T- Stands for Happy Mail

Happy Tuesday Bloggers! Time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang and make the weekly drink hop.  This week I am doing a little catching up on a thing or two.

First is this fantastic post card from Deb,(jinxxxygirl) one of our T-Gang members, hand drawn and hand painted......isn't she a beauty??? I just LOVE her, thank you Deb!!
 All the red and yellow designs makes me think of all the wild fires raging the western states, although I know Deb created this way before the fires started.
If you haven't been by Deb's blog yet you must stop by and see her new friends.....they like watermelon!!

Next is the overly stuffed envy that came from the UK!!! Chris, of Pear Shaped Crafting, had my name for the 2nd anniversary T-Day celebration and this is what she sent. What a treasure trove of goodies, the birds and owls are wood......and yes, she sent a whole set of alphabet stamps!! There are all those silk flowers, and napkins with all sorts of designs on them! As you can see NOT all of it was for me, there were also things for Hannah and Rachel..........THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!
(You might want to hop over to her blog and see the beautiful journal page she just posted)

A closer look at the darling ATC and the card that came with it.

They were in this cute stamped envelope....with hopes that somebody might color it......I'm pretty sure she was thinking of on of the girls..............but I had "other" ideas.......LOL
I just had to play with the napkin with the music on it.......it just sang to me....*grin* So I grabbed a cup of tea............gasp!  Yes, I went for a cup of tea that morning.  The lighting in here is really bad, and I often turn off the Ott light directly over the desk for photos........so instead of glare I get shadows......LOL

A quick heart drawn with a red Gelato and stencil........

Then some sprtiz and sprays for more color........ notice the birds have been colored???
Back into it with some modeling paste hearts and some rubber stamps.......

More stamps, a napkin with tea cups and the flower from the envelope were added.........by now I was having water from my sparkly insulated cup, and I had cut out the birds from the envelope..........
Here are the finished pages.  I added the birds, put some color on the stamped images and used my new alphabet stamps for the sentiment.  No, I did not put the ATC on the page, I scanned a copy of it and use that.
Thank you again Chris for all the wonderful goodies.  I gave Hannah their things when she and her Mom were here dropping off Megan.  She was so thrilled that you thought of them both and how far away you live from us......but she didn't open the envelope so I didn't get to see what you sent them.  They were meeting up with Rachel and her Mom so they most likely opened them up together.

Now did you really think you were going to get by without seeing at least one more GD picture???  LOL
Megan had been promised a sleepover, by herself, since before we went on vacation.  Her nose had been kind of bent out of shape because her big sister, Hannah, had been here two days a week all summer.  THIS was the last weekend before school starts, and she starts Kindergarten, so we made sure she got to come and have a sleepover.......*grin*  Here she is giving string painting a try.
Painting a plastic jug to put a solar light into for around their swimming pool.  Good ole MP and paint.

She is very serious about her work and told me "A good artist takes their time".......LOL!!  This little one comes up with the funniest things.  I didn't get a picture of the finished product, it was just something I thought up when trying to keep the older ones busy.  I'll make one and share how I did it.....if your interested.
Now I'm off to warm up my coffee.....link up with the T-Gang and find out what everyone else is drinking, I might even get dressed....................LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. WOW! You scored on the good mail !!! It's always so fun to receive good things in the mail♥ Your granddaughter is a doll and looks very intent on her work :)

  2. Well she does look very serious about her work ...lol What a cutie pie. And that MAIL!!!! Wow! You made out like a bandit!!lol Love the journal page you made with the goodies! Happy Tday Krisha! Hugs! deb

  3. I'm so glad you and Chris hooked up and so glad to see the happy mail from both Deb and Chris. Chris was SO thoughtful and has been so good to me, too. I got a huge happy mail package from her at Christmas, so I know how thoughtful she is.

    Megan looked serious and I loved what she said, too. I think that's true, at least in my world (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your happy mail with us, as well as Megan, and your lovely journal page you made from the gifts Chris sent you during T this Tuesday.

  4. Love the tea and friends journal page, and all the lovely goodies you got from Chris and the card from Deb. Have fun with your new stash, and happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  5. OMGosh!! What a plethora of goodies!! And then what you did with several of them to make that page spread--wow! Love it!
    Glad the smaller GD got a chance to do her thing with Grandma, too. Yes, show us an example of what she made.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  6. Pure fun here! You surely were deluged with wonderful stuff in the mail, and I love what you created --- really delightful! This is one of the blessings of this online artistic community; we are givers and grateful receivers!

  7. Wow...you had a great Mail week!! love all the goodies, and especially the journal pages you made! truly gorgeous...and such sweet pics of your GD...love that little bit about 'a good artist!' happy Tuesday!

  8. Wow! Your letter box was happy this week with all that happy mail! How sweet of Christ to send you all those goodies and then add the envelopes for the girls. Deb's drawing of the 'fire angel' is beautiful. She is so talented.
    I really like what you have done with your bits and bobs. A really great journal page to show off your new stuff.
    Have a good Tuesday!

  9. I love what you did with all those wonderful treasures. You sure do come up with great ideas for the grands.

  10. Wow! Such treasures in your mail! I'm continuing to be inspired by the photos of the interesting embellishments people use for their cards and by the pretty finished cards.

    I like the way you incorporate your stamping into the larger work. So nice!

  11. I'm very late visiting and have missed a number of weeks for T Tuesday :( I really must get myself organised now Wee Man is back at school. It's only been two days but I do miss having him around. I enjoy the holidays, they go way to quickly.
    What a super package you received and I really love the page you created. The sentiment you added is just the sweetest :D
    Megan was enjoying herself, that's eay to see. I hope we get to see her finished works, but mostly I hope she enjoys kindergarten and has lots of fun there.
    Happy (belated) T Day {{Hugs}} x

  12. Tea friends ARE the best and golly jeepers you hit the jackpot with Chris' lovely gifts and creativity! All so wonderful.
    Your journal pages are wonderful too dear Krisha!
    Your grand daughters are going to have 'art camp' withdrawal when they head back to school. What wonderful memories you've made with them ♥+♥
    Happy Thursday oxo

  13. So pleased you liked your goodies and even more pleased to see how you used them - this is a fabulous page - we are so lucky to be part of such a lovely group of folk!! I love Deb's curvy girl - wow! if only…….
    I'm glad Megan got her time with you - and that she enjoys kindergarten(which I'm guessing is the same as our Nursery classes?) She certainly is concentrating! Hugs, Chrisx (and so sorry for being late - away with grandchildren last week!)


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