Thursday, March 27, 2014

Craft Barn challenge #6

The Craft Barn challenge is to use Travel and/or Flower.  I had doodled this after seeing something very similar on Pinterest, and when this challenge started I thought I would use it.  The quote is my own and I didn't want to goof up all the doodle work, so I printed it on a vellum with glitter in it.  Then I trimmed it to fit the portal.  It was all done with inks.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RRD DT Just a Peak

Today I am doing things a little different for my Rogue Redhead Designs DT post.  This is just a little peak of what I created for my share this week.  Want to see more?  Then please hop over to Rogue Redhead Designs and get all the deets. ( It is only one little click and a new window will open.)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WOYWW 251 and counting

Counting?  Yep, counting down until the anniversary of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday , and counting the ATCs I've been working on for the big event.
 This weekly event is brought to Blogland by Ms. Julia....who Dunnit many times 
Short and sweet this week, been a busy and tiring day.  So here we go around Betsy.............
left to right: my coffee mug with luke warm coffee (yuck), new stamps that have been mounted and trimmed (these are from Rogue Redhead Desigs), my little calendar , I-Pod remote, wire organizer, crammed full, a test ATC, Sea World globe, pot of glue bottles, a rocking horse that should have been mailed last week, bright purple, blue and pink flowers (ready for a quickie card), a doily die cut, baggie of smaller die cuts.  Through the middle is my monthly calendar topped with ATCs for the anniversary, my specks, ink pen, tags Megan, my GD made me this weekend, and a couple of quick cards that are waiting to be  scanned and posted.  There are tons of other bits and bobs, but I don't really think it is necessary to name EVERYTHING!  LOL 

Okay, last week "I spy" was just way to easy for you
Of course it was the squishy world ball!!
This week is going to be trickier...............

are you ready??

I spy me and the DH, can you find us?

Off to jump from desk to desk around the world.

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T stands for Throwback Tuesday

I'm al little late for the T Party this week, since I just got my intranet back about 30 minutes ago.   And THAT is why I've titled this Throwback Tuesday.  AT&T said they couldn't get here before noon, so I didn't really get ready for T-day.  Then AT&T showed up at 9:30 AM, so being the rather cagy person that I am....(grin) I am using an older picture....BUT it is the same cup in front of the same computer screen, in the same spot RIGHT NOW!  Come on, how many pictures do I need to take of this cup in the same spot????   LOL  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

Now I am waiting for the pressure washer people to come and give the "Playhouse" a bath.  There is a slight chance we may get some perspiration (rain ?) this weekend, so I'll get the trailer washed and it should rain like crazy,  SOCAL can thank me later.  Anyway, AT&T was early, J's Mobile Wash is late, ok, they just got here.  That means this afternoon I'll start loading for this weekend's trip to the San Diego area.

Our Grandson, Taylor, will be a year old tomorrow, and we are going to go to his 1st birthday party on Saturday.  This second generation is growing up WAY too fast.
Here is the card I made for him, some paper piecing on the animals.  I just love these baby animal images, the rest came from the sticker box.

Thanks to Elizabeth (Altered Book Lover) for being the flamboyant hostess, that she is, to set up
 T(ea) stands for Tuesday, so we can hop around and catch up with our blog friends.

Hope to make all the rounds, since I am house bound for awhile.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Journal 52, week 12 A Day in the Life of ME

The days in my life are not really exciting, but this prompt gave way to some fun playing with inks and doodles and even some stamping. 
The background was created but first swiping gesso over most of the page with an old credit card, leaving some texture as I went.  Then the fun.........inks were sprayed on and then spritzed with water to make then run.  While still wet, I dripped some alcohol on it......oooooo love the effect!  I sketched my coffee mug, because my day always starts with a hot cup of coffee, laid out the words to be doodled in with marker.  I always TRY to get some art into my day, thus a paint brush, and there is always laundry to do and as it says "but not today"......LOL    The little clothes were cut with the Cricut, the stamps are, of course House Mouse.  There is more doodling along the edges but the scanner isn't quite large enough to get the whole page, and I it is just too early in the morning to dig out the camera.
Top of the page with the doodles words.

