Tuesday, March 31, 2015

T Stands for the "Line-UP"

Well, here is the T-Day "line-up", 3 wine bottles and one water bottle......all empty, and in the back row are my oldest, and dearest friend from Minnesota, and myself ( this photo is over 10 years old).   I normally keep the empty wine bottles and give them to Ronda for displays, in the store, but I brought a few back to the craft room so I could see how the wine tags would look hanging from them, since there is more than one shape of wine bottle. 

I'm showing off the 12 wine tags I was commissioned to make, by Ronda, with a Paris theme.  There are 6 of each design.  Making these tags confirmed that I DO NOT want to do commission work, plus there is just no money in it.  So, if I do continue with the retail idea it will have to be the quick and simple styles of the dangles ( which I displayed last week ).  Now that these are finished, and off my mind, I'll do a little more calculating on time and money before I make a solid decision.

I want to apologize to anybody I didn't get back to last week.  My cousin was taken to the hospital with a breathing problem, then other complications set in and I was back and forth to the hospital.  Unfortunately, the complications became too  much and she passed away early Friday morning. 

On a much lighter, and happier note, I have Hannah, my oldest GD here with me this morning.  It is spring break and she has the week off from school.......but Mom and Dad still have to work.  I was lucky enough to get to keep her all night, as her Dad had a very early meeting this morning 100 miles north of here.  He is the one that drops the girls off because his job is only 5 miles from here.  Mom will have the rest of the week off, so today will be her last day here.

I showed her how to use the envelope maker and she has been busy making my some desperately need envelopes.........all in very bright colors...LOL   

I've started getting spam comments so I am going to have to change from embedded comments back to the screen that asks for verification.  By now I hope all of you know that you do not really have to go through all the steps.

So, now I'm of to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang, hope you have a wonderful week.  It will be later before I get around to see what everybody is drinking this week, but I'll give it my best shot....LOL

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Posting a little later than usual (I usually post Monday night), but still getting together with  the T-gang over at Elizabeth's .  Monday was super busy and by the time I got back home I was worn out.  So it was a little dinner, and a little TV... very little as I couldn't keep my eyes open.......but then it could be the glass of wine relaxed my eye lids....LOL!  Anyway it was an early night for me, which means an early morning and time to greet the T-gang.

 Last week I was working on an idea and made some prototypes to show a friend of mine.  They are gift tags to hang on wine bottles, not really a new concept, but I did I went a step further than just words on a tag.
I had bought a set of stamps with a wine theme.......mostly for the small bottle and the wine glass, but the little boarder stamp came is just as useful.  A little dangle to hold them together and tiny rhinestones for decoration.  The bottom row have two that are a bit different, the "wine a bit" tag was the first one I made and the Happy Birthday one is a card made into a tag. 
My friend, Ronda, went crazy for them (and she doesn't drink any kind of alcohol) and wanted to know where I was, with these two days ago, when she went to a dinner party and took a bottle of wine to the hostess. She ordered 12 gift tags with a Paris type theme.
 Ronda also wants me to make a couple dozen more and take them to a friend, of hers, that has a small, high-end boutique, that carries a lot of wine themed things.  Ronda thinks they will sell at her friend's store.  She got so carried away she already had a list of place for me to take these to, to get orders.....LOL!  I had to slam on the brakes!  I really don't want to get into a special order business, of any kind. ( I will only do special orders for my close friends)  So we discussed this a little further then she also ordered 50 name tags for these Jezebel Jars that she makes and sells. 
 Her parents own a furniture business, here in Shafter and she works for them.  She is a fantastic decorator, and has decorated a LOT of high end homes in this area.  She has tried a few businesses of her own, and has done very well with each of them until her health acts up and that is about the end of it, so she has settled for working for her parents.  I swear this girl can make a business selling mud pies, and THAT is why I always run things by her first.  She may be one of my best friends, but she is honest when I ask her opinion, and even when I don't.....................LOL! Love her to bits!
So what's on my agenda for today?  CLEANING, not my favorite sport, but I have reached
The  weather has been super nice, nice chilly nights and days that take it's time getting into the 80" (F) so the windows have been open 24 hrs a day.  Wonderful, except for the DUST on everything!  Weeellllll, not JUST that, the whole house needs a deep cleaning, but I won't go into what a bad house keeper I have been since the weather turned so nice.
That's about if for this Tuesday.  Hope to get a few more post done this week, along with working on more wine gift tags........might give this a selling a quick try.

