Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hannah's SOC

Here is Hannah's page for this week.  She used modeling paste and stencils to make the background and the acrylic paints.  She dropped water on the page and then mopped it up with paper towels to get the grunge effect.  The Diva Pink shows up as more of a lavender  in the photo.

Hannah's color sheet.
I want to THANK EVERYBODY that left comments on her post last week.  She grinned ear to ear as she read each comment.  She is really enjoying playing along with SOC, and the first question she asks, each Monday morning, is "What's our colors this week Grandma?"  Of course she has been "playing" with all my stash since she was about 3 years old.....LOL
Thanks for visiting Hannah's post......Please leave her a comment.
Inky Hugs


  1. Hannah, this is so pretty! Your colors were so well-chosen. The flowers are beautiful --- molding paste looks like such fun.

  2. You made such a pretty page ..lovely colors and wonderful textures Hannah!
    Great that you are showing us your creation -
    you are a very talented Mixed Media Artist!


  3. really lovely-it has such a soft Impressionist style!

  4. Hannah, you did an amazing job with this week's colors! You amaze me with your style!!!! HUGS!!!

  5. Loved the texture. I wanted to run my hand on your page and feel it. Keep up the really clever work.

  6. Very pretty and so clever, Hannah.

  7. Hannah, this is just awesome! I love the flowers and all the texture. I think I will have you give me lessons on using texture paste because nothing I make comes as good as this!

  8. beautiful - I love how it is both soft and textured

  9. Beautiful work, Hannah!
    I love the texture in it :)
    (The colors made me think of flowers too!)

  10. Love that you're joining in with the colour theme, Hannah, and your flowers look wonderful - almost ghostly, which makes them magical!
    Alison x

  11. I like this very much. I think using the paper towels to blot a bit was a clever idea and gave the picture depth.