the journaling in the middle along with the HM stamp

The bottom of the page with the clothes line (thank goodness I don't have to use one of these) and then my stamping HM stamp, along with most of the paint brush....LOL
 So this is my journal page for this week, it was a fun page to do, even if my life is quite dull most days. BUT  I an happy to have each and everyone of them.....LOL
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


WOOT! WOOT! Happy Wednesday!!  That's right it's time once again for that favorite desk hopping event, better known as What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, brought to the land of Bloggers by none other than our leader and Queen, Ms. Julia
Short and sweet this week, it's Betsy fairly loaded.  Right in the middle is the Happy Mail from Darniella Hayes.  I was the lucky winner of her give away.  She loaded up a nice sized mailer with all kinds of things from Fancy Pants, and I must say that all of it is super quality.  Now I need to USE it and not hoard it....LOL

Back to Betsy, it has been a drop zone this afternoon, all kinds of junk 'er 'emm stuff besides all the happy mail.  I did spend some time this morning paying around with ATC ideas for the up coming WOYWW birthday, so you see bits and pieces and things I have drug out to see if they will work.  There is a small set of alphabet stamps and a mint tin on the left, Blue die in the back, my glasses, nail brush I use to clean stamps with, Kai scissors and a small Tupperware container with an orange lid.  Like I said a drop zone, may have to use the "push aside" maneuver tomorrow for some play time.....LOL

Last week everybody did pretty good at the I Spy game.
Yep it was right there peaking out from behind my owl paint brush holder.  It is a stack of circle stamps that ink themselves.
Ready for this week's item??  OK!
I spy, with my big bright eyes some thing round, blue and green.  Scroll back UP and see if you SPY it!!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

T (ea) stands forThree

Monday night here, that means it is time to check and see if Elizabeth and Bluebeard have gone live with T(ea) stands for Tuesday, and so they have and it is time to start linking up with you drink shots and a quick summery of what has been going on in the past week.

This week my post title is T stands for three, yep three drink containers sitting in front of the monitor.
Oh heavens no!  They aren't all mine.......LOL  The water bottler was mine from this morning, the Heineken is from DH's shift at surfing the Web and the glass of wine is my now and present adult beverage.  It has been a long day and I'm showered (too much info?) and in my jammies (ok, that's all ya get) and I thought a glass of wine sure would be good about now.  And sure enough it is!!

Since last we met for Tea not much has really happened around here, I'm still organizing and purging things, hard to keep at it steady when DH is "in the house", so a day here and a day there.  Steady gets 'er done.

As I mentioned last week, I joined a gym.  So far I have counted 45 muscles that haven't been used in awhile......LOL  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration.  So last Friday I had an appointment with a trainer, he gives the first one free (yeah, we know how that works)  He is really a good sport and has a program for those of us over 45, for strengthening, toning and coordination.  I think I tricked him out by being able to do ALL he had to offer (I TOO was very tricked out that I could do it all) (grin)  So I signed up for 4 weeks, just once a week, to see how things will go, and to learn a some new moves that I can work on by myself.  So far I have gotten there twice a week, which isn't the greatest, but HEY! it's two times a week more than what I was doing!!  Now that I have tooted my own horn he will probably work my butt off come Wednesday.  I'll let ya know how this turns out.

So that's it for this Monday night/Tuesday post, glass is empty, I'm thinking one more would really help me sleep tonight, the other TWO go to the recycle bins on the way through the kitchen.

So what's in your cup? If it is empty there is still wine in the bottle, go ahead and pour you some.  A good Viognier  is always a pleasure to share.
Inky Hugs

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Journal Page for Craft Barn Challenge

The Q and L for the new Craft Barn Challenge is Art and/or Road, fun challenge to play with.  Last night I got out the Gesso, some inks and modeling paste and created the background.  I really had fun just messing about with them.  I have never liked my penmanship and I have TONS of sticker alphabets from scrapbooking, so to start getting them used up I used them for my quote.  Road and art are grunge letters (ya, I have a pile of them that need used too....LOL)  The word world is actually the negative of black letters that were already used, I just trimmed around them, leaving some white to show.
That's pretty well sums up how I created this page.
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Journal 52 week 10 Art for a Cause