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Welcome to Betsy and an other WOYWW, as always brought to us by the magnificent Julia at the Stamping Ground!  I was doing a bit of cleaning and remembered it's WOYWW (technically tomorrow from here)  So I did stop and grab my camera......looks staged?  Well, not really I was laying out my new stash and drooling over it........LOL
I am finding that labeling does take some time, but less time than leading you around Betsy by the hand!??
NOW if you scan to the left..................and step out a bit........................ 
This is the section that had not been tidied yet..............yep, dirty window and all.  I can't tell you when the last time that window had been washed, because I honesty don't remember!!  When I pull up the blinds I get a lot of natural light now that the tree has been removed.  Guess I'll give it a good scrubbing, maybe even before WOYWW 303....LOL

Go ahead a nose around all ya like, if you can't figure out what something is ask me in the comments.

Hair appointment in the morning and back adjustment in the afternoon, but I WILL return all the visits ASAP.
Inky Hugs

12 Pages in 2015: March

Third page of my 12 Pages in 2015 journal.  For some reason I couldn't tie a song into this page, although "In My Room", by the Beach Boys kept running through my head.  It is colored with crayons and blended with OMS (?) yep, found OMS will also blend crayons as well as colored pencils.  Makes sense, since both are waxed based.

I had this drawn out, and colored, then left it laying on Betsy for more than a week.  Every time I had to move it I would think "I need to finish this", then I'd set it aside.......LOL  I had had a lot of comments about the Princess and the Pea story, which was a possibility, after all the GD's call it the Princess Bed.  It is setting on risers, so I can store luggage under it, thus, it does set rather high.......but not triple mattresses.. ;))

Our ritual has always been bath time, bed time, and book time, such a great way to end the day and they relax and fall asleep quickly........unless I am reading the Gingerbread Man.....we do get a little carried away with that story......LOL.  I will have to find the Princess and the Pea story, I know I have it around here, and read it to them.  Hannah is reading now, so sometimes she take the lead.  I try to encourage her to read by sometimes reading the same book she is, then we can talk about it.

What was the last book you read??

Inky Hugs

Monday, March 16, 2015

T stands for I'm Irish

Yes, I am Irish, or of Irish decent.  My Grandfather's name was Patrick Anthony Costello.....a good Irish name for sure.  His parents migrated to the United States from Ireland, that makes me the fourth generation out of Ireland. or it that one too many??? I'm not real good at genealogy, even though I find our family history quite interesting. 
Top photo is my drink for today, in my new Irish glass.  It is just a cold, flavored, carbonated water.
The bottom photo is of the Shamrocks that I have growing around the yard. 
I'm celebrating the "wearing of the green" with the T-gang at Elizabeth's
Are your celebrating St. Patrick's Day?
"Green" Inky Hugs

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Going Green

With St. Patrick's Day this week we are using a lot of green. That is the challenge over at Addicted to CAS: Green  and over at Just Us Girls  it's Trend week.  The trend is splatters!  Roll them both together and  I get a great card. (IMHO)

I really like the way this card came together and the effects of the splatters.  The leaves are an Inkadinkado stamp, I think, not too sure, and too lazy to go dig it back out again......LOL  It is colored with markers and the sentiment is a die cut.

These two challenges are in progress right now, and there is still time to join in the fun at both blogs.

Click on the links in the post and they will take you right to the challenge.....good luck!

Inky Hugs

Splattered Birthday Card

WOOT! WOOT! second post of the day, I am trying to get caught up on projects and challenges.  In case you missed my first post of the day, you can see it HERE.
It is "Trend" week over at the Just Us Girls blog and they chose splatter for this challenge.  I can remember years ago when this was really the "hot" thing to do on a card.  It has made a come back with all the art journaling being created today.

I used blue acrylic paint and a brown spritzer (that doesn't work correctly) for the background, AFTER stamping the bird and masking him.  The stamped image is colored with Prisma colored pencils and OMS.  The sentiment is a die cut. 

I have two male birthday's on the horizon, and this will do for the adult BD.  Now to work on the one that will only be 2 at the end of this month.

I am also entering this card in the Simon Says Wednesday challenge "Things that fly"

There is still plenty of time to enter both of these challenges.

Simon Wednesday Challenge Blog

Inky Hugs

Tropical Dream: CASology #137

The challenge for this week, over at CASology, is "Tropical" .  Oh, yes, haven't we all been dreaming of warmer weather? Even though I live in the southern half of California a TROPIAL vacation would be a dream come true.

All die cuts, except the palm trees, that is a stamp I have had for so many years I can't even remember who made it.  The card base is white, but photographing it on an overcast day gives everything a blue tint.

I am cutting it close as this challenge ends tomorrow, so all I am packing is my flip flops....LOL
Are you ready for a tropical vacation?

Inky Hugs
THANK YOU to everybody that leaves a comment regularly.  I do try to return the visit or shoot you an email, but I find that not all the e-mail buttons on the profiles are connected.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


The Unruly Paper Arts Reader Art Quest  (UPA RAQ) for the month of March has to do with this inspiration photo.  Since this runs for a month there is still time to participate!

