Tuesday, June 30, 2015

T-day and running late

I really running late for this Tuesday's T stands for Tuesday  ...the girls have been EARLY this week, due to their Dads being the ones that are dropping them off so THEY can get to work.  Not really unusual, except the Dads have EARLY start times this week.  SOOOOOOO....the girls have been at the door from 6a.m. to 6:30a.m............before I get that second cup of coffee.......LOL
Yesterday they did a little crayon melting, then added silk flowers......idea is from Pinterest.
(Hannah's straps, on her top, vanished in this she is NOT strapless)
With the triple digit temperatures, we did take a little time and watch a movie called "Snow Days" made us feel slightly cooler...but I really think it was just the AC.....LOL  The little girl, in the movie, had a snow globe and I told the girls we could make we did.....only we made snow tubes....LOL  Some water, a little glycerin, and a couple colors of glitter ...waaahlaa!!

The girls are now telling me they are hungry.  They eat at 11 a.m. in school, and their stomachs are still on school time..........for 8 year old girls they are about to eat me out of house and home!!!
I will get around to all to as many as possible....but a little later in the week.......right now I have to supervise the girls as THEY make their lunch......*grin*

Inky Hugs

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hannah's SOC week 3 X 2

Hannah's page...................what can I say?....she has been playing in my stash for years and really gets "into" it....LOL  Like her G-ma, she LOVES texture!!! Here she used acrylic paints, modeling paste, stencils, paper tubes, tissue paper and rubber stamps.  ALWAYS ready to try something new.....LOL
I know this looks blurry, but it is in fact the way she added the white paint to the letters.
She was so thrilled when she read last weeks comments. Debbie of Crafty Moose said she wanted to take lessons from Hannah.  You made her day Debbie!!
Rachel was a little later getting here this week, so Hannah stared painting a bottle with SOC colors.  First was the yellow, then Crackle and then she chose dark purple for her main color.

We added sheer purple (not blue) around the top and dangled a metal key from it.  Of course not to be out done by her cousin, Rachel, she added vertical stripes of gold beedz  around the back side of the bottle and her initials on the front.
Thanks for stopping by and please leave Hannah a comment.

Rachel's SOC week 3 X 2

Rachel chose to keep her page smooth this week.  She used water color pencils, tube style water paint, white acrylic and stamps.  I love the simplicity of her page......and she thinks out where each patch of color will be, before adding it..... a really good eye for composition too.  The lighter shades are the water color pencil.  I am so glad to see her "try" some other mediums. 
Before working on our 4th of July center pieces, we thought we would do a trial run with the SOC colors. They both painted a bottle yellow, then added Crackle.......once it was dry she choose the lavender for her main color.  We didn't quite get the crackle we wanted, but she wanted to add glitter (what little girl doesn't like glitter???)  I gave her a really quick lesson with the double sided tape and let her loose........pretty good huh??  Then she picked out her initials form a bag of foam stickers.
Thanks for stopping by, please leave her a comment.

Summer Of Color week 3

1 purple + 1 purple + 1 yellow are the colors for this weeks SOC and this is how my journal page looks.  Acrylic paint ( purple, lavender and a little white), modeling paste, stencils, stamps, designer paper and some bling!!  Once it was dry I did doodle around the flowers with a black Sharpie.  Of course the scanner likes to make some purples turn to shades blue.
Up next is Rachel and then Hannah's please leave them a comment.  My little artists are so excited about SOC and are having so much fun participating this year..
Thanks for stopping by for a look........see you next week
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

T-Day is Here Again!

