby Lobby when we were on vacation.  I used a rather thick stencil and decided I didn't care for it, so I laid a piece of paper over it and smooshed it a little (yes smooshed is the correct term for this particular technique LOL)  When I pulled he paper back up some of the modeling paste came with it, so I smooshed that back onto the journal page and got a repeat.  I sat looking at this nice white, textured page all I cold think about was Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. ( I have NO idea what that connection was about) Out came the paints and this is the results of a morning playtime in my art journal.  The lettering was done with dimensional paint.

I can see where this modeling paste can be very addicting, it gives more dimention than just using regular gesso.
,This is the type I bought, guess I should have taken the price tag off it first LOL !
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Harvest Plenty w/ two challenges

Today was a good crafting/card making day, and this my second post of the day.  I had left Betsy full of things waiting last night and this morning, after visiting almost 100 blogs for WOYWW and drinking almost a pot of coffee, I got busy and started finishing some of the things.  Well, maybe it was the caffeine high that had me going.....LOL 

Here is the color inspiration from Hand Stamped Sentiments.  So many rich autumn colors, as you can see it is challenge #141.  See web addy down below


Here is the sketch from Let's Capture These Sketches #36. Yes, this web addy will be below too.  I do love this sketch.
Here is my finished card.  I have had this pumpkin stamp for eons, and it is still one of my favorite autumn stamps.  It is from Whipper Snapper.
So on to getting the web addies for you.  These are both this weeks challenges so there is plenty of time to join in.
For the Hand Stamp Sentiments go here:
For the Let's Capture These Sketches go here:
I almost forgot, I even finished the blank art journal page today too, that's for tomorrows post...LOL
Until later....

Dottie in green and purple

Here is my take on the Sweet Sunday sketch challenge #170.  Since Totally Stampalicious has a color challenge of green, purple and black I decided to combine the two into one card.  There is still time to join both challenges, you can check them out here:


until later

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So here it is Tuesday night US time and Wednesday UK time and that means it is WOYWW time!! that's Julia's blog where all the happenings are going on, for what? you ask! Well for Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday, where you get to hop around the world and look at everybody works space.
So this is Betsy this week, I was MIA last week and didn't get to play.  I got a new cutting mat while on vacation, it's so shinny and new.  To the left is an other piece of my vacation waiting to be decorated, card in the middle waiting for some type of sentiment and to the right is my art journal, prepped and also waiting for the next step. So tonight everything was left waiting....LOL  Now to start my journey around the world to see what is up with everyone else. Do drop by Julia's blog and join in the fun.......until later

I put it black and white

Such a simple card that took me forever!
I change color schemes over and over finally ended up with good ole black and white! 
So today I finished this card and started a challenge card...........mojo is there, hands just aren't listening!  Also have a journal page all prepped and ready to start.......but do I DARE!
Maybe I'll just straighten up Betsy a bit and call it a day for stamping, maybe get a couple of LOs finished for Dani's album.  I feel Father Christmas starting to breath down my neck and I still have half the album to get finished, and a memory quilt to get started on............I NEED AN AFTERNOON COFFEE! 

Until is Tuesday, so next post will be later tonight for WOYWW don't forget to check Julia's blog for great work spaces and stories LOL

I'm back and a WINNER...

It feels so good to be home, even though it was a great trip.  Thank you to all that wished us well!
So lots of pictures in this post, in case you want to skip them and go further down and see the new stash I won........ I got to see family while we stopped in Grand Junction for a night going to Denver and then again on the return trip.
Grandma Krisha's new playhouse
So here is the new trailer we went to Denver to pick up. It has 2 slid-outs and a garage.I almost have everything moved from the OLD trailer to the new one, and I am ready to take 'er out for a trip!! This is at the dealership, and DH is contemplating pulling it over the Continental Divide and back to California.  It pulled like a dream, no problems! 
There were still fall colors, but I missed the Aspens, up in the mountains by a couple of weeks.  There were a few down lower that still had leaves, but they were dropping fast. Only the first two photos below were taken with my camera, the others were with my phone through the truck windows, please excuse the bugs! LOL

Pretty tree in front of my cousins hotel where we
spent a couple of nights
beautiful leaves against the blue sky

tress along the Colorado River
Going over the Continental Divide (or Loveland Pass)

more fall colors as we were pulling out of Grand Junction and heading home.
I get home and check my blog and low and behold Lynn Stevens left me a little message saying I was the winner of her blog candy.  Now this lady is quite and accomplished artist.  I don't think there is anything she can't make, or hasn't made, and she has been published to many times to count.  So here is what came in the mail late yesterday.  You can check out her blog here: , she also has things on Esty  and Pinetrest. Thanks Lynn for all the goodies.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going MIA for a week......

