Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going MIA for a week......

Yep! I am getting out of town for a week.  Wahooo! We have decided to buy a travel trailer, a toy hauler style, with a garage in the back.  Tailgate drops and you drive your toys in (sand rails, quads, motor cycles or what ever in and haul them to your destination) We don't have any of those types of toys, except for by bike (the old fashioned kind that you have to sit on and peddle LOL) But they have 2 queen size beds in that area that move to the top when carrying "toys", thus making a second bedroom.  They move down and become bunks.  So we found one at a GREAT price in Denver, Colorado......aprox. 1300 miles from here, and were going to have it delivered so DH wouldn't have to take any time off.
 Wednesday morning I am jumping around from Blog to Blog for WOYWW and DH calls. "Want to go to Denver and pick up the trailer this weekend?" Just 400 miles short of Denver is a city called Grand Junction (I was born there) and I have family there, so we are making it a mini vacation too. (an other Wahoo moment)

This time of year will be a lovely drive, and we haven't had a vacation in so long I have to look the meaning of it up in the dictionary. LOL.  So this being the last post for a week or so I thought I'd show blog land the two cards I made out of the pile of scraps that was on Betsy on WOYWW.  These cards are from a handmade paper set I received a long time ago.  I'm not crazy about the weight of the paper, but they worked just fine for this project.  I had a bag full of scrap shapes on Betsy, only one of them made it on these cards LOL.  Most went into my art journal, but that's an other post.
I make and use these type of "quickie" as note cards when I pay the gardener and property manager.
Well, everyone take care and I'll see ya next week, hopefully with beautiful pictures of Colorado all dresses in her fall colors.
Unitl then, Inky Hugs


  1. Great cards! I really like the top one with its pile of leaves and fall colors, but I like the bottom one too as it is crisp and clean. Enjoy your trip and take in the fall colors for me!

  2. Lovely Autumn themed cards! The leaves are gorgeous! Have fun with your new toy!!!

  3. Well I hope you have a wonderful time away. When you get back be sure and contact me as your my 1st place winner of my blog candy!!
    Hugs Lynn

  4. A lovely card! And wishing you a wonderful time out of town.

  5. Hello!

    Your cards are so pretty! I hope that you had a wonderful vacation! What a fun time - your DH is a keeper! :<) Wishing you a sunshine day!


    Barbara Diane