So I did a little dangle.  I had finished before this challenge went live, but had not posted it until that LUCKY?  LOL!

Inky Hugs

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 10 of Journal 52

The prompt: Coloring Book Inspiration. "For this week’s prompt, use coloring book pages as inspiration. You can use a page out of a coloring book, print out one from the many free coloring pages online, or you can even try making your own! You can use pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils – whatever medium you are most comfortable with and have on hand!"  There is still time to join the fun over at Journal 52
I know that there are coloring books around here, that belong to the GKs, but I just hate the paper they are printed on........always have, even as a kid!  So I gave it a quick "What shall I do" and took a marker to my journal page.  I always liked coloring the pages with words on you know why I have this addiction with lettering....LOL  Even with this addiction to lettering I kept it quite simple and "child-like".  I ran and got out the GKs' crayons and had a go with coloring the page, forgot how much I do not care for crayons as a medium.......unless I'm melting them....(grin)

Once I got the colors down I wasn't to crazy about that stark white background.......hmmmm.  Crayons are waxed base and would create a resist to water based mediums.

So out came the water based much fun!!
I let them almost dry, then went over the page with a baby wipe, love the warm golden background, but crayon was still shiny and waxy.  My heat gun took care of that problem, the wax just disintegrated and left a really nice finish.

Still looking a little blah I added some flecks of white acrylic paint. The inks created an antiqued quality to the crayon images, where the crayon wasn't as solid.......what an added

Well, there was this left over paint, in the dish, and there was this bottle cap just laying there so I put the two together and added some circles...........DONE!
I guess it just goes to show that there is still that "little kid" still left inside me that will still pick up a crayon and give it an other chance..........................but I still would rather melt it..LOL!!!
When was the last time you picked up a crayon???
Inky Hugs

Monday, March 9, 2015

T stands for Creating My Own Space

It has been a busy week since I last met up with the Tuesday T-Gang over at Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover.  But here it is once again time to share our drinks and weekly shenanigans.  These photos were taken early Monday morning, as the sun was coming up over the neighbors house and fence.
A couple weeks ago we had to have one of the trees, in the back yard, taken out due to termites, and the last standing tree was pruned way back.  It all HAD to be done, but it kinda but a kink in some of the "other" things going on.  Since the trees had gotten so big (and over grown) they provided a lot of shade on the patio, so that is where I had quite a few plants that required only morning to early afternoon sun.  Simple solution.......move all the plants back into the shade of the patio cover........BIG problem........DH has so much junk, besides all the BBQ equipment, on the patio there really was any more room. was also all the patio furniture to deal with too.....still too much of everything....but I digress....  
I still had to figure out what to do with my plants, then I got an idea.......oh ya, the dreaded "idea"!

my cup of coffee on the table for T-day
Along side the house is the boys' sandbox, left for many, many years as just a "place"...... a place where the dog, as a puppy, dug holes, a place where junk.....stuff got set, a place where the sand had gotten mixed with know....JUST A PLACE.  Well, this "place" only gets morning and early afternoon sun....."BINGO"!  But first it had to be clean up and cleaned out, AND leveled back up again.  I was just going to put the plants along there, then decided I would create a little garden spot to sit in when the weather turns HOT.  The white fencing along the back I pull from around the hot tub and it was set into place the "Redneck" way....with wire and steal stakes.  It now hides my potting table and supplies
The two planters on legs I found at Rite Aid drug store for 50% off and put them into place.  I didn't want this are fully walled off, so that it could catch the breeze.  I pulled the swinging bench off the patio, as well as the Adirondack chair my Dad made over 30 years ago, and put them into place.
The lighted arch I bought at Michael's Craft Store on sale, and with a coupon for about $10.00 over 20 years ago.......back when I decorated the front yard at Christmas.  It has been store up in the rafters of the garage since I bought it!!!  The colored stepping stones came from the flower bed out front. 

 There was a LOT of moving and transplanting going on to get all this to come together, and to clean out an other flowerbed I wanted to plant a veggi garden in.  This little ting was rescued from "that" flower bed.  I love a red geranium.
A view from the sidewalk, I guess I should have taken the stickers off the planters  I was going to use them for my herbs, but went with flowers instead.  The pots below are herbs....rosemary, mint and cilantro.  The basil is in a bucket that is behind the chair.

