Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing in my art journal

A couple weeks ago I had gone on about using up a bunch of scrap shapes that I just toss into a large baggie.  I started randomly gluing then to a journal page, then used gesso over the whole page. I used paint and ink to add some color.  I had dumped a small box of crayons on Betsy (I have always loved NEW crayons, and just had to have a look at them LOL) So there they were just laying there so pretty and new and screaming "Use Me! Use Me!".  What was I to do? I stripped the paper off them (Oh no naked crayons!) grabbed my embossing gun and started to melt them onto my page, just through the middle.  Oooooh I liked that, looks like a rainbow puddle. Hence the sentiment written with a white out pen.

WOYWW 177 Betsy displayed a journal page all gessoed and textured, ready and waiting.  I had bought some Modeling Paste at Hobby Lobby when we were on vacation.  I used a rather thick stencil and decided I didn't care for it, so I laid a piece of paper over it and smooshed it a little (yes smooshed is the correct term for this particular technique LOL)  When I pulled he paper back up some of the modeling paste came with it, so I smooshed that back onto the journal page and got a repeat.  I sat looking at this nice white, textured page all I cold think about was Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. ( I have NO idea what that connection was about) Out came the paints and this is the results of a morning playtime in my art journal.  The lettering was done with dimensional paint.

I can see where this modeling paste can be very addicting, it gives more dimention than just using regular gesso.
,This is the type I bought, guess I should have taken the price tag off it first LOL !
Until later,
Inky Hugs                                                                                                       


  1. Such a wow factor on those journal pages! Both are amazing! I need to pick up some of the modeling paste. I have some left over texture paste from the painting days, but it is old! Happy weekend!

  2. love both of these! Thanks for stopping by my blog on the Gecko Galz hop!

  3. Love your spilled rainbow! Never thought of using the dimensional paint writers on paper - duh! I'll have to try that.

  4. Beautiful pages! Love the texture and your coloring.