Monday, August 31, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Tuesday once again, and I am linking up with Elizabeth and T-Gang.   This past week just wooooshed by, and darn near wore me out.
So on to "what's in my cuppa" this week................................
Looks more like something for WOYWW huh?  DH worked all night, getting in at a very early hour and was asleep when I got up. I got my walk in early, and it was a nice cool morning, good for walking, and I met a lot of other walker enjoying the cool air too.  Since I needed to keep the house on the quiet side, I decided to make a couple more pages in my secrets journal.  My coffee mug stands in need of a refill, while I used the "throw away" part of a sticker sheet for a stencil for my butterflies.  I colored them in with a Pitt Artist pen, knowing the India ink would per permanent once it was dry.  The pages were pre-Gesso. 

I added more Pitt Artist pens and used my fingers to smudge them before they dried. A swirly stamped images were added and then I made circle by using the bottom of a paint bottle and an ink pad.

Since I am writing in this journal the pages were a tad to brightly colored for the ink to show, so I washed some white acrylic paint over then to tone them down a bit.
A matching paper was made to use as a pocket. and the black cord to my embossing gun.....LOL

The finished pages, decorated with stickers and Washi tape.  The pocket holds a little note card for my "secrets".....*grin*  The pocket is like a flap so I can write behind it too.

I've been having a great time making this journal, and try not to make the pages too far in advance.
I have been keeping up with my walking, sometimes going to the gym in the afternoons when it is too hot to walk outside, and I am starting to feel better.  My left foot must have some arthritics, it bothers me in the mornings......but a couple Alieve seem to help that.

It's getting late here (Monday night), and I have to be at the dentist at 7:30 am to get my teeth cleaned, then run a few errands, and try and make it to the gym before I get back here to visit everybody.  So you most likely won't hear from me right away, but I'll be around in the evening or a little later in the week.

Inky HUgs

Friday, August 28, 2015

SSSSH! I have a Secret(s).......Journal

So right now "Do You Want to Know a Secret" by the Beatles is dancing around in my brain, and really creating an echo... "Do you promise not to tell....oh ,oh....closer."...LOL!  Yes, I will be singing it all day long. 
 I had a notification from iHannah's blog that 21 Secrets Art Journal Workshop 2015 is taking early bird sign ups. I started looking into it a little deeper, and I found out it has been going on for some time....who knew?? I had not heard of this workshop before, I sometimes wonder "where have I been??"
The price, for the workshop, is a little steep for my itsy bitsy SS check, so I started to wonder around You Tube and found a great set of videos by Terry Kahrs .  This link will take you to the introduction and there are step by step videos, by her, on making a Secrets Art Journal.  I have, since, found out how many of my followers already knew about her..........JUST WHERE HAVE I BEEN??
Long story.....short.....I decided to make me one, to journal about everyday stuff ( no secret there), and to tuck away my attempt to get back into the exercise routine and try and get some weight off, there in lays my secrets.....*grin* 

I have TONS of stickers, from the scrap booking craze, and rolls, upon rolls of Washi tape ....ALL need to be used one way or another.  These are pages 4 and 5...1 through 3 already have writing on them and are no longer so pretty..... even page 4 has been covered with my scribbling, but I took these photos before......LOL 
Here are the step photos

A little closer look at the pocket with the sunflower journaling insert
Here are days 6 and 7
Acrylic painted backgrounds, with a envy pocket in between the pages

Photo with the pocket flipped the other direction

The envy pocket holds my secrets journaling spot, one side for day side.
There really are NO SECRETS to getting healthy......
Just watching how much you eat ...
There are NO SECRETS to getting into shape.....
Just getting up and get moving!!
So WHY am I making this journal?..........  Just to record daily events and keep myself accountable....
Do you have a daily journal?
Do you journal in your art journals?
Have a great weekend!!
Inky Hugs

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A forgotten B&W butterfly card and New Friends

I made this card for a challenge, then set it aside and promptly forgot about it.  No excuses, it's been at my elbow for over a week, and I have had to move it numerous times. Even though I have one post up already today, it is PAST time for me to get this posted....LOL

So, now the challenge is just a memory, but I still wanted to share it.  The scan doesn't do it justice, the gold on the butterfly wings is really a pretty brushed gold paper.  The background paper is one from Scrap in a Snap, and is about 15 years old......gasp!!  The sentiment is from Hampton Arts.


I have been so neglectful in  introducing some new friends to my blog.....