Yep! I am getting out of town for a week.  Wahooo! We have decided to buy a travel trailer, a toy hauler style, with a garage in the back.  Tailgate drops and you drive your toys in (sand rails, quads, motor cycles or what ever in and haul them to your destination) We don't have any of those types of toys, except for by bike (the old fashioned kind that you have to sit on and peddle LOL) But they have 2 queen size beds in that area that move to the top when carrying "toys", thus making a second bedroom.  They move down and become bunks.  So we found one at a GREAT price in Denver, Colorado......aprox. 1300 miles from here, and were going to have it delivered so DH wouldn't have to take any time off.
 Wednesday morning I am jumping around from Blog to Blog for WOYWW and DH calls. "Want to go to Denver and pick up the trailer this weekend?" Just 400 miles short of Denver is a city called Grand Junction (I was born there) and I have family there, so we are making it a mini vacation too. (an other Wahoo moment)

This time of year will be a lovely drive, and we haven't had a vacation in so long I have to look the meaning of it up in the dictionary. LOL.  So this being the last post for a week or so I thought I'd show blog land the two cards I made out of the pile of scraps that was on Betsy on WOYWW.  These cards are from a handmade paper set I received a long time ago.  I'm not crazy about the weight of the paper, but they worked just fine for this project.  I had a bag full of scrap shapes on Betsy, only one of them made it on these cards LOL.  Most went into my art journal, but that's an other post.
I make and use these type of "quickie" as note cards when I pay the gardener and property manager.
Well, everyone take care and I'll see ya next week, hopefully with beautiful pictures of Colorado all dresses in her fall colors.
Unitl then, Inky Hugs

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Tuesday night here in the west side of the US, that means Julia has gotten the WOYWW post up, so it is Wednesday in the UK.  What am I going on about?? Whats On Your Work desk Wednesday of course! Where you post a picture of your work desk, then people from all over the world stop by and leave the loveliest comments.
 So here is Betsy cluttered and full of all kinds of shapes.  I keep a bag of cut-outs, you know the left overs, wrong size, I've changed my mind on the color....that sort of thing.  This afternoon I did sit down at Betsy and started to straighten up and I had all these shapes from scrap booking laying there.  I grabbed some cards that are made of handmade paper and started making some quick cards. Two of them there in the back. Then I dumped the whole bag on the desk.......LOL.  I was thinking about a large tag or a wall hanging, that's it there with the blue flowers on it, but that is all the further I got on it.  I'll make the final decision tomorrw (the reall Wednesday)
Keeping it short this week, I didn't get to play last week and had with drawls for three days!!!!
Is it really that addicting? you ask....check it out for your self: BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

HAPPY WOYWW      Now I'm off to peek at what everyone else is doing this week.

Home Made Pearl Swirls

Everybody recognizes these pretty little pearl packs.  In Michael's they run $1.99 per pack.  I usually buy them on sale, because I love to use them on my cards and in my scrapbooks. BUT they tend to get pricey, or they are out of the color I need, or they don't make some of the colors I'd like to have.  Last week I was wondering around the Internet and saw a quick tutorial on making your own pear swirls.  I AM SORRY I DID NOT WRITE DOWN THE SITE OR THE PERSON' S NAME. What she did was scan these and then made a template that she slipped under a transparency and using a Pearl Pen went over the template.  WA LA! She then trimmed then and added them to her card.  COOL HUH?  Thought "I have to try that, but don't own a Pearl Pen."  THEN a "what if" moment hit me. I used to use basically the same technique with Scribble Paint, or Puffy Paint when I decorated t-shirts and sweatshirts. (that was many years ago)

I gave the scan-a-template a try and wasn't real happy with what next?  Well these little pearls are in a transparent package so why not right over the top?

