Tuesday, May 26, 2015

T stands for Memorial Day Trip

I'm here for Tea with Elizabeth and the T-gang a littler later than usual, since it is already Tuesday and I usually get my post ready on Monday night.
DH and I spent the weekend about 110 miles west of here at an RV resort (fancy name for a RV park....grin) in Paso Robles.......not quite to the beach, but a place we have never stayed before.  We have been to Paso Robles for the Mid-State Fair and for wine tasting and a few other misc. things, but we have never actually stayed here.  We stayed at The Vines RV Resort, fairly new place, very nice and clean and very picturesque.   I took over 170 pictures with my camera and probably as many with my, I didn't post them ALL.......LOL

I was lucky enough to meet the artist that did the sand blasting on the window pictured above.  The first night they had wine tasting and a couple of venders, and she was one of them.  Very nice person to talk to...............and boy did we chat!!!!
 This mission is about 15 miles north of Paso Robles in San Miguel..........named after the mission of course.
I have SO MANY pictures of this mission that it would literately take me all day to go through them to post.  So, not bore anybody tooooooo much I'll post them as time goes on.  We took the tour and there was so many interesting things and the sanctuary has the original frescos on the walls.  Yes, I took stay tuned..............I haven't even shown you all the outside yet!!!
This is the last week of public school here is CA.  It seems the school year gets shorter and shorter.
Hannah, my GD doesn't want to do the summer program, she has been in the past two years.  She said she would rather be with family and or friends.  Can't say as I blame her, it is so similar to the after school program she is in everyday.  Since Mom only works 4 days a week she asked me if I'd sign on to watch Hannah a couple days a week........for the whole you think I would say no??????  Hannah chose to be here Mondays and I have to keep her from getting bored, and from sitting in front of the TV.  She has a cousin, Rachel, who is one week younger and really has no place fun to go while her parents work.  Yep! I am going to have them both for two days a week for the whole summer.  Both of their Dads work at the air port, 5 miles east of here, so they will drop the girls off in the morning and pick them up on the way home.
I really want to start teaching them some of the things that are falling away from being taught to the younger how to sew a button on, how to use a sewing machine to make something (I already have a very simple dress pattern for them), how to set a formal place setting, how to cook.......and I don't mean bake cookies.  Since their Dads are so close they are going to make them lunch at least once a month, which they can come here or we will take it to them.  Of course there will be a LOT of art going on, I want them to do the SOC challenges and also write in journals, learn mixed media things, paint and how to use my camera (maybe they will be better with it than me...LOL) ....................DO YOU THINK I'LL MAKE IT THROUGHT THE SUMMER?? 
Time to link up and see what the rest of the T-gang is drinking and what has been going on in their lives.......grab a cuppa and join me...................
Inky Hugs

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Always Playing with Paper challenge

The current challenge over at Always Playing with Paper is an inspirational photo (see below).  Many blogs challenges are using photos for inspiration these days. At first I wasn't fond of using them, but then after thinking about the photos, I realized there are SO many ways to draw inspiration from the photo.  There are the shapes, colors, and what's not to like????

From this photo my eyes were drawn to the yellow and to the daisies.

My daisy is stamped on a yellow plaid vellum and colored with markers.  Easy Peasy!!! I adhered the vellum to the card base with pastel green pears and also used them for a little detail on the image.  The sentiment is a die cut.

There is still time to enter this challenge........what inspires you in this photo?

Inky Hugs

Monday, May 18, 2015

T Stands for BBQ and Birthday

Well, here we are on Tuesday (actually Monday here) once again, how the weeks are just flying by......before long it'll be time to put up "C" decorations again........OMG!!!   LOL!  But in the meantime I'll just link up with T-Gang  again.
Been a really crazy week around here, and it usually is the week before a BBQ competition, thank goodness this first one is in our own there was no traveling.......and some of us got to come home and sleep in our own beds!
The making of the rubs (seasonings) for the brisket.  I make sure I stay totally out of his way.....of course there is no room left for me anyway......LOL   AND he dropped my coffee grinder and broke it!.
On to the BBQ itself......lots of pictures....but I'll keep it short.