Chris of Pearshape crafting  an art journalist, tag maker, card designer and all round good artist.  We have been on many site and challenges together and she has decided to become one of my followers.   She enjoys traveling and always has beautiful photos to share.  She lives in the UK, but doesn't let the "pond" stop her from visiting....LOL  She is also one of the T-Gang members for T Stands for Tuesday.  Please drop by and leave her a comment on her wonderful makes.

Lori Saul from Foxglove Hollow... a mixed media artist at heart and now dabbles in digital mixed media and has some really wonderful things on her blog.  Her newest post ( as of today) is Shape Shifter and is really awesome......go take a peek, and tell I sent ya!!

Diane (or Di as she likes to be called) of Pixie's Craft Workshop She likes to work with her "snippets" and make some beautiful cards that she enters in many, many she is a very busy lady.  Di is from the UK also, but has found her way to my blog and I am so happy she did.  Please take a moment to visit her and see her gorgeous cards.

I am honored that these lovely artists have thought enough about my blog and my works to become followers....THANK YOU LADIES!!

Now I am off to get a few things done before picking up my little GD and getting her to gymnastics so Mom can get everything arranged for her big sister's B-day tonight........gonna be a very busy day

Inky Hugs

Hump Day RE-DOs

Here we are in the middle of the week..."hump day" down hill to the weekend from here.....LOL
I was re-visiting some journal pages, that I had done for a couple of challenges, that I just didn't like.  Do you ever end up with these?  Do you just leave them?  Normally I do just let them be, as "bad art", but these two pages I just couldn't let be, they were driving me nuts!!!  I know, I could just leave the journal closed, but I couldn't forget about them.......LOL
So I took some Gesso and then some acrylic paint to them, and started over.  The above one was kept very simple indeed.  After getting the background painted I added a napkin ( part of a gift from Chris)  I did pull the layers apart and tore the edges before adhering it to the page.  The sentiment is a stamp I have had for YEARS!!   Now I re-visit this page and smile.
This page, from the same journal, was covered with map-like pieces and I think the challenge had something to do with travel...........(ya think??)  It was all collaged down and VERY boring and said NOTHING to, or for, my MOJO.  I used some Gesso on it, but left a shadow of what was under it, and a little ink smear behind the die cut palm trees (which had been made for something else, then cast aside)  I took a marker and wrote escape across the page then added, yet an other cast off die cut of  sun glasses, with palm trees reflected in them.  The scan looks a little funny due to the fact that then lenses, of the glasses, have mirrored card stock on them.  I am now happy with this page and ready to move on.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my re-dos on "hump day".  Hope the reest of the week finds you happy and being creative.

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Card for Rachel

Happy Tuesday, the last one for August 2015....unbelievable how fast this year is slipping away.  Time can be so precious, especially when it comes to kids growing up.  Hannah, our oldest GD will turn 9 years old tomorrow, and then six days later her cousin (whom I call my GD too) turns 9 years old.....yep only 6 days apart and their Moms are sisters........LOL 

During "Camp Grandma" this summer I discovered Rachel like to tangle and do dangles, so this is where this card comes from, adding sparklies is a plus for all 9 year old girls!!!(But they don't photograph well)  The stings are self adhesive, but all those little pink stones I had to glue on one by one......LOL Won't attempt that again!!

Thanks for stopping by, please leave me a comment so I can find my way back to you........

Inky Hugs

Monday, August 24, 2015

T is for Getting into Shape.....

Time to join the Tea Gang for an other weekly jaunt around the world to find out what's in all the drinking vessels we show off.  Today is a picture from this morning, the coffee cup is empty and the tennies are there waiting for me to put down the camera and put them ON. (My Grandma you have some big feet!!!LOL)
I had just finished my coffee (that's why the cup is empty) and was getting ready to start my walking routine.  I follow Darla's blog, and she is so good about getting her walks in every morning and once a week shares them with those of us in Blogland.  She has been my inspiration to get off my butt and start getting some exercise. I used to have a great walking routine until about 5 years ago, making 4 miles in an hour EVERYDAY, then I started having a foot problem, that eventually lead to surgery and the removal of a joint in one of my toes.....oh yea, that was painful.  Since then I have become very lethargic and the weight has really piled on.  I've tried about every diet out there......nothing really works long term.....but I do know walking works wonders and if I start watching what I eat, and when I eat, the weight will come off.  So I'm putting it all out in Blogland to keep myself accountable......*grin*
So today, the start of my routine, I only walked about 15 minutes, and only covered slightly over a half a mile....:(   When I got home I was a little depressed about the time and distance...but after thinking it over and remembering.....I cheered right up.  After all I'm 10 years older and even 10 years ago I started small and work up my time and here's to my FIRST day of my daily routine....and thanks Darla!!
The planner, there on Betsy, is a new one I just started after watching Lindsay Weirich Video of a Cheap DIY Planner Tutorial.  I've followed her for years, most know her as the Frugal Crafter.  I have also decided I need to get more organized with my time, so that I get more done around here.......which will also keep me!!
I also have an other journal started, but not far enough to share this week. It is a Secrets Journal and I got the idea from a You Tube Video by Terri Kahns.  The link will take you to the introduction, but there are quite a few videos on making the journal, the pages and......all kinds of goodies to add to the pages.  I think I watched everyone of them.  She made her first one on her weight loss journey, and that is what gave me the idea to make it an exercise/ weight loss journal.  Something just for'll share with all of you.......*grin*
So that's it for this week.  The sun has gone down, and the heat is starting to dissipate, DH hasn't come in I think I'll put those tennis back on and go for an other short walk, before it gets too dark.
Inky Hugs