Here is a scan of what I did.  As you can see, there are some mistakes, been awhile since I just made dots with paint.  But on the top side are black swirls and when they were dry I flipped it over and made yellow swirls, the original white ones are still in the package.  I did make other colors, and practice is a good idea.  Then I realized that if you use the same color on the front and the back you get a mirrored image. WA LA!  This is something I really have wanted, since both the bought ones swirl the very same direction.
Now the paint wants to leave a little tiny point, but so small it really doesn't bother me any at all.

Yesterday I had to run a couple of errand for Mr. O and one took me by Beverly's Fabric and Craft store.  I HAD to dash in a take a look.  I did find a Pearl Pen and I did BUY it for $5.99 ouch!!  I just HAD to know if there is a big difference in the final look, before I plop down that kind of $$ for any more colors (which there weren't very many)

Now here is the scanned comparison.  The white is the Pearl Pen and the pink is the Scribble Paint.  There is a very small difference, the Pearl Pen softened the tiny tip a little more, but in MY humble opinion not enough to make up the price difference, and with a little practice with the SP the tip can be eliminated  Scribble Paints are $.99 each, that is a $5.00 difference!! AND the Scribble Paints come in hundreds of colors (well maybe not hundreds) AND why not glitter paint? Hummmm
So there is My great find on the "Net" thought I'd share with everybody.  If you already knew about doing this your way ahead of me LOL.  I have Christmas red and green to get made up for the Christmas season.
Now I can use all I want on cards and scrapbook pages!!!
Why not use a stamped image under the transparency?  I've got some great swirl flourishes to try. How about over a snowflake image? Oh the possibilities are now endless, and you make make many, many, many sets with either choice.......but me I'll stick to the $.99 Scribble paint.
Thanks for stopping by
Inky Hugs......

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Last Halloween Card

for this year. Time to move on to some Thanksgiving type cards, a holiday that seems to get lost these days.  As soon as the Halloween decorations come out so do the Christmas decorations!  So I digress....... I began with a piece of white glossy cs, and used a circle stencil for the moon.  To color it in I used a bright yellow highlighter pen, just makes the moon pop! Then inked the card with eggplant purple, and then around the edges with black making sure not to make it solid colors.  Gives it a more eerie feel to the background.  I stamped just the tops of a 3 tree stamp from A Country Welcome, in the lower corner.  The bats and sentiment are from Inkadinkado.  The white behind the spider is a dryer sheet I took the heat gun to and added to the edge.  The spider web was cut with the Cricut, and I added glitter to the back edges, yep, the back!  I just needed a slight sparkle, like the reflection of the moon.  The green spider is from the Dollar Store, it was a bad of rings, just cut the ring off and gave him red rhinestone eyes.  The black swirls are some I made with black puffy paint and transparencies, the scan caught some reflection, but that doesn't show on the card itself.  I am entering this card in the Crazy 4 Challenges C4C157: Halloween over at:

Hope they like this newer dark side of me LOL
Now off to get some scrapping done in Danica's album.....until later

Inky Hugs

Saturday, October 6, 2012

World Card Making Day Post #3

Post #3 Challenge #4 : Get Blooming over at Let's Capture These Sketches:
Since it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness month I chose to go with that theme for this card.  I made the flowers from the same paper as the background paper to the right.  This stamp is one that I just love the sentiment.  Some Homemade (yes homemade with pink puffy paint! More later on that.) pink swirls and of course the pink ribbons. 
I am also entering this in these challenges:
recipe: 2 different ribbons, 2 brads, and 2 different colored papers

Thanks for stopping by, now off to make DH and myself some dinner.....I think pork chops tonight!

World Card Making Day Post#2

Challenge #3 for Let's Capture These Sketches (no you didn't miss challenge #2 I haven't finished it yet) the challenge is Paint/ and or mists. Well I went with the paint and a gold glimmer mist. (Bottle was a little plugged and I got some splats, but hey! It added more character LOL).  On water color paper I stamped some time pieces and washed them with water color, then edged the paper with a gold paint pen and mounted it on black.  Some pieces from the stash pile and a brown ribbon finished the card.  I liked the way this card finished up.