Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Hall-anks-mas!!!

Well, it's been over a week since my last post.....and what a week it was.....but that's irrelevant. What I have to share today is more of a customer complaint/Friday smiles.....huh????  Let's just go back to yesterday (Thursday)..............
Having some time on my hands, before getting a back adjustment, I stopped in at Michael's Craft Store.......just for some spray adhesive.......
Here is a silly card that depicts my reaction (Friday Smiles)......AGAIN, since it isn't the first store I've walked into, that has it ALL out (customer complaint).  The ONLY defense, I could give them, was all the Halloween/Fall stuff was 70% off.......LOL.......and did I partake?  For sure!!
While wondering down the art supply isle, I started a conversation with a very nice lady that was looking for some good colored she had two adult coloring books in her arms.  She was gathering something to do while she goes through cancer treatment.  I did not get her name, and if she reads this post I hope she she did put my bloggy addy in her phone.   I will keep her in my prayers and hope some of you will join me.

A card I made for a challenge......and didn't make it in time....:((
So tomorrow  is the "big" scary/fun day for the kids.  We really haven't partaken in this event in a long time.......just isn't as much fun when your kids are grown.  BUT now we do have the GDs and we usually go to there house, and walk around with them.
So with that, I'll leave you with this photo, as it WAS for my T-day post, but with technical problems...all day long...I didn't get to join the T-gang this week. ( I guess I should have wiped the coffee drips off the cup......LOL)



  1. Some fun things here, Krisha. I've learned to take these extra-super-early holiday things with a few grains of salt. Discounts are nice. (Maybe Christmas will be on sale just before Thanksgiving.)

  2. You can still link to T if you wish, but it IS a bit late. I really love the title of that post. I was surprised to see both Halloween AND Christmas at Sam's the other day, because they don't usually have much for Halloween, but bring out all the stops for Christmas. In fact, I saw Christmas ribbon there a couple of months ago. And believe me, it wasn't cheap, either. One spool was around $11.00 and you got 10 FEET (just a little over 3 yards and barely enough to make a large bow for a wreath).

    I was glad to see you did a Friday Smile. They will be laughing at the card you made, because it is hilarious (the first one). The second one was clever and full of Halloween goodness.