From Pinterest
Good morning T-Gang and Bloggie friends!  Welcome back on this much cooler Tuesday!
Before I get into what has been happening around here I wanted to share this darling post card from one of our T-Gang members.  It is from our own Jinxxxygirl......DEB!! With her new address on the back and a quick note.  She doodled the house and colored it with colored pencils and acrylic paint.
So on with the Happenings around here since last we met........yep!  MORE pics of the 8 year olds

Their drink glasses for T-day
The ideas for these came from Pinterest
Here are the signs they made for their Dad, for Father's Day.
They painted the wooden letters for swim, risk and beer then hot glued them on.  The other lettering is over the pencil I did for the letter LO.  They used Chalk paint pens to do this. Of course the idea came from Pinterest..........need I say more?  LOL
We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday, by swimming all day (that's why they have wet hair), and having tacos for dinner.

Of course yesterday was all about Summer Of Color and one last decoration for Independence Day.

This is, once again, a live post, and not a scheduled one.......*grin*.  I had intended on getting it all done last night, but I picked up a book.

The location, used for this story is the San Juan Island, in Washington, and good summer read.  I have been to all the locations mentioned, giving the story an extra bonus for me. I am enjoying the story, and it is fiction, needless to say.....................I didn't put it down and work on this post......LOL!!!  I'll probably finish it tonight!
Well, that's a "wrap" on the happenings around here, I need to get dressed before the girls get here.  I hope you all have a great week and link up with the T-Gang over at Altered Book Lover.  Don't know the way????? follow me, I'm head over there right now to link up and see what's in everybody's cups this week.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rachel's SOC

Rachel is so excited about Summer of Color and is learning so many "new" things about art.
For her page, this week, she used modeling paste and stencils for the texture and acrylic paints.
Here is her color sheet.
Having Rachel with me, this summer, has really been fun.  She is just learning to color "outside" the box, and watching her explore with color and textures is exciting........even Hannah has fun watching her.
THANK YOU to everybody who left Rachel a comment last week.  These girls are just thrilled!! and they DO read each comment.
Inky Hugs

Hannah's SOC

Here is Hannah's page for this week.  She used modeling paste and stencils to make the background and the acrylic paints.  She dropped water on the page and then mopped it up with paper towels to get the grunge effect.  The Diva Pink shows up as more of a lavender  in the photo.

Hannah's color sheet.
I want to THANK EVERYBODY that left comments on her post last week.  She grinned ear to ear as she read each comment.  She is really enjoying playing along with SOC, and the first question she asks, each Monday morning, is "What's our colors this week Grandma?"  Of course she has been "playing" with all my stash since she was about 3 years old.....LOL
Thanks for visiting Hannah's post......Please leave her a comment.
Inky Hugs

SOC Week 2

My color sheet for this week

I find it funny how color association works on memories.  There is something about pinks and orange colors take me back to the 60s, it was such a colorful time.  All the "flower" children were matching up colors that nobody had really dared to do in fashion until then.
This week I didn't make my page when the girls were doing theirs, I wanted to see where they would go with the colors on their own. (I'll be posting theirs next.)  So it was rather late when I finally started my page and REALLY late when I finished it....LOL. 
I did start with Gesso, but then went with acrylic paints, and a new stencil for the background.  The letters are some old grunge board letters I painted, along with the retro flowers.  The other shapes are die cuts, I had just gotten a new Cricut  summer cartridge, and wanted to play with it......*grin*  Once EVERYTHING was on the page I did some journaling with a black Pitt pen.
As I look at the photo those surf boards look more like psychedelic pickles...............LOL!!!! 
Are you playing along with Summer of Color this year???  If should be.....this is what is up for grabs this week!!  Yep, Kristin has weekly prizes!!!!
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

