Sunday, April 24, 2016

It's A Great Day to be Alive

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in SOCAL and it is a great day to be alive, which brings me to this journal page I finished at the beginning of the week.  I've had a crazy-busy month and I took one evening to contemplate what to do with this page.....I had decided I didn't like what was originally on it and covered it with left over acrylic paint weeks ago.  I beefed up the background with some brighter colors, quickly drew in and colored the flower, then added the sentiment.
I saw this sentiment on Facebook, which had come from Pinetrest, I'm sure, and I really liked it....and it made me think of Travis Tritt's song "Its a Great Day to Be Alive".....and a journal page was born.
I have decided to link it up with the  Art Journal Journey......For the Record challenge.
Everyday is a great day to be alive, and the older I get the more I say that to myself....cause complaining isn't going to help make the day any better.....LOL!
I hope you join me in celebrating an other Great Day to be  Alive!!
Inky Hugs

Saturday, April 23, 2016

So Begins the Birthday Celebrations

Today is our GDs (Megan) birthday party, she is turning 6......but not until NEXT weekend.
She shares a birthday with her Uncle Ken and he is turning 40 this year( next weekend's BIG celebration), so, being Megan, she decides that THIS year she will give the day to her Uncle Ken "cause he is turning 40, and I'll let him have a special day.....and I'll have all the rest!"  LOL!!  Kids!
Since I have been banned from ever buying an other birthday card for my family, this is the one I created for Megan.  She is a "purple" girl and LOVES anything glittery!

I did do the inside of this card too.  This is a saying, that her and I use ALL the time.  I found it on the Cricut program and HAD to use it. When she gets to the "and a hug around the neck"  I get a big hug from her.  What's not to love about that???

 I have had an other really crazy week, and not much time for creating or posting and I'm really starting to feel the withdrawals.... *grin* It's a good thing I made this card LAST month!

Keeping this short......need to get ready for the "Party" it's at 10:30 so maybe I'll get a chance to come home and just "play" a bit this afternoon.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to Elizabeth our Altered Book Lover ....I hear she's 21 (again??)

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

T Stands for Three Weeks

It's been THREE weeks since my last post....YIKES! I'm back just in time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-Gang!  I've refilled my coffee cup( black, of course) so I can make it through this post......Hope yours is filled to the brim too.....if not, I'll wait until you get'er filled up or you can skip to the bottom and just leave me a note to say you came by.
So where have I been and what have I been doing??? Buckle up it's a bumpy ride from here on!
It ALL started when I sat down to make a birthday card......simple  I have numerous (I don't even count anymore) happy birthday stamps, clear cling( in binders), velcro mounted(in CD cases) and of course some wood mounted(in Iris cart).  My simple idea was to get them all together in one spot .  I was quickly in over my head and clearly NOT ready for what I started......but I plowed through it all. 
ALL the photos from here down, have not been edited or water marked as I wasn't even sure I was going to post this morning.....but more about that later.
The day I finished and my cup of coffee on Betsy.
Betsy got a really good cleaning, some re-organization and a new cutting mat........all of which made her happy.......see her smile?? LOL
This is now where 99% of my stamps are stored......all along the top of Betsy.....all sorted and labeled AND within easy reach. ( yes, there is one empty one.....just incase wink, wink.....*grin*)

EVERY stamp, in the binders were stripped down to the rubber, removing all mounting foam from every stamp, including the foam from any of the cling stamps.  Then a THIN coat of Tack-It Over and Over was applied to the back, and let dry, so they would stick to the laminated sheets that slide into the page protectors.  I went with 7"x9" binders because the regular size are just too heavy to handle.  Each page has a stamped sheet on the outside to show what is in the pocket........outside so I can easily add stamps I missed as I went through hundreds of stamps.
It only took 1/2 bottle of Tack-It to do all this....but only the rubber stamps needed it.
I have these original acrylic stamps that there was no way to remove from the block.  I slid a white paper under them so you can see how they have turned yellow from age........yep, they are THAT old.

