Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Hall-anks-mas!!!

Well, it's been over a week since my last post.....and what a week it was.....but that's irrelevant. What I have to share today is more of a customer complaint/Friday smiles.....huh????  Let's just go back to yesterday (Thursday)..............
Having some time on my hands, before getting a back adjustment, I stopped in at Michael's Craft Store.......just for some spray adhesive.......
Here is a silly card that depicts my reaction (Friday Smiles)......AGAIN, since it isn't the first store I've walked into, that has it ALL out (customer complaint).  The ONLY defense, I could give them, was all the Halloween/Fall stuff was 70% off.......LOL.......and did I partake?  For sure!!
While wondering down the art supply isle, I started a conversation with a very nice lady that was looking for some good colored she had two adult coloring books in her arms.  She was gathering something to do while she goes through cancer treatment.  I did not get her name, and if she reads this post I hope she she did put my bloggy addy in her phone.   I will keep her in my prayers and hope some of you will join me.

A card I made for a challenge......and didn't make it in time....:((
So tomorrow  is the "big" scary/fun day for the kids.  We really haven't partaken in this event in a long time.......just isn't as much fun when your kids are grown.  BUT now we do have the GDs and we usually go to there house, and walk around with them.
So with that, I'll leave you with this photo, as it WAS for my T-day post, but with technical problems...all day long...I didn't get to join the T-gang this week. ( I guess I should have wiped the coffee drips off the cup......LOL)


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

T Stands for When it Rains

"Seems it never rains in southern California. Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before. It never rains in California, but girl, don't they warn ya? It pours, man, it pours" ( lyrics from It Never Rains in California)
Those of you who are old enough to remember this song will most likely hum it for awhile.....LOL  It was definitely running through my mind  last Thursday, while taking these photos.
Standing on my front porch,  I wish you could hear it, lots of thunder and lightning, even though the sky looks blue in this photo.

Rain running off the roof....looking west
In a matter of minutes it was running down the street
The low spot in the back yard, as the rain ran off the roof of the patio

Same spot 15 minutes after it stopped pouring......yep, even though we do get to water the lawn, it is still dry enough to soak up the rain.
The storm is passing.
Wednesday night, before this storm, we had a thunder and lightning storm(no rain) like I hadn't seen since moving out of tornado country, over 50 years ago.  Dh said he had never seen anything like it.  It was continuous lightning and thunder, not many second in between each flash of lightning and the thunder was just rumbled and banged. It had started just before we went to bed, then it got LOUD and it brought us both out of bed and outside to watch the lightning......safely from the porch. When we did got back to bed, I pulled up the window blinds and fell asleep watching the light show.
Remember how they taught you to count after you see lightning to tell how far off the thunder is??? 1001...1002 and so forth, each number marking a mile??  Well, by habit I still do this and the thunder was at the first 1, not making the thousand.
Just before the rain started, Thursday, DH took off in the big rig, headed up the mountain to get a load of cement powder.  He made it to the mine, and got loaded, then they closed all  the mountain passes!!!  He sat up in Mojave, a small town, up on the desert, about 75 miles from here, all his truck.  Mojave is an intersection of north and south and east and west, so that little town filled up with people, cars and trucks........all with no place to go. Friday they finally opened I-5 and he took the long way around to get 3:30PM
I know many of you saw photos of the mud slides on the news.  This always happens when the ground is so dry, and the rain is so hard and heavy, that the ground can't soak it up......not normally this bad.  Highway 58, the rout DH usually takes, is still closed.  They are saying possible tomorrow or Thursday they will open it again.  So he has been taking the l-o-n-g way around to pick up his loads, just reversing the trip he made to get home on Friday.

If you came by for my last post, and saw the pop-up card......this is my new Cricut that cut all the goodies that were on the card.  This was my early anniversary myself....*grin*
 My old one was given to my DIL and her sister, since they have school age kids and a couple of cheerleaders.  They will certainly make use of it.

Now this one has a learning curve :0.....It is controlled by the PC, or my phone ( with the app) or by a tablet (with the app......but I don't have a tablet......other than a paper one....*grin*)  I have really been having fun cutting things with it, even started making some wine/ bottle tags for the holidays....will get to those in an other post.  All the cartridges, that were bought for the old one, were synced with the new one and I no longer have to change cartridges....yeah!!
While playing with my new toy, I was having to search for certain papers, looking in more than one spot for specialty!  I hate to have to search for something that should be at my finger tips.........I have such a small space in this room things shouldn't be more than a step away....LOL
So here is my newly organized (again) specialty papers and stencils.......then I went through all the scraps I've been hoarding and finally let go of some of it.........I mean a 4x6 inch paper that has been here for 10 years or more, just isn't going to get used!!  AND I'm out of space!!!
Two post cards I received form Deb our sheetrock queen Thanks Deb, love them both!