This week's prompt: Art for a Cause really inspired a lot of people, and a lot of people did the pink ribbon for cancer.  It was the first thing that crossed my mind too, but I ALWAYS create for cancer in October.  I remembered that purple is the color for domestic violence, but wondered if it also used for other awareness's, so I looked it up on the web and was so surprised at HOW MANY causes this purple ribbon is associated with, and how many that have touched my life. I wrote all the causes one leg of the ribbon, just to keep them in my memory (I'm of the senior population that has to work like this ya know....LOL)

I know the scan turned the ribbon a cross between black and blue, but it is purple.  All, but the white is acrylic paint.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave me a comment, love to read them.  I will always TRY my hardest to return the visit.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Milliner Misses: Dot says Thank You

Dot is the name of this pretty stamp from Rogue Redhaed Designs.  She is part of the Milliner Misses, mini plate RRD007 , and tends to be one of the first ones I choose.  Doesn't she look Irish all dressed in her greens?  She was colored with felt pens then fussy cut to be mounted on a designer paper (deep from within my stash)  I embossed the solid blue with dots ( appropriate don't ya think?)  I added a green ribbon across the bottom with a strip of blue Washi tape over that. It was all mounted on a white card base. The sentiment was stamped on a die cut (also from stash)  I also found one in the same lime green, but just used the end pieces for accent.  A few rhinestones and Dot was ready to go, maybe to an Irish Pub for a St. Patty's Day celebration.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WOYWW 249 Still Sorting and Cleaning

Well if it isn't time for WOYWW again, and thanks to Julia at the Stamping Ground we can link up and desk hop all over the world.  Such fun to go a snooping in other crafter's work space.

This week Betsy is looking a little boring (yawn), but there are just times that house keeping has to take place.  I'm still sorting scrap paper, but now I have moved onto the scraps from the 12 x 12s.
The box on the left holds a few papers that are still full sheets and need to be filed back where they belong, there's the remote for my I-Pod docking station ( can't create without my tunes), some larger eyelets, bottle of water, a sign I made for my work cubical 2 years ago (found it in the box of scraps :O).  Along the right there is a ruler, scissors( one of about 15  in this room) and to the far right the pile of papers I tackled today, nicely trimmed into workable sizes for cards and such.  The rest is the standard junk working tools.
Check out  my T Stand for Tuesday post to catch up on the paper madness from last week.

So were you here last week?  Remember the "I spy........purple spikey thing?
there it was sticking out from under some paper.
Ready for this week's I spy? 
This week I spy with my big bright eyes......something red and black.  Now scroll back up and see if YOU can spy it.
Well that's it for me and Betsy this week, it is creeping up on midnight (Tuesday) here in SOCAL, so I'll be around in the morning with my coffee to What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday
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Monday, March 10, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

 Time for a T(ea) post and a linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard .  Tonight (Monday) this is my Tea shot for this week.  Last fall I was doing a lot of free hand, loose type painting and did a bunch of tea cups in ATC size.  While cleaning and sorting last week ( still in progress I might add) I came across these little paintings and decided they needed to be put in a journal.  I chose one of my smaller journals for this project, now they are safely out of harms way.  Next to the journal is the bottle of water I am drinking, right out of the bottle, not even in a pretty glass or cup. (yep, I recycle these)
 This is one of the 9 drawers of scrap paper I have been going through.  This one has not been touched......yet!  It is all metallic and I really don't use these very often, but they will get a going through this week......I hope LOL  Things kind of came to a halt with other life type things that happened.
 Here are 8 of the 9 drawers of paper that you saw piled on my desk last week, all sorted and generally sized, and filed in a long narrow basket at arms reach.  I just used binder clips to keep the groups together and then plastic dividers between the colors.  Solid colors in front and prints in the back.  I did keep all the smaller, useable, pieces.  I clipped them together and put them in a drawer marked ATC size. I also made a card from an image that I had stamped and colored and then put aside.  With these papers sorted this way it only took a moment to find background papers and prints, instead of pulling out a drawer and digging through all the sizes to find one that fit.  I am so glad that I did this and really can't wait to get it ALL like this!

