Wednesday, October 7, 2015

AI seriously?

A little Wednesday/Hump Day humor for you today, before getting ready to dash out the door. 

I went on a small card making spree a week ago and got around to making up cards with images that were colored......but stuck in a pile......oh yes, I do have one of those.  I got them all loaded and waiting in the "wings" for days like today, when the afternoon will become very busy in about an hour.

I do love my Artist Impressions stamps, especially all the girlfriend ones. This image actually has them sitting on a bench, but I trimmed that away while fussy cutting it all out.  I have had these embossed picture frames for ages.............way back from when I was really, really into scrapbooking.  I sat the GFs on the rim of the frame, with their legs hanging down.  Some very old plaid paper for a mat and then onto the card base.  The sentiment ( from Paper Smootches) just "jumped" onto the card, seemed to fit so I left it.....*grin*

So now, I must dash around and get ready for a back adjustment and then to pick up the GDs from school, so Hannah can get her homework finished before cheer practice.  Her little sister, Megan, has requested that I pick them up everyday.........LOL! If I lived closer it would automatically be a no brainer.......but I'm just a little too far out for everyday, but I do like to help when I can.  It will only be three days a week for just the next couple of weeks.

Please let me know you came by...
Inky Hugs


  1. Seriously? Yes, of course. Love, love, love it. Laughed as hard as the "girls," too.

  2. What fun! I think you put that stamped image to good use.