T Stands for Time

Time!  Something that seems to slip through my fingers faster than money...*Grin* Once again it's Tuesday and TIME to link it up with Elizabeth and the T-gang to read about their weekly adventures and what they are drinking this morning, as I AM writing this on Tuesday......not a scheduled post....there is that "T.I.M.E." thing again.
I'm pretty sure I got back to everybody who commented last week, and if I didn't I surely do apologize!!  Before I show off the pictures of the GDs .........I want to THANK all of you who left the girls a comment and your location!!
Okay.....let the bragging begin.............
 The girls were thrilled with all the comments.
 They worked hard on their tops and were so proud that they each made two.................
Of course they decorated their flip flops to match their tops.  I had bought them each an insulated glass for the days that they are here.....each a different we don't go through every glass in the house in two days.....LOL!!!  We usually have a protein shake in the mornings, with frozen fruit, then water the rest of the is summer and HOT water it is all day long.  I'm really glad they are water drinkers.........we do have a carbonated, flavored, water once in a while. ( I'm NOT that great of a Gma..........gotta spoil them once in a while)

Yesterday they started working on their Father's Day gifts and worked in their SOC journals (to be posted later) THANK YOU for all the comments you left on those posts......they were grinning from ear to ear as they read them.......not just Gma's praises.

Over the weekend we loaded up the Playhouse and went south to meet up with our youngest son for a small BBQ competition.  Was a very quick weekend ( that "T.I.M.E." thing again) We left when the competition was over on Saturday evening and spent the night in Temecula.  Sunday morning we got up and I notice the sink wasn't level, like it was supposed to be!  Come to find out they didn't put the mounting brackets on the front of the under mounted sink.........only silicone to seal it.   Well, the silicone finally gave way and the front of the sink came loose.  Since DH NEVER leaves without his tool box, he did a temporary mount so we could come the rest of the way home........BUT NOT without FIRST locking all our keys and cell phones and my purse in the truck with the engine running!!!  We borrowed a cell phone and called the Auto Club to come get the door open.

When we FINALLY reached the our front door it was 5:30P.M. and 103' (F)!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!

Today the Gds are leaving early, Rachel has a Dr. appointment and her Mom is picking them both up, to save me a trip into Bakersfield. When they leave I have to clean up the Playhouse.....put clean sheets on the bed....then vacuum, mop and wipe all the tiny finger prints off EVERYTHING...  Tony's family joined us the day of the BBQ and Taylor (our 2 yr. old GS) left his marks on every surface...LOL!  This BBQ was the first time our GD, Danica, came and had a sleep over with me and without Mom!

Once the Playhouse is clean, I have to get ready to go to a birthday party for a friend of ours......thank goodness I have cards already made up!

So that was my week, I'm on my last cup of coffee this morning and the girls will be arriving it is TIME to say good bye for now.  I don't know if I will have TIME today to get around and visit, but I will be by someTIME this week......

Inky Hugs

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SOC by Rachel

Rachel is 8 years old and very excited about joining SOC.  This is her first journal page.  Since she isn't allowed a blog, I will post her work for a separate on mine.  They insist on their own post so they have a chance to win the prize.......haven't checked out SOC yet?  Click HERE

This is Rachel's color sheet.

Please leave Rachel a comment.............the little girls do read them and love to see what you say about their work.

Inky Hugs

SOC by Hannah

Hannah likes to play around with lettering styles.....hmmmmm....wonder where she get's that???
Since she is just 8 years old, and isn't allowed a blog I am going to post her work on my blog.
Haven't heard of /or checked out SOC??? Click HERE
Hannah's colors.

Please leave her a comment, she loves reading them.

Inky Hugs

SOC 2015

WOOP! WOOP! Summer Of Color 2015 has started!! Check out all the details HERE. A new little twist this year that is looking like tons of fun!  This week the colors are 1 blue + 1 blue + 1 green.
My first journal page is to commemorate the summer days spent with Hannah and Rachel.  Also to show them it doesn't have to be difficult........just FUN!! 