I had my GD, Hannah last Tuesday and once I taught her to use the labeler, and wrote her out a list, she made all my labels for me. That really helped me, she is just growing up too fast.
This is the pile of 12 x 12 scraps that is my challenge for this week.  The brownish box actually is holding alphabet stickers.  These are all scrapbook scraps that I do use for other things.  I am going to cut these down to a smaller size, at least 8 x 8, I think. I also have a HUGE stash of 12 x 12 paper, that I think I'll just keep as is, until I cut into it.

 I have been re-thinking the scrapbook thing, as much as I love to make them, they take a lot of time, ink to print the pictures, supplies (ie. embellishments) and they are rarely looked at.  I have started putting everything on DVD movies with music and special effects, that they can play them on the TV.  They seem to like this a little better, and the kids love to see themselves on TV.  I don't have G-kids, I have G-HAMS!  LOL

I also joined a gym last week :O !  I keep putting off doing something at home, so I took the plunge and joined.  I'm still working out a schedule to make it a routine thing.  I used to walk 4 miles everyday and belong to a gym, until I had started having trouble with my foot, then had foot surgery.  I really didn't think I would walk like that again, and I probably won't now that I'm 10 years older LOL.  But I do need to get more physical  exercise and get back into better shape, and loosing a few pounds would be a really nice side effect (grin).  I finally have decided that ROUND is  the shape I no longer want to be in!

So what have you been doing this week?
I'll be around early in the morning, with my coffee in hand to see what's in your cup.
Inky Hugs

Friday, March 7, 2014

Journal 52: Week 9

JournL 52 For this week the prompt is Color Swatch.  Some took it from paint chips ( the ones you get at the paint store) others use fabric swatches and some just used color inspiration.  I went more with a color inspiration and actually used my purse!  It is white, black, gray and red interlocking chain pattern.  I found this sentiment on Pinterest  and thought how true it really is, or at least to me.

I started with the doodling and letters, then added modeling paste and paint.  Then it just became "playtime"  Dropping watered down acrylic in three colors, stacking them onto of each other, then with an eye dropper I hit them with alcohol.  I really was not happy with it and it laid on my desk all week, even though I kept sorting and cleaning to avoid the problem of what to do with it.
I was going to add circles of the colors and punched them out, but seeing the negatives laying there I started play around with them and like the effect.  I doodled the black one and stamped the red and the white one before gluing them down.

Do I LIKE it? Well it is better than it was.......LOL  I can't just toss it and start over because week 8 is on the other side, so it will just have to be OK.

So week 9 is DONE.  Tomorrow week 10 prompt should be posted, hope it is more inspiring to me than this one was....LOL
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WOYWW 248 the clean and sort issue

Oh dear! Here it is time for WOYWW again and just look at this messy Betsy!  This is a picture taken early this morning (Tuesday) just in time for T(ea) for Tuesday with Elizabeth., after an evening on the living room floor sorting and purging  my paper scraps.

So I am going to call this my start photo, and linking them all up to Julia the sponsor of WOYWW
 Tonight this is how Betsy looks, at least not so laden with stacks of paper. To the far right LEFT (thanks Elizabeth LOL) I brought in an orange metal stand.  This now houses binders of cling stamps (an other achievement for this week) The top houses bins of rubber stamps.  I also got my PC moved over against the wall, much better and more assessable since DH wants to hog the main PC.....LOL Moved the rack of ink pads to the side wall, and the brown shelf is now more centered now.
In just this picture I spy, with my bright eyes something purple and spiky.  Do YOU see it?
Here is a closer look at what is actually on the work space.  To the left is a stack of junk  'erm, I mean stuff that still needs gone through.  The gray page sticking out is my J52 page for this week, not happy with it, but oh well,  a roll of packing tape there in the back, green cutting mat takes center with my paper weight from Sea World.  Scraps of paper, a bin of writing instruments, bottle of glue, cleaning rag on top of pages containing pictures of my clear stamps (to be put in a binder)  Under the papers is a brush peaking out.  The rest is the regular tools for the job.  I did take one hanging rack and put my inks and sprays in it, more visual now.  Everything is still "under construction" so come back next week and see if I have gotten any further....LOL

Two weeks ago I gave you some thing round and copper/brown to find on Betsy.
Everybody that said the penny on the back wall can now stand and take a bow and wait for it........
here it comes

clap! clap! clap!