This is the LONG flowerbed that I ripped out and cleaned up.  Why yes, it is a water garden....doesn't everybody plant one??  LOL!  Since it is still early in the season, and our temperatures have been jumping 30' (F) during the day, but the nights are still cool I put little hot houses over each plant until they get well rooted.  I do pull them off during the warm part of the day.  There are 3 bell peppers, three tomato and 3 dill plants all started.  I did leave some space at the far end to plant my cucumbers a little later...still a tad early for them. That is landscapers cloth along the back to keep the dreaded weeds from growing, more will be added along the sidewalk too.
As you can clearly see there is still the "clean-up" to be done, since I tracked mud and wet sand all over the place and also lost some potting soil while transplanting. Then there is the "patio" area that needs attention and the front flower beds that are next to be attended to.  I need to get it all done before the really hot weather gets here, and I think it is going to be early this has been close to 80' all last week it is supposed to break the 80' mark.  I can hear all of you still knee deep in snow!!!  As tired of the snow and freezing temperature as you get is how we feel when the "HOT" weather rolls in here........most of us DO NOT look forward to the days and sometimes weeks on end of over 100' (F) heat.  But we all do what we gotta do......right?
After hours of working in the yard, until my knee, hips, back, and hands said "Enough already".  I would grab my Pitt pens and Inktense pencils, hit the sofa, and started dangling  the GK's names.  One more to go, Hannah, until early July when #5 will join us.
If you made it clear through this L-O-N-G post, pat yourself on the back and except my apologies for being so long winded this week.
By the way we had friends over for a BBQ and the three of us women made use of the garden spot to enjoy our wine. I'm thinking of naming it "My Wine Spot"  What do you think??
Inky hugs

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Journal 52

What a challenge this week was for my Journal 52 page.  I'm not sure just why this challenge...."restrictions" became a brain twister for me.  One simple shape and one color, plus black and white............quite simple really, since I like geometric designs. 
This is really my second page, as I tore out the first one....LOL  This time I chose a square, and since I had scraped black, leftover paint, on the page I went with that as a background.  With a white gel pen, on an extremely dry page, I outlined the square then inched it around to make a fan effect.  I had already ruined a page by painting the color directly onto the one of the mistakes anyway.  So I painted the red onto a piece of cs graduating the shades with white and black, cut the squares to fit and glued them down. Now was that so hard??
Here is the first page, what a mess it became, although I do like the circle design, the process was a disaster!
week 9 reject
I normally would try to "fix" or alter this kind of mistake, but it just wasn't going to happen this week.  Sometimes it is just better to start over.  I'm keeping the reject and will cut it up for something else, even with all the modeling paste on it.

Hope your week has been a good one, only one more day until the weekend!

Today promises to be an other warm sunny day, and I need to get back to pulling weeds, transplanting some flowers and getting ready to plant so veggies........but more of that later..

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Betsy and I are keeping it short and sweet this week for WOYWW.  Instead of describing what's on Betsy I labeled it all for you, even miss spelling label in the photo.....LOL  What can I say it is rather late Tuesday night here.  Hitting the 300 post for  WOYWW  and  looks like it's gonna be a BIG gathering this week.  I will try to visit everybody that leaves a comment, but it's a busy day Wednesday, so it might be a tad bit later in the week.
We've been lucky enough to have some rain lately, but today it cleared and was a really pretty day, so grabbed the camera and took a few sky shots

That wraps it up for me, going to publish this post then link up when Julia goes live.  Was just lucky last week and hit #1 and that was a first.....LOL

Stay well, warm and safe.

Inky Hugs

Monday, March 2, 2015

T Stands for Tea Pots

Linking up with Elizabeth for our Tuesday "T" Shares this week with a collage of tea pots that I found in an antique store over Valentine's weekend.  The photos were taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't quite as good as what my camera has.
I think my favorite one is the round one with the hole in the center.
Which one do you like?
Inky Hugs

A Second on the Second

Merry Monday! The second day of March, and I am once again, joining up with Elizabeth, The Altered Book Lover to give a piece of art a second to speak....grin!
While working at a flooring store, around 2010, the boss insisted we each had a good notebook/ daily reminder, or one of each.  The notebooks were to take with us when having to measure somebody's house for flooring....................Oh yes, I can measure the floor and work up an estimate, except I HATED doing carpet....LOL   I can even design you a custom closet and cabinets.....I digress and am so glad I am retired from ALL the measuring.
This first photo is what the nice leather notebook looked like, I had already started when I remembered to take a quick picture of it 
This is how it looked once I had finished.  I had very lightly sanded the leather, added gesso, bits of paper, ink, paint and stamped images.....even embossing some of them.  There was no way anybody else could use my notebook without me knowing....LOL  I did the back of it too, but failed to take a picture of it.  I may still be around here, stuck in a cupboard somewhere, or I might have given it to one of the GDs to play with.

So that's my second share for the second day of the month.

It would be great if you joined in with us and give something a second chance for some of us that may not have seen it the first time around.   So what's holding you back??

Inky Hugs