Thursday, August 20, 2015

No Gasping or Holding Your Breath!!

Yes, indeed this is my 4th post this gasping or holding your breath PLEASE! *grin* 
It has been such a busy summer that my blogging all but died, BUT I'm back now and hope to keep up with all the Blogland adventures.
Our oldest GD, Hannah, will turn 9 years old next week and this is the card I created for her.  I have quite a few of these Prima Doll stamps and enjoy paper piecing them for cards......especially for the GDs.  ( I really have them because I loved paper dolls as a kid.....*grin*)
The card base was colored with Gelatos, then wiped with a wet wipe to blend it.  The white die cut was used for a little texture and design.  The doll was stamped onto a flesh colored paper and the hair colored with Prisma CP.  The dress was fussy cut from a snippet of paper that was hand decorated years ago.......back when all the pretty paper wasn't readily available.  For the ruffle and bow I used a little snippet of vellum, and touched the edges with gold glitter paint, along with the shoes.  Hannah like her sparklies.......just like G-ma!  hahaha!  The sentiment is a very old one from who knows where, stamped on a die cut vellum and gold embossed.  The number 9 was cut from the last snippet of an other hand decorated paper.
Remember hand decorating your own background papers??  Back when it was the "thing" to do I took cardstock, and /or colored construction paper and made background papers with webbing sprays ( who remembers those?) glitter sprays and just spray paint.  It was so much fun that I had piles of they have all but become a memory.
I want to join a couple of challenges with this card, 613 Avenue Create: #137 Anything Goes
Pixies Crafty Workshop
Hope you have a super - great - creative weekend!
Inky Hugs

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Manly Unruley RAQ card

Good day gentle bloggers.  Here we are right smack in the middle of the week with a quick card to share today.  Since "Camp Grandma" has come to an end I have had some of "my own" crafty time to do what ever I want scanning Pinterest for ideas, and gathering up needed supplies for two 8 year olds.  NOPE!  Just some "me time" alone with poor neglected Betsy ( my desk....yes I named it for those who haven't been following along)
This card came about after reading the Unruly Paper Arts August challenge.  I inked up an embossing folder.....heavier in some areas for an Hombre effect then ran the background paper through it.....this is such a fun process that I could sit and do it all day, each time it turns out different.....*grin*
The golf bag is a VERY OLD Stamping Up stamp......I just love it and it has many, many stamping miles on it.  I took brown and gray Prisma Colored pencils to add color to the clubs then fussy cut it out......making sure to use an Exacto blade around those tiny clubs. I set the bag off center.....just for a little interest and added the sentiment that was cut with my Cricut.  Easy.....Peasy!!!!
This challenge runs all month so there is still plenty of time to join in the fun.
Here is hoping the rest of your week is fantastic.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SOS #215: Layer It On Me

I will not give you an un-truth.........I LIKE to use layers!  Although I'm not a frilly person, and I do not care for a LOT of foo foo on my cards.......rather to keep it simple and mailable....LOL  

So this card is just that and still quite a few layers and perfect to join in with the Shopping Our Stash challenge of "Layer It On Me".  On a white card base I chose a layer of yellow grid vellum, a fancy dice cut was the next layer, then a stamped image was lightly touched with Inktense pencils came next.  The final layers were the pretty pink flowers ( a gift from Chris ) and yellow pearls for the centers of the flowers and soft green pearls for other accents. 

It is a very soft looking card in person.  I didn't add a sentiment....yet....when I have an occasion in which to use this card I will choose the appropriate sentiment at that time.

There is still ALL week to join this challenge as it just started today.
Shopping Our Stash Weekly Challenge Blog
click here to get THERE
 Inky Hugs

T- Stands for Happy Mail

Happy Tuesday Bloggers! Time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang and make the weekly drink hop.  This week I am doing a little catching up on a thing or two.