Well, I've been working on this post for over an hour......loading pictures on blogger is like waiting for Christmas as a kid. Now it is time to go and link up with the  T-gang and see what's going on over at The Altered Book Lover hope you tag along.

When DH gets up ( he worked late into the night) I'll make him an anniversary breakfast.  Today marks 42 years!!!

Inky Hugs

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ghoul Friends are Popping Up

Rather chilly here is southern CA this morning, only supposed to get to about 70' (F).......don't was 102' (F) last Sunday....LOL  The temp will climb back up into the 80's this next week, but for now I'm enjoying a little "autumn" weather, and thinking about pumpkins........I'm so ready for pumpkin pie.......are you?
With pumpkins on the brain, Halloween right around the corner and a new Cricut Explore Air, I gave making a pop-up card a try. This is the front of the card, the black is a very glossy paper and the pumpkin was cut out of an orange glitter paper.
It opens up to this........lots of die cuts......and so much fun.

A few close ups.
I am entering this in these challenges:
Order of the Opus Gluei
Hope you take the time to visit these blogs and see all the inspiration that is out there.  I know there are many more blogs with challenges this card will fit into.......but I can't be here all day......LOL
Please let me know you came by.
Inky Hugs

Monday, October 12, 2015

T stands for Going Backwards......

Yep, this week I and going to take you through the weekend happenings.....backwards!!
Sunday Hannah, G-ma Carol and I went to the Antique and Peddler's show.  It was held outside at Pioneer Village, a museum of OLD Kern County buildings.   It was a HOT day, but we weathered through it.....*grin*  There were some very pretty tea set for sale, but we just admired them, then, to be silly, we all plopped on a hat and took a selfie!!!  I think Hannah was having a lot of fun having both her G-mas all to herself for the afternoon.
We were about to walk by this tree, when Hannah pointed it out how different it was, so we took pictures, and I know Carol and I have been here many time and have never noticed it before.  We have seen many Sycamores, but none that have bark quite like this one, and even looked them up on the internet.............. guess what I found out????
Platanus racemosa

California Sycamore.

"A fast 75' deciduous tree. It will grow to 15-20 ft. in 5-10 years. It is along creeks in the foothills and coast ranges of Calif.. It takes  wind, heat, but not drought tolerant until established. (Then it will be drought tolerant only where there is a high water table or along the coast.) It likes sun and moderate water. Chips of bark from trunk and roots can be boiled for coffee.   This is a very important wildlife plant. Hummingbirds and butterflies use extensively. It is a food plant for the Western Tiger Swallowtail. It has some fall color. The white bark with the chips of brown spotted here and there make for an attractive formal trunk. We use wood chips to mulch.        
Platanus racemosa tolerates sand, clay and seasonal flooding.
Platanus racemosa is great for a bird garden and a butterfly garden.
Platanus racemosa's foliage turns a different color in the fall, color is lt-green, type is deciduous and is edible."

Now back to earlier Sunday...........  Miss Hannah had spent the night and we were up early enough to do a little crafting.  Using paint stirring sticks, we each made a scarecrow to hand on our front doors.  Hannah made her's a girl scarecrow..............

Mine just looks a little ???????
The leaves are silk, a package I picked up at the $$$ store.  They were all bright yellow and red.  We thought the looked too bright, so we did a little ink dyeing, and had so much fun making them darker and richer in color, that we almost did them all........LOL
Going BACKWARDS to Saturday night.........  We took Hannah and her sister, Megan to a hockey game. 
Papa Bobby and "his" girls

Who wouldn't want to take these beauties???  Oh yes, we all have jerseys.....that's Papa there in the gray hat.  Hannah had decided she wanted a sleep over, but Megan wanted to go home........and that is how Hannah happened to be here for crafts and antiquing.  Although she just liked looking at the "old people's jewelry" ( her words, not mine....LOL)
Hope you have time to join the T-gang for refreshments.  Click on the image on the side bar and pop right over there.
Inky Hugs

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Just a quick post this morning to share a card I made, and had sitting in "draft" mode, waiting to be posted. 

I bought this stamp sometime ago and have used it for many different things.  It is rather large, but I have even managed to put it on an ATC........well not the whole image.....LOL!!  It is a C.C. Design rubber stamp.

The image was colored with Inktense and an aqua brush, then fussy cut and mounted on a scrap of "old" designer paper.  The sentiment is from Hero Arts.

I am a sucker for sunflowers, even had my kitchen decorated with them, until I set the kitchen on fire........but that's an other story for later.

