Monday, October 5, 2015

T stands for Cheer and BBQ

Hello T-gang and friends, time to take the whole world in a single cup......cause it's Tuesday once again!!
Time to grab your drink and see what's going on with the T-gang. 
I've had all the coffee I can handle for today and now I'm drinking my protein shake......yummmmmmm!!  It has 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 scoop protein powder and some fizzy flavored water, and ice to make it a cold slushy shake. 
Here we are, last Friday night, making cheer posters for the Spartan's football team.  Three 9 year old girls each had to make two posters.  I had Cricut all the letters and numbers.  The helmets and large football were hand cut.  They had bought some other die cuts to add to them too.
The top one is the first one Jalynn made and the Bottom one is Hannah' this point they were laying out the letters and gluing them down
The top poster is the one Rachel is working on

The Moms got in the way of the girls and were soon side lined to other things.  LOL  The little girls knew what they wanted and were better at it than the Moms!!!  Vanessa is Hannah's Mom and Virginia ( in the stripes) is Vanessa's sister and they are going to buy my older Cricut and cartridges, so I started teaching them how to run it.  There is be more lessons in the future for sure!!
Saturday morning at 7 AM we were setting up for this BBQ cook off.
It was NOT advertised at all, nobody really knew about it......and it's the 4th annual????? I think they had 13 teams signed up, but only 6 showed up.......really sad when there are about 15 other teams that are near by and would have come..........gotta advertise!!!
We told them to contact us next year and we would help them get it off the ground and also make some money for the city.   Wasco is slightly bigger than Shafter, and they have always been rivals......small towns

My DH and Ken....Virginia's DH
The three smokers ready to go.
Well, with only 6 teams competing, it was a really friendly cook.  This was our first year at this event, and we just happen to find out about it from a friend of my Son.
So how did we do?????

For the over all category we took 2nd place. 
Our 1st place tri tip was all done by my DH.....woot! woot! Gotta show those "kids" how it's done......LOL
There has been some creativity going on too, but I'll save that for an other post......*grin*
Valerie and her blog: Bastelmania  What a fantastic mix media artist and a phenomenal photographer she is.  You MUST drop by her blog and have a look at her work.

 I might not be able to make any early rounds, as I have to pick up the GDs from school this afternoon and each afternoon this week.  Hannah's grades have slipped down since starting cheer (mostly incomplete work), due to the ridged practices three days a week.  This week it is 4 days as this Saturday is Home Coming game.  She and her sister are in an after school day care, cause both parents work, and they can't be picked up at 2:30. And by the time they are picked up it is to rush home, have a quick dinner and get ready for cheer practice.......that lasts for more than 2 hours a day.  Then home, bath and bedtime.
So on cheer practice days I am going to get them home early and Hannah can have study time and time to get her homework done.

So that's the T-day post for this week, as soon as E goes live I'll link up.

Inky Hugs


  1. Hi Krisha!

    I'm early for tea this week! Maybe it is more fashionable to late but i hope you won't mind this week... Look at your yummy food!! Congratulations on all three!!! Wow! Hubs and i always seem to find out after the fact when it comes to most events it seems... We'll see it covered on the news or something but by then its over...Advertise people and we will come!!! lol

    Happy happy tday my dear!! Hugs! deb

  2. Lots of wonderful food and drink in your post today - I just rolled out of bed here, and am Longing for some of that food!Have a great week and a happy T day, Valerie

  3. Wow... this must have been fun and neat!
    Great food... wow ...

    Happy T-Day Krisha!

  4. Sounds like you have a LOT on your plate, too. I was impressed with your BBQ wins. Good for you.

    Although I'm a vegetarian, I'm familiar with pork ribs and chicken, but had never heard of Tri Tips before. After an internet search, I learned it is basically a CA "thing." From Wikipedia, I learned: Often labeled "Santa Maria steak", the roast is most popular in the Central Coast of California, Central Valley regions of California and throughout the entire state. Could be why I've never heard of it before!

    I enjoyed reading about the cheer moms and their outing. So glad you found a good home for your old Cricut. Better than going to the thrift store, because now you have money to buy new cartridges for yourself. Win-win! And of course, those posters were great.

    Thanks for sharing your week and your protein shake with us for T this Tuesday. Yep, it's so late, it's already Tuesday even in YOUR neck of the woods.

  5. Your post is making me hungry! Sounds like a fun event, cooking in the street. Happy T-Day!

  6. I can see why your BBQ won prizes. Looks so good. Those cheer leading practices take lots of time don't they. Good you can help out.


  7. congrats on the BBQ ribbons!! Those posters are super and what a special touch using all the die cut numbers and letters. Happy T day!

  8. You are such a terrific Grandma!! Helping with the cheer posters looks like it was a big success, and intervening so the girls get more time for homework is going to make a difference for the better too! What yummy photos of the BBQ...careful, you might end up with a big job when you volunteer to help with the publicity next year! ;) but sounds like it's for a good cause, and it will be better if more people come to the party. Love your post today...happy T day!

  9. Congrats! Y'all did well. I'm always ready for BBQ :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  10. Double congrats here Krisha as i see you have a treat at Mixed Media Monthly too! You have done so well with making the cheerleader posters too! We have been relieved of one of our GD pick up days as she is going to choir practice after school on one of the days! Happy T day! Chrisx

  11. Why would they not advertise??? Seems like it would be such a great time and certainly some really good eating! Congratulations on your wins and I have to say they all look delicious!

  12. Hello and Happy T Day!! CONGRATS on your wins, they each looked yummy to me. How awesome for you and hubby!!! Great job by the girls, the signs looked awesome! I hear the cheering here takes up a lot of time too, hard to imagine all that they do for sports/activities now for kids. That's nice you can help out, enjoy the time together. Thanks for sharing!