If you stop for a visit please leave me a comment and I will do my darndest to return the visit.  BUT
ATTENTION PLEASE:  I WILL NOT BE LEAVING COMMENTS IF I HAVE TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN HIT THE COMMENT BUTTON AND PUBLISH.  Sorry, but as you know it takes time to make all the visits and this is just adding to the frustration.
Off to make a few make a few desks before bedtime.
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Mardi Gras with Rogue Redhead Designs

 Well, today is Mardi Gras and this is what I'm offering for this Fat Tuesday. 
I have a bottle tag and a colorful card, bot h using the Rogue Redhead Designs' Carnival Dreams plate # RRD009 .  This is a partial plate and it is on SALE for $3.75 (US) regular $7.50.
 Using mirrored cardstock can make photographing a tad bit difficult, but I did the best I could to try and not get too much glare.  Keeping it under exposed helps a little, the card base is white.
A closer look at the bottle tag, love this little couple.

So are you celebrating Mardi Gras?

Inky Hugs

Teaoffee and Sorting and Purging

I know it's not WOYWW but T-Day! My Teaoffee (it's tea day but as you know I drink coffee LOL) picture isn't near as pretty as Elizabeth's this week.  I spent quite a while sorting all my scraps, that have been housed in the iris cart, last night.  I hauled the drawers into the living room, so I could have more room to sort and stack and even cut some to size.  Then I went to bed....LOL  So this morning I had to go and pick up the mess and bring it back to the room it belongs in, so far so good.........  I just took this picture before posting so that is how it looks with my coffee sitting there, only now the cup is here at the pc with me!  This is a result of watching You Tube craft storage videos. I am still going to purge even more, well that's my plan anyway.  I am hoping to get this mess sorted down to a much smaller scale to fit into a long narrow basket.  I just have grown so tired of digging through drawers of loose papers.

 I have a rather growing bag of papers that I'll box and give to the GDs, speaking of which Hannah (the oldest) will be here about noon.  Her Daddy is taking her to the doctor this morning, G-ma's diagnosis is strep throat.  Her doctor said it was time to take out the tonsils (of both girls), but her Daddy said no.  I really don't think he can stand having either of his girls be cut on, he so soft hearted.

I have to get back to work on that pile of papers, before G-ma duty starts, but I WILL get around to see  what are you doing today and what's in your cup
How do you store your snippets?
What sizes do you keep?
Inky Hugs

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Journal 52 week 8: Found Poetry

I'm posting this rather late this week, since yesterday (Friday) we actually had some weather!  Lots of rain all at once!  It came down so hard for a while that our power went out, so that brought everything electrical to a halt. It is time like these that I thank God I have a gas stove, at least we can eat at home instead of having to go out and eat.  We also have enough cordless lights (AKA flashlights). I AM NOT complaining, we need this rain soooo bad, it won't be enough, but maybe it has some friends that would like to come over and help out! LOL

Okay, so this week our prompt was "Found Poetry".  I found " A Prayer in Spring" by Robert Frost that I really liked.  I only used the first verse:  " OH, give is pleasure in the flowers today;  And give us not to think so far away, As the uncertain harvest; keep us here,  All simply in the spring of the year." 

The background is spritz and sprays with Jofy stamped images.  Over all of that I used modeling paste through a floral stencil, then spritzed it with some yellow in places.  It still looked a little dull, to me, so I took a bright pink marker and colored two of the flowers.  That was enough for my eyes.  I then glued down the verse from the poem in the upper right.

The new prompt for next week is "Color Swatch Inspiration" Hmmmmmm?  That one might just be a tricky one for me.  A funny thought when years and years ago I did tons of sewing...LOL

Thanks for stopping by, please leave me a message.  I really do read them and appreciate all of them.  I'll also return the favor.

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