Tuesday, October 20, 2015

T Stands for When it Rains

"Seems it never rains in southern California. Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before. It never rains in California, but girl, don't they warn ya? It pours, man, it pours" ( lyrics from It Never Rains in California)
Those of you who are old enough to remember this song will most likely hum it for awhile.....LOL  It was definitely running through my mind  last Thursday, while taking these photos.
Standing on my front porch,  I wish you could hear it, lots of thunder and lightning, even though the sky looks blue in this photo.

Rain running off the roof....looking west
In a matter of minutes it was running down the street
The low spot in the back yard, as the rain ran off the roof of the patio

Same spot 15 minutes after it stopped pouring......yep, even though we do get to water the lawn, it is still dry enough to soak up the rain.
The storm is passing.
Wednesday night, before this storm, we had a thunder and lightning storm(no rain) like I hadn't seen since moving out of tornado country, over 50 years ago.  Dh said he had never seen anything like it.  It was continuous lightning and thunder, not many second in between each flash of lightning and the thunder was just rumbled and banged. It had started just before we went to bed, then it got LOUD and it brought us both out of bed and outside to watch the lightning......safely from the porch. When we did got back to bed, I pulled up the window blinds and fell asleep watching the light show.
Remember how they taught you to count after you see lightning to tell how far off the thunder is??? 1001...1002 and so forth, each number marking a mile??  Well, by habit I still do this and the thunder was at the first 1, not making the thousand.
Just before the rain started, Thursday, DH took off in the big rig, headed up the mountain to get a load of cement powder.  He made it to the mine, and got loaded, then they closed all  the mountain passes!!!  He sat up in Mojave, a small town, up on the desert, about 75 miles from here, all his truck.  Mojave is an intersection of north and south and east and west, so that little town filled up with people, cars and trucks........all with no place to go. Friday they finally opened I-5 and he took the long way around to get 3:30PM
I know many of you saw photos of the mud slides on the news.  This always happens when the ground is so dry, and the rain is so hard and heavy, that the ground can't soak it up......not normally this bad.  Highway 58, the rout DH usually takes, is still closed.  They are saying possible tomorrow or Thursday they will open it again.  So he has been taking the l-o-n-g way around to pick up his loads, just reversing the trip he made to get home on Friday.

If you came by for my last post, and saw the pop-up card......this is my new Cricut that cut all the goodies that were on the card.  This was my early anniversary myself....*grin*
 My old one was given to my DIL and her sister, since they have school age kids and a couple of cheerleaders.  They will certainly make use of it.

Now this one has a learning curve :0.....It is controlled by the PC, or my phone ( with the app) or by a tablet (with the app......but I don't have a tablet......other than a paper one....*grin*)  I have really been having fun cutting things with it, even started making some wine/ bottle tags for the holidays....will get to those in an other post.  All the cartridges, that were bought for the old one, were synced with the new one and I no longer have to change cartridges....yeah!!
While playing with my new toy, I was having to search for certain papers, looking in more than one spot for specialty!  I hate to have to search for something that should be at my finger tips.........I have such a small space in this room things shouldn't be more than a step away....LOL
So here is my newly organized (again) specialty papers and stencils.......then I went through all the scraps I've been hoarding and finally let go of some of it.........I mean a 4x6 inch paper that has been here for 10 years or more, just isn't going to get used!!  AND I'm out of space!!!
Two post cards I received form Deb our sheetrock queen Thanks Deb, love them both!

Well, I've been working on this post for over an hour......loading pictures on blogger is like waiting for Christmas as a kid. Now it is time to go and link up with the  T-gang and see what's going on over at The Altered Book Lover hope you tag along.

When DH gets up ( he worked late into the night) I'll make him an anniversary breakfast.  Today marks 42 years!!!

Inky Hugs


  1. Oh my, it sure did rain! I mean we are used to it here, but I know it is not the case where you live! Hope everything is soon back to normal and all roads open again. Love the look of that cricut, what a dream, have BIG fun using it. The cards from Deb are beautiful, enjoy! Have a great week and a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Glad your hubby is ok, even tho he had to wait overnight. better than getting stranded out on the road I guess...I assume getting rain is good, but not so much in such a short time! Love your cards...and made me smile about scraps of paper that have been around for years. me too. ahem. out of sight out of mind. when it gets buried, well...who knows how long it will take to surface?! awesome present to yourself...looking forward to seeing all the things you make with the new cricut! happy T day! ♥

  3. Why is it you ALWAYS save the best part of the post till the very last sentence? Seems you've done that before. But, at least you let us know you have 42 years under your belt with the same man. That's saying a lot. Guess it's the long hauls and wine that have helped keep you two together (grin)!

    OK back to reality. Sorry, I've never heard that song before. It sure rained though, and looks like our soil when it's all cracked and hard. Runoff is what happens for sure.

    I'm used to the lightening and thunder. It's a way of life here in tornado alley. But I know my friend Joseph, who now lives in Santa Monica, longs for thunder and lightening and sitting on my front porch when it rains. He said it was something he missed by moving to LA. I wonder if he got it where he lived.