I still have two drawers of wood mounted stamps that will be left as is.  They are my House Mouse and Disney stamps.......all of which are becoming collectables.
This little drawer holds stamps too small to mess with....but they are now housed where they won't be forgotten.

My Prisma Colored pencils........oh ya, I have over 100 of them.....bought the complete set YEARS ago.  DH gave me this really cool case for crafty stuff , and all the pencils fit in there!!

Shuts, locks and now they are portable.....yippee!
Well it wouldn't be right to just stop half way through an organization I went through EVERYTHING, organizing and condensing and finding ways to make it all fit!

What is behind me.....oh look there's more clean spots!!!  LOL!!
This part took me two days to get it how I wanted it.
My dinning room table.
In between all the organization DH finally decides that we will build a new house this year.  This is a dream that has been on the back burner for years, do to some life changing things that are just not that take my word for it......*grin* 
So this is where I have been using my creative MOJO......drawing up a floor plan.....after walking through more model homes than I can remember. Now there are areas that have been done and re-done until both of us agree on it........DH still drags me to model homes to take measurements of things to see if we are on the right track!

A closer look.
All of this, plus an abscessed tooth that had to be pulled....ouch!
My renter moving out.........
My property manager having brain surgery  .....(this one threw me off balance, it was an emergency surgery)..............
Property Manager quitting because of surgery...............
Getting a cleaning crew to clean the rental..........( the renter left it he does not get his deposit back)
Getting a property appraisal lined up.............
Meeting with a potential buyer...........
So there is a dental check up this morning, and then back into the meet a prospective buyer..............just setting all my options up to see if I want to sell or keep it as a rental.
There it life in a nut shell..............or is it my nutty life in a bomb shell?
If you made it though all this then you should be patting yourself on the back.......and deserve an other cup of your favorite beverage!!
Thanks for dropping by....I do apologize to anyone who has left me a comment and I didn't get back PC was at the bottom of a large pile of stamps.....*grin*
Inky Hugs


Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Second Look on the Second of April


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This month I'm sharing a second look at a journal page I did.....way back in 2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

New art journal page.

Hope everybody had a creative weekend.  The DH and I took the "playhouse" out for a maiden trip over the weekend.  We went up to Tehacahpi, a small mountain township about an hour from here. Kids and Grand kids came up and spent Saturday night with us.  While waiting for them to arrive I got out my art journal and started playing.  I drew it first with a black felt pen.  I used some water color felt pens to color it in, then took a damp paint brush and ran the colors outward, crating the background colors.  Once it was dry I add a few more details, like the stitching marks, loops around the flowers and some curly cues.  It was a rather quick and easy page to do and I really enjoyed the quiet time before the troops arrived.
 Thanks for stopping by for a second look.
Inky Hugs

Friday, April 1, 2016

Time to Play ............I Made a BooBoo!

Darnell's blog


"If you have ever completed a card, and then discovered a boo boo that made you feel like an April Fool, this hop is for YOU!!"

Well, it seems like Darnell knows me all to well and has arranged for a "HOP" of Boo Boos.


Last week I was hard at work (well, play...) making an Easter card for a friend.  I stamped, and water colored ...............die cut bits and pieces.........even used the Cricut for the sentiment.............put it all together for a very lovely card......(IMHO.....*grin*) I was already to take a photo and post it to my blog............
Then I flipped it open to sign the back of the card...................
Well, what do ya know?!! I had already used this card base for a trial run......then quickly cleaned up the mess......and stuck the trial run back into the card base pile....LOL!! There was NO way to peel anything off and rescue it to an other card........ Lesson Learned: Check the backs and centers of all card bases BEFORE assembling.....and gluing ANYTHING to it. 
Yes, I could have closed the card and posted it to my blog...............but I DID try to rescue a few elements and totally mangled the card......LOL!
So there's my GIANT BOO BOO!  Now I'm away from my PC today, doing some volunteer work, but I'll be a "hop'n" tonight and tomorrow to see if you topped my BOO BOO!