Monday, March 10, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

 Time for a T(ea) post and a linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard .  Tonight (Monday) this is my Tea shot for this week.  Last fall I was doing a lot of free hand, loose type painting and did a bunch of tea cups in ATC size.  While cleaning and sorting last week ( still in progress I might add) I came across these little paintings and decided they needed to be put in a journal.  I chose one of my smaller journals for this project, now they are safely out of harms way.  Next to the journal is the bottle of water I am drinking, right out of the bottle, not even in a pretty glass or cup. (yep, I recycle these)
 This is one of the 9 drawers of scrap paper I have been going through.  This one has not been touched......yet!  It is all metallic and I really don't use these very often, but they will get a going through this week......I hope LOL  Things kind of came to a halt with other life type things that happened.
 Here are 8 of the 9 drawers of paper that you saw piled on my desk last week, all sorted and generally sized, and filed in a long narrow basket at arms reach.  I just used binder clips to keep the groups together and then plastic dividers between the colors.  Solid colors in front and prints in the back.  I did keep all the smaller, useable, pieces.  I clipped them together and put them in a drawer marked ATC size. I also made a card from an image that I had stamped and colored and then put aside.  With these papers sorted this way it only took a moment to find background papers and prints, instead of pulling out a drawer and digging through all the sizes to find one that fit.  I am so glad that I did this and really can't wait to get it ALL like this!

I had my GD, Hannah last Tuesday and once I taught her to use the labeler, and wrote her out a list, she made all my labels for me. That really helped me, she is just growing up too fast.
This is the pile of 12 x 12 scraps that is my challenge for this week.  The brownish box actually is holding alphabet stickers.  These are all scrapbook scraps that I do use for other things.  I am going to cut these down to a smaller size, at least 8 x 8, I think. I also have a HUGE stash of 12 x 12 paper, that I think I'll just keep as is, until I cut into it.

 I have been re-thinking the scrapbook thing, as much as I love to make them, they take a lot of time, ink to print the pictures, supplies (ie. embellishments) and they are rarely looked at.  I have started putting everything on DVD movies with music and special effects, that they can play them on the TV.  They seem to like this a little better, and the kids love to see themselves on TV.  I don't have G-kids, I have G-HAMS!  LOL

I also joined a gym last week :O !  I keep putting off doing something at home, so I took the plunge and joined.  I'm still working out a schedule to make it a routine thing.  I used to walk 4 miles everyday and belong to a gym, until I had started having trouble with my foot, then had foot surgery.  I really didn't think I would walk like that again, and I probably won't now that I'm 10 years older LOL.  But I do need to get more physical  exercise and get back into better shape, and loosing a few pounds would be a really nice side effect (grin).  I finally have decided that ROUND is  the shape I no longer want to be in!

So what have you been doing this week?
I'll be around early in the morning, with my coffee in hand to see what's in your cup.
Inky Hugs


  1. Hello and Happy T Day!! I love hearing and seeing all the organization ideas here. You are doing a great job!! I LOVE LOVE this tea cup page, how cute they all are!! So fun that you made a page for them and it inspires me to make some tea ATC as well.

    That is awesome joining the gym, good for you! Good luck and just starting small will be a good thing.

    I think videos are fun too, the kids will love seeing those.

    Thanks for sharing with us today. Have a good day!

  2. I'm organizing too! Must be a spring thing. We've been purging, cleaning and rearranging all over the house. Not even close to done but really...are we ever done??
    Love the tea cups!!
    Happy Tuesday

  3. The tea cup ATC's made a great journal page. Your papers are so organized - makes creating more fun I'm sure.


  4. You have given those fabulous tea cups a really nice home in your journal...what beautiful pages!
    Best of luck on your clean up...
    I am overdue for one here...
    seems every time I start digging I get distracted and think of all the things I could be making with what I unearth...
    water was my drink choice today too (and lots of days actually)
    Happy T Day to ya

  5. good luck with the gym membership. i'm afraid i'd end up bein' a lazy slacker, but i'd love to hear your success story as you find your groove with it. i need inspiration!

  6. Happy T day to you! I love how your journal pages look with the beautiful teacup illustrations. Looks like you're doing a marvelous job of getting things organized! Good for you to be getting back to more exercise too. It's something I'm more than happy to begin again now that winter's almost over(because I love to walk each day).

  7. What a lovely way to display your teacup ATCs. I'll be thinking ATCs soon, too.

    It's great that you are getting organized, as I also started due to a "flood" in my kitchen on Sunday. Got rid of all my extra tupper type plastic. It feel so freeing to get rid of all those mismatched pieces.

    I like what you are doing in your craft room. I know this will help make you more productive.

    Thanks for sharing the teacups AND the paper storage ideas with us during T(ea) today.

  8. Good job on all the spring cleaning that you are doing. I love the fact that it is also inspiring you to finish up creative projects, such as putting the teacup paintings in your journal and making a card with the stamped image. Happy T Day!

  9. Your tea cup paintings are so pretty. That feather is also amazing. I know how tough it is to make ourselves go to the gym. I had the same problem last year. This year when the weather gets better I hope to take long walks.
    Have a great week.

  10. Lovely tea cup paintings. Love the colors. Sounded like you got a good little helper. Oh but don't let them hear us call them "little" cause they are not little anymore. LOL

  11. Busy, busy :) I have a box of lace trims that really need to be tidied :) I Love your tea cup paintings. Happy Tea Tuesday

  12. oh, your tea cup art is really the bright happy colors! organizing...wish I could get motivated to do that. good for you!

  13. Wow! You have been busy organizing! and had a helper, too. :)
    I would think that videos would be a lot more popular than just pictures in a scrapbook to kids these days. Well, to me, too. I think I'd rather see and hear them years from now--LOL! ;)
    Happy T-Day!

  14. Well then. How do you fancy a visit to South Wales then? The Paris room is still looking respectable having decorated it last year and everyone who has ever slept in the bed love it.
    In return you can tidy up and sort through my room for me!
    Love that you used those atcs as they are gorgeous.
    I have no children but I still love to scrapbook. I do them for me and no-one else!

  15. love the ATCs in your journal. Round is not what i want to be but at present it is still too hot to go out walking, and I suppose soon it will be too cold! lol