Kristin also provided a sheet to print off, which the girls and I are using to remember which colors we used.............................Yep Hannah and Rachel (GDs) are joining this year too.  Since there are prizes (*GRIN* go check it out) I am going to post each of their work to a separate post.  I mean, once they found out about the "loot" up for grabs they got all too!!!
Inky Hugs





Monday, June 8, 2015

T Stands for more fun

Time to go hopping around the world to check on the T-Gang this week.  Hope you'll join us.
Monday night ( here is SO CAL) and the start of week two with the 8 year olds.  Here are some pictures from last Tuesday's gathering: 
They put Gesso on only 1/2 of the cardstock, then we use Gelatos and water color pencils to see how the Gesso effects the look of the medium. They did 3 sheets, one with the Gesso brushed on, one with the Gesso scrapped on with an old credit card and one with the Gesso dabbed on with a paper towel. They fell in love with the Gelatos, coloring, then wiping them with baby wipe to mix the colors...................oh I'm in BIG trouble and now I have to HIDE my Gelatos.......LOL!!!
Here are their finished mixed media picture frames.  I am so proud of them, they did such a GOOD job on them.  They chose to put a picture of them together in the frames, but their Dad's came to pick them up before I could take a picture......

This is the picture they chose for their frames......notice all the ink on Hannah's hand???

They also MADE their art journals for SOC.......yep, they are playing along too.
Of course the covers had to decorated..........................

Hannah likes the dots and circles.......................

Rachel chose some random designs.....................................

Then at the end of the day they were given small pictures of their art to past in a writing journal and told to write about each picture.  I thought I would get some static about this........but they were happy to do we'll see how long it lasts........*grin*

These next pictures are from today, no photo shop or water marks......Gma is just too tired tonight to go through all that.  The lighting in my kitchen is horrendous for photos as you can see.  The very first thing they had to do was make modeling paste.  They each, now, have their own container of modeling paste................................since they use up all mine last week............*grin*
We did marble painting with shaving foam, inks and card stock

This Maddy, Rachel little sister, who is 5.  She got to stay long enough to do this project.
Was so amazed at each paper she did.  I let her take them all home.
Once it was back to the three of us we got to work on our SOC journals......which I will post as soon as I can.

Todays excitement was all about learning to use a sewing machine.  They just practiced on an old sheet I had.  Hannah is all smiles..............

Making some practice seams........................................

Rachel is doing her best to make it sew straight....................*grin*
Once they had practiced a bit I had they make a roll up pencil case.  They took them home before I got a picture of them.  It was a little tiring for them to sew so many straight lines, that go between the pencils, but they did a fantastic job for never having ever used a sewing machine.
 A quick little project that makes a great gift and (as long as you have a pack of coloured pencils lying about) can be whipped up at short notice with materials from your stash…Only basic sewing skills required, so is a great beginner project.This is the idea, but we double the a pillow cover so no raw edges showed, and their seams were not quite as straight as the ones in the picture.

They also learned to make and cook a grilled cheese sandwich last Monday for their lunch and macaroni and cheese for lunch Tuesday....................and we didn't use boxed mac and was from scratch.  Friday night Rachel made Mac and cheese for her family and Saturday Hannah made her family grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch........ MY GIRLS ROCK!!

Tomorrow they are going to make a couple of bandana red one and one blue one for each of them.  Should be fairly simple after this pencil case.......nothing like starting with a hard one......LOL
Dress=2 bandanas, ribbon. 1. sews a couple of seams. 2. Thread Ribbon. Plus Bandanas are like $1-$2 a piece.These are the tops they are going to make tomorrow.

I want to thank all of you that left the girls a comment last week.......they were smiling form ear to ear as they red them.

If you leave a comment and I hope you all will.......would you please name your city or state and your country, so they know where you live?  Then we can look the place up on the 'net, so they get an idea of how far this blog will go around the world.

Okay, your all caught up on the Monday/Tuesday happenings and pictures. 
What did I do after Monday and Tuesday..........I SAT DOWN!!!!  LOL,  I also got  a lot of things ready to go for the weeks to come.  This is a summer they WILL NOT just sit in front of a TV and/or play on a cell phone!!!..............well, that's THE plan.........*grin*

Inky Hugs from where is was 107' (F) today.................yuuuuuuccckkkk!