Monday, August 31, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Tuesday once again, and I am linking up with Elizabeth and T-Gang.   This past week just wooooshed by, and darn near wore me out.
So on to "what's in my cuppa" this week................................
Looks more like something for WOYWW huh?  DH worked all night, getting in at a very early hour and was asleep when I got up. I got my walk in early, and it was a nice cool morning, good for walking, and I met a lot of other walker enjoying the cool air too.  Since I needed to keep the house on the quiet side, I decided to make a couple more pages in my secrets journal.  My coffee mug stands in need of a refill, while I used the "throw away" part of a sticker sheet for a stencil for my butterflies.  I colored them in with a Pitt Artist pen, knowing the India ink would per permanent once it was dry.  The pages were pre-Gesso. 

I added more Pitt Artist pens and used my fingers to smudge them before they dried. A swirly stamped images were added and then I made circle by using the bottom of a paint bottle and an ink pad.

Since I am writing in this journal the pages were a tad to brightly colored for the ink to show, so I washed some white acrylic paint over then to tone them down a bit.
A matching paper was made to use as a pocket. and the black cord to my embossing gun.....LOL

The finished pages, decorated with stickers and Washi tape.  The pocket holds a little note card for my "secrets".....*grin*  The pocket is like a flap so I can write behind it too.

I've been having a great time making this journal, and try not to make the pages too far in advance.
I have been keeping up with my walking, sometimes going to the gym in the afternoons when it is too hot to walk outside, and I am starting to feel better.  My left foot must have some arthritics, it bothers me in the mornings......but a couple Alieve seem to help that.

It's getting late here (Monday night), and I have to be at the dentist at 7:30 am to get my teeth cleaned, then run a few errands, and try and make it to the gym before I get back here to visit everybody.  So you most likely won't hear from me right away, but I'll be around in the evening or a little later in the week.

Inky HUgs


  1. Love the journal pages, and the mug with the glitter quote is great! Glad you are keeping up the walking, well done. Hope your foot isn't paining you too much. I know things like that! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. What a great spread Krisha! Good luck with the walking!
    Happy T-Day

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying this new journal you have made. I'm not quite sure what the throw away part of a sticker is, but I like that you used it for a stencil. That's very clever. I've used paint to make circles like that before, but never thought of using ink. That's a new one on me!

    I have to admit, I am a bit afraid of your mug. It might have glitter in it and I've never tried that with coffee. Thanks for sharing your glittery mug and your journal pages with us for T this Tuesday. Have fun at the dentist!

  4. Lovely journal pages Krisha and fun to see some of your creative process.
    So nice to hear you are feeling better with your exercise regime.
    Happy T Day to you oxo

  5. Yay for the walking! Mornings when it is cool is my favorite time for that activity.

    Like the journal pages, even like the idea of a "Secrets" journal. I never write my secrets down tho. I don't want them to "escape", LOL!


  6. Lovely journal page-gotta love washi tapes-they make such a nice little addition to things don't they? Good for you to be keeping up with the walking! Happy T day!

  7. Krisha i'm really liking this Secrets Journal... Seeing this page makes me want to start one of my own... I have a regular writing journal going now and i think once i finish it i may be changing up to a journal style like this...Hmmm.... Lovely page my friend.... I had a Postcard ready to go in the mail to you and it started curling up on me...grrr...... how do you stop your postcards from curling... Yours arrived so nice and flat???? Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  8. Beautiful pages, and I'm struck by "remember kindness". An important word for us all. Happy T Day!

  9. oh yes, remember kindness... happy t-day, krisha!

  10. I really like how you used different layers for your page and I like you washi tape. I hope hubs got plenty of rest and your foot isn't paining you too badly. Happy T Day :D x

  11. Your journal is coming along nicely and will be a great place to store your "secrets". Good for you for keeping up with the walking. Sometimes I have to push myself to go, but that is much easier than taking a day off and getting started again.It is hard when your foot pains you though.

    Happy T Day!

  12. Your finished pages look perfect to journal away on. And what fun to have the secret spots to write. Congrats on keeping up with the walking and happy T-Day!! :)

  13. Great journal pages. I love how you did those butterflies.
    I have asimilar routine to you. I like to walk in the morning before it gets too hot. Our gym closes for the summer so I do my excercises at home. I have a pedometer so I can keep track of my steps and see if I have moved enough.
    Have a great week,

  14. I love your secrets journal - the video link you gave last week looked really good! Enjoy filling yours -Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. Hello and Happy T Day! Your journal page is so pretty, love the colors and the pocket you made. I have been walking in the mornings while it's cooler too, feels good to be outside. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  16. Thank you Krisha for sharing your tea mug and the beautiful journal page.I love early morning walks too but always long for some company.
    Have a good week

  17. Really gorgeous journal pages! You must be itching to write on them...? Congrats on your walking too...sounds like you may be more disciplined than I. I should go early in the day, but end up 'walking in place' in front of the tv at 11pm!! sheesh! happy T day a bit late :)

  18. More art journal blogs, including this one a gal made for her J 52 book this year:

    The next lady has been around a LONG time, so here is one that might introduce you to this fun new obsession you have:

    There are all kinds of blogs and web sites that give you prompts, too. I imagine you might even find art journals on pinterest. Hope some of these will be useful.