Please let me know you came by, even if it's just a "Hi"

Inky Hugs

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

AI seriously?

A little Wednesday/Hump Day humor for you today, before getting ready to dash out the door. 

I went on a small card making spree a week ago and got around to making up cards with images that were colored......but stuck in a pile......oh yes, I do have one of those.  I got them all loaded and waiting in the "wings" for days like today, when the afternoon will become very busy in about an hour.

I do love my Artist Impressions stamps, especially all the girlfriend ones. This image actually has them sitting on a bench, but I trimmed that away while fussy cutting it all out.  I have had these embossed picture frames for ages.............way back from when I was really, really into scrapbooking.  I sat the GFs on the rim of the frame, with their legs hanging down.  Some very old plaid paper for a mat and then onto the card base.  The sentiment ( from Paper Smootches) just "jumped" onto the card, seemed to fit so I left it.....*grin*

So now, I must dash around and get ready for a back adjustment and then to pick up the GDs from school, so Hannah can get her homework finished before cheer practice.  Her little sister, Megan, has requested that I pick them up everyday.........LOL! If I lived closer it would automatically be a no brainer.......but I'm just a little too far out for everyday, but I do like to help when I can.  It will only be three days a week for just the next couple of weeks.

Please let me know you came by...
Inky Hugs

Monday, October 5, 2015

T stands for Cheer and BBQ

Hello T-gang and friends, time to take the whole world in a single cup......cause it's Tuesday once again!!
Time to grab your drink and see what's going on with the T-gang. 
I've had all the coffee I can handle for today and now I'm drinking my protein shake......yummmmmmm!!  It has 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 scoop protein powder and some fizzy flavored water, and ice to make it a cold slushy shake. 
Here we are, last Friday night, making cheer posters for the Spartan's football team.  Three 9 year old girls each had to make two posters.  I had Cricut all the letters and numbers.  The helmets and large football were hand cut.  They had bought some other die cuts to add to them too.
The top one is the first one Jalynn made and the Bottom one is Hannah' this point they were laying out the letters and gluing them down
The top poster is the one Rachel is working on

The Moms got in the way of the girls and were soon side lined to other things.  LOL  The little girls knew what they wanted and were better at it than the Moms!!!  Vanessa is Hannah's Mom and Virginia ( in the stripes) is Vanessa's sister and they are going to buy my older Cricut and cartridges, so I started teaching them how to run it.  There is be more lessons in the future for sure!!
Saturday morning at 7 AM we were setting up for this BBQ cook off.
It was NOT advertised at all, nobody really knew about it......and it's the 4th annual????? I think they had 13 teams signed up, but only 6 showed up.......really sad when there are about 15 other teams that are near by and would have come..........gotta advertise!!!
We told them to contact us next year and we would help them get it off the ground and also make some money for the city.   Wasco is slightly bigger than Shafter, and they have always been rivals......small towns

My DH and Ken....Virginia's DH
The three smokers ready to go.
Well, with only 6 teams competing, it was a really friendly cook.  This was our first year at this event, and we just happen to find out about it from a friend of my Son.
So how did we do?????

For the over all category we took 2nd place. 
Our 1st place tri tip was all done by my DH.....woot! woot! Gotta show those "kids" how it's done......LOL
There has been some creativity going on too, but I'll save that for an other post......*grin*
Valerie and her blog: Bastelmania  What a fantastic mix media artist and a phenomenal photographer she is.  You MUST drop by her blog and have a look at her work.

 I might not be able to make any early rounds, as I have to pick up the GDs from school this afternoon and each afternoon this week.  Hannah's grades have slipped down since starting cheer (mostly incomplete work), due to the ridged practices three days a week.  This week it is 4 days as this Saturday is Home Coming game.  She and her sister are in an after school day care, cause both parents work, and they can't be picked up at 2:30. And by the time they are picked up it is to rush home, have a quick dinner and get ready for cheer practice.......that lasts for more than 2 hours a day.  Then home, bath and bedtime.
So on cheer practice days I am going to get them home early and Hannah can have study time and time to get her homework done.

So that's the T-day post for this week, as soon as E goes live I'll link up.

Inky Hugs

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Second Look for October 2nd.

Taking a look back
Monday, September 22, 2014

This is not what this page started out to be.......but isn't that just the way it goes at times? If this had been my intentions as I started this page I wouldn't have glued down all those scraps of paper first, or at least left the center smooth to paint on......LOL  All the color is acrylic paint, the leaves, along the edges are modeling paste (note to self: Need to get more made ASAP) The falling leaves with the rhyme are die cuts from TH Tattered leaves.  I haven't drawn, or painted a Snoopy in y-e-a-r-s!!  Always loved that little mutt!
Inky Hugs