    Sorry, didn't see the pictures of the slides on TV, but again, all I've seen is sports at Sally's because she watches any and all sports all day and all night. I do remember seeing the "four seasons" of CA on a card once. I can't remember all of them, but one was mud slides, one was earthquakes, and one was fire. I'm glad you survived the rain, and I love the photos. Yep, been there, seen that!

    Great that your old dies work on your new machine. That's great.

    Thanks for sharing your rain, rain, and more rain, as well as your new die cutter with us for T this Tuesday. That rain is certainly drink related, since I'm sure it made a few birds happy.

  4. Glad you are safe Krisha.
    The mud slides on the news look dreadful.
    Moderation in all things I guess.
    Know you'll have fun with your new toy and what a neat and tidy paper collection.
    Happy Anniversary and many many more.
    Happy T Day too oxo

  5. What a weather! aaargh!
    Have fun with the super new toy!
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Ahhh, many congratulations on your anniversary; I hope DH enjoyed his lovingly made breakfast :D
    We hardly ever get thunder storms, I wish we did; lightning is amazing. Natures fireworks ;)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on our holiday/T post. Happy, Happy T Day :D

  7. Yay! Rain! And plenty of creative fun indoors!

    If y'all get tired of the rain, it's okay if you send it on to Oxford, NC!

  8. Happy Anniversary! That a lot of years of BBQ-ing!

    The mud slides I have been seeing on the news look so scary as I am sure the lightening must have been. I learned to count like that, too, so to me it means the danger was right there.In any case, I'll be humming that song for the rest of the day!

    Well, who doesn't love a new toy? It was nice that you got to pass yours on, too!

  9. That sounds like one big storm - it definitely made a mess of your lawn! Sorry to hear hubby has a longer journey! Enjoy your new toy and Happy Anniversary! Chrisx

  10. So glad you were able to (OH SO SORRY BUT I COULDN'T RESIST) MUDdle thru the weather! I LOVE thunderstorms and rain but to a limit. Yes, I still count during the storms too:):) Your new gift must be amazing to play with!! I only have an older hand crank Grand Calibur machine by Spellbinders-and I don't use it enough as it is...but oh, yours would make everything SO much easier.
    How sweet of Deb to send you those cards!
    And a very HAPPY anniversary to you both- huge congrats on so many years together!
    PS -please say hello to the girls and tell them I miss seeing their wonderful art!

  11. Belated happy anniversary! 42 years is a great number!
    Boy that is some rain! I can totally identify with that sort of weather as here in southern Spain we have the same climate as in southern California.
    And yes, I was humming the song too!
    Deb's card are beautiful! So good of her.
    Good for you to buy the new Cricut. I have an ancient CraftRobo and I have never really understood how to work it. It has been a total waste of money. One of these days I have to sit down and master it! But you know, I'm retired, so that means I have no time for that....

  12. Wow! 42 years! I can't wait to say that with my hubs! We are half way there! That rain is crazy. We had rain during bright sunshine yesterday...4 times! It was the weirdest thing! I picked yesterday to paint our new door and trim since there wasn't a chance of rain. Must m=be that black cloud that follows me. ;)
    I have a Silhouette machine and still haven't mastered the bugger. Ah technology.
    Happy T day!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy many more joyful years :)

  14. Hi Krisha. You must live in Southern California. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in the town of Tracy. When I lived in 1979 the population was 14000 and when I went back 5 years ago the population was over 90,000!!! No longer a small town or a farm in dairy town.
    I know exactly where Mojave is because I've driven through it on my way to Modesto. At first I thought you were going to say that the cement powder got wet and hardened!!! I am glad you had no House damage due to the flooding.
    It sounds like your new toy would be too hard for my little brain to use!!!

  15. Hi Krisha. You must live in Southern California. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in the town of Tracy. When I lived in 1979 the population was 14000 and when I went back 5 years ago the population was over 90,000!!! No longer a small town or a farm in dairy town.
    I know exactly where Mojave is because I've driven through it on my way to Modesto. At first I thought you were going to say that the cement powder got wet and hardened!!! I am glad you had no House damage due to the flooding.
    It sounds like your new toy would be too hard for my little brain to use!!!

  16. I'm running late - everywhere. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Your new toy should keep you occupied for awhile (grin). One of these days I'm going to do the post card thing. Really. I am, really. LOL!

  17. glad your nice and warm with a coffee with all those floods happy anniversary

  18. Hello and Happy T Day and Anniversary! What a great gift you got and I'm sure you will use it all the time. Great pictures of the rainstorm you had, crazy how they can be at times. Glad all is safe and sound for you now. Enjoy your week and Happy 42 years!

  19. Goodness, Krisha, I didn't realize that you were impacted by all that rain and mudslides. I'm so glad your home is okay and especially that your husband wasn't hurt being on the road. What a mess. We badly need the rain in this state, but I do worry about how the ground is going to be able to handle it this winter and spring with El Nino forecast. We can't win! Great job on organizing your papers!! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, Darnell

  20. Send your storms to my place.The government announced we will have to ration water next year.We are afraid!
    Love your cards and your new toy!Happy T day!