Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teaoffee and Sorting and Purging

I know it's not WOYWW but T-Day! My Teaoffee (it's tea day but as you know I drink coffee LOL) picture isn't near as pretty as Elizabeth's this week.  I spent quite a while sorting all my scraps, that have been housed in the iris cart, last night.  I hauled the drawers into the living room, so I could have more room to sort and stack and even cut some to size.  Then I went to bed....LOL  So this morning I had to go and pick up the mess and bring it back to the room it belongs in, so far so good.........  I just took this picture before posting so that is how it looks with my coffee sitting there, only now the cup is here at the pc with me!  This is a result of watching You Tube craft storage videos. I am still going to purge even more, well that's my plan anyway.  I am hoping to get this mess sorted down to a much smaller scale to fit into a long narrow basket.  I just have grown so tired of digging through drawers of loose papers.

 I have a rather growing bag of papers that I'll box and give to the GDs, speaking of which Hannah (the oldest) will be here about noon.  Her Daddy is taking her to the doctor this morning, G-ma's diagnosis is strep throat.  Her doctor said it was time to take out the tonsils (of both girls), but her Daddy said no.  I really don't think he can stand having either of his girls be cut on, he so soft hearted.

I have to get back to work on that pile of papers, before G-ma duty starts, but I WILL get around to see  what are you doing today and what's in your cup
How do you store your snippets?
What sizes do you keep?
Inky Hugs


  1. Gosh, Krisha. Did you really have to ask that last question, after my Craft Barn post last week? Even the smallest snippets seem to find their way into my collages. Of course, when you are like me and don't buy papers and tools, you use what you have. That means magazines and old books. That's my downfall.

    I would love to find a few things on YouTube, but my computer crashes each time I try to run one of the videos. I look forward to a clean desk tonight (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your coffee and organizing attempts for T today.

  2. Well good for you to be purging and cleaning up. I bet this happens to most of us who just love creating-and collecting-and keeping :):) Amazing some of the stuff I have found-not knowing I still had it. And we know what that means :) Happy T day!

  3. I have the same problem of clutter, then organizing and sorting and back to mess again. Have heard that this is one common issue with art lovers:)
    Happy T for Tuesday

  4. I am still auditioning storage methods and where to put what.
    After completely emptying the room to paint and put down a new floor, I did not want everything just piled up. The sorting is kinda fun, though, and I get lost in it!

  5. That's my idea of heaven Krisha, sorting and organising. I have small drawers on my desk for card scraps and use a brad to denote what colours are in the drawers and then bigger scraps are in two drawers, one white and one coloured card and I always try to use them first before I cut into a new sheet x

  6. Happy T-Day!
    Even though I am doing pretty much all my work digitally now. I still have cupboards full of fabric, blank cards, stickers, stamps, yarn, paper, color pencils, watercolor pencils ... you name it. I can't throw or give any of them away. Someday I said ... someday I will use them.

  7. Hello! That is where I was in January when I cleaned my space and really purged a lot. It feels good to have a clean space. I did get rid of lots of scraps this time, had some for years and finally said enough. If you are using containers maybe have one for small tiny ones and another for med and for larger size?? Just an idea.
    Now that I'm doing my ATC some of those things would have been handy but now I'm looking forward to buying a few new things that will inspire me to use them ASAP and not just sit there for years.
    Good luck and hope it was a good day with your granddaughter.
    Happy T Day!

  8. I am always resorting my stuff - its great because I find forgotten things.

    I usually have a small box to put stuff in to use up straight away like a challenge I suppose.

    I also end up giving things to my crafty friend who makes cards with and whatever she doesn't want ending up at playgroup.

  9. I forgot to add my bit about little pieces of scrap.

    I have a smallish set of 3 wire draws that are quite deep that I sort my paper scraps by size.

    I have been known to scavenge from my sister's side of her craft table, all of her scraps as she is quite wasteful lol.

  10. Your photo made me smile because my work space looks very similar! but not because I am organizing...have been working on a scrapbook. and, I have a terrible time throwing away even the smallest scraps, because I see so much potential in them! I love making tiny collages and then adding them to my art journal pages. right now they are just a in a box. I should sort them by color, but just never seems to happen! happy T day a bit late!

  11. i tend to put things in boxes and forget them. years pass, then i run across the box in the back of a closet. i think i need to find a better plan ...

  12. Hey your desk looks like mine. Piled up with stuff. Although your stuff looks prettier than mine. :)
    Sorry I'm late but I did manage a post...a day late and all. :)

  13. Hello again, just wanted to thank you for the nice comment on my ATC. I would love to trade with you, thank you for the offer. Here is my email and we can talk more about it

    Glad your scraps are working out for you. I rethought what I wrote you and decided "you can never have enough scraps".

    Thanks again and looking forward to chatting with you more.

  14. I have yet to get to the cleaning and reorganizing of my art & craft areas, but I hope to get to them by summer. I store my paper scraps in some ArtBin satchels.
    Happy very belated T-Day! :)