First is this fantastic post card from Deb,(jinxxxygirl) one of our T-Gang members, hand drawn and hand painted......isn't she a beauty??? I just LOVE her, thank you Deb!!
 All the red and yellow designs makes me think of all the wild fires raging the western states, although I know Deb created this way before the fires started.
If you haven't been by Deb's blog yet you must stop by and see her new friends.....they like watermelon!!

Next is the overly stuffed envy that came from the UK!!! Chris, of Pear Shaped Crafting, had my name for the 2nd anniversary T-Day celebration and this is what she sent. What a treasure trove of goodies, the birds and owls are wood......and yes, she sent a whole set of alphabet stamps!! There are all those silk flowers, and napkins with all sorts of designs on them! As you can see NOT all of it was for me, there were also things for Hannah and Rachel..........THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!
(You might want to hop over to her blog and see the beautiful journal page she just posted)

A closer look at the darling ATC and the card that came with it.

They were in this cute stamped envelope....with hopes that somebody might color it......I'm pretty sure she was thinking of on of the girls..............but I had "other" ideas.......LOL
I just had to play with the napkin with the music on just sang to me....*grin* So I grabbed a cup of tea............gasp!  Yes, I went for a cup of tea that morning.  The lighting in here is really bad, and I often turn off the Ott light directly over the desk for instead of glare I get shadows......LOL

A quick heart drawn with a red Gelato and stencil........

Then some sprtiz and sprays for more color........ notice the birds have been colored???
Back into it with some modeling paste hearts and some rubber stamps.......

More stamps, a napkin with tea cups and the flower from the envelope were now I was having water from my sparkly insulated cup, and I had cut out the birds from the envelope..........
Here are the finished pages.  I added the birds, put some color on the stamped images and used my new alphabet stamps for the sentiment.  No, I did not put the ATC on the page, I scanned a copy of it and use that.
Thank you again Chris for all the wonderful goodies.  I gave Hannah their things when she and her Mom were here dropping off Megan.  She was so thrilled that you thought of them both and how far away you live from us......but she didn't open the envelope so I didn't get to see what you sent them.  They were meeting up with Rachel and her Mom so they most likely opened them up together.

Now did you really think you were going to get by without seeing at least one more GD picture???  LOL
Megan had been promised a sleepover, by herself, since before we went on vacation.  Her nose had been kind of bent out of shape because her big sister, Hannah, had been here two days a week all summer.  THIS was the last weekend before school starts, and she starts Kindergarten, so we made sure she got to come and have a sleepover.......*grin*  Here she is giving string painting a try.
Painting a plastic jug to put a solar light into for around their swimming pool.  Good ole MP and paint.

She is very serious about her work and told me "A good artist takes their time".......LOL!!  This little one comes up with the funniest things.  I didn't get a picture of the finished product, it was just something I thought up when trying to keep the older ones busy.  I'll make one and share how I did it.....if your interested.
Now I'm off to warm up my up with the T-Gang and find out what everyone else is drinking, I might even get dressed....................LOL
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

T is for DASH to the Finish

Dashing to the finish to get this posted before it is no longer Tuesday, a dash to the finish as it is the LAST day of "Camp Grandma" This is the last week the GDs will be here, as school starts next week for both of them.
Our last hooraaah included a sleep over this week.  Papa Bobby went deep sea fishing with Hannah's Dad, who drops her off in the to make sure we got our last week together, it was arranged for her to spend the night with me.  Since it was just going to be her and I, we invited Rachel for a girls night too.   I know your here to see them and their art sooooo here goes:
Starts of an acrylic painting

Re-binding their SOC journals
Dripping rain onto their paintings

Melting crayons for shooting stars
Rachel works on a God's Eye
Their finished acrylic paintings

Melted crayon shooting stars

God's Eyes
Breakfast at the Red Wagon this morning with our water and their hot coco (I had coffee)
 our drinks so we can link up with Elizabeth and the T-Gang

It is an old wooden rail car that provides the locals some of the best food around these parts.
Rachel's hand drawn, and framed, art a birthday card for her Great Grandma who will be 92 this next week.

Hannah's God's Eye ( not the same as the above photo) and card for the same Great Grandma.
Right now they are here at the kitchen bar working in their journals and waiting for me to get this finished so we can finish their photo bookmarks.........I will try to get them in next weeks post.
Please let me know you came by and I WILL make it back around, after the girls are gone and I take a couple deep breaths.......LOL
Inky Hugs