The morning of the BBQ the sky looked like had poured rain the night I'm NOT kidding.......rain HERE in May?????? But it all burned off and was a beautiful day.
Megan asked her Papa if she could he let her spoon the marinade over the is usually on a table...but she is only 5 and he set it low for her to help...........she has him so twisted around her finger........LOL

The 8 year olds worked on our chalk the cute!  Yes, we did change it later on.

The three cooking the meats

Serving the crowd.....yes the baby's face is blanked out on purpose, for safety reasons
Here we all are (except the San Diego half) in our new red shirts for this year.  This was after all the judging and we were packing it all up to come home, I'm surprised any of us (over 50.....that would be DH and me) had enough energy left to smile...........yes, that IS Bob's smile!!

It was a fun cook, even though we didn't place very high in the scoring, but we are all ready to do it again.  For more pictures you can check us out on King's Cut BBQ on FB.

Well between loading pictures (blogger is so slow) I have managed to get the laundry done, still foldables to fold and sheets to put back on the beds, but EVERYTHING is clean for the moment.   The rest of the day I am going to get some cleaning done......BBQ prepping, by DH, is still stuck to the kitchen need in cleaning until it is all over and done with. Then I a going to have some "play time" in my craft area......might even do a little cleaning in! Naaa, not today, today is my birthday.........OH NO!!!! 

Inky Hugs

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Washi Tape Left Overs SOS Challenge

I couldn't just leave, or trash, all the Washi tape leftovers from my earlier post ( you can see it HERE)  .  What I used for this card was the Washi tape stripes I cut the shapes out of and the white die cuts from the faces of the cards.  I used all the same steps, from the last post, to inlay the shapes.
Once all these steps were done, I mounted it on black cs.  Using the same colors of Washi tape, I covered the front of the card and mounted front to it.  A couple of small sentiments.......from the stash, completed the look.

Oh, yes, then there were the circles that were laying there (once again see the last post) The top two rows are embedded in the card and the bottom row is just the outline, glued to the front, with a very old sentiment added.
I want to thank Shop Our Stash for giving me MUCH NEEDED inspiration with this challenge.
There is still time to join this challenge, so get out that old Washi tape and give it a new life........
Inky Hugs

Washi Tape Play Time: SOS Challenge

I've been in a real "funk" for some time, no real desire to make cards, no desired to blog, only keeping up with the  T-Gang on Tuesdays. I have been making bottle tags ( Bottom of post HERE) till it suddenly has become a JOB and I DON'T want a job.........I'm retired and want to stay that way....LOL  So, while taking a break, and browsing my dashboard.........I came across a challenge that really INSPIRED me............OH! AND IT FELT GOOD......(grin)  
Washi tape, die cut and embedded in card.
The challenge is over at  Shop Our Stash, and it is to use old Washi tape.  ALL my Washi tape is that was a "no brainer".  I had bought some dies, a long while back, or as my youngest son used to say ......"far, far ago."
The negative parts of card one.
I dug them out and had a really "good" play, and here is how it went.........
Stripes of tape on card stock

The die cuts, with Washi tape to keep everything in place so I could remove all the parts at one time

The shapes out of the die and the die shape cut into the card front.
(The circles die will come in an other post.)
These dies cut the out line and the shape at one time........thus tapping the back before removing them. (Don't mind the scribbling on my calendar mat...grin) With the tape still on the back of the shapes it is easy to pull the outlines off and swap them, since true Washi tape is LOW tack the thin outline doesn't tare.
Flipping it all over onto a silicone mat, I taped the back solid, this step.....I found out, with the second doesn't need to be solid......... just enough to hold it all together, so it doesn't move.
Once I got it settled into place I did run some tape over the front to keep it where it needed to be.
Because I gently pulled the tape off the back

THEN, I taped the back SOLID with all matching tape.......yes I did trim the edges.

On the second card I glued a piece of cs that covered the inside of the front completely.........Looks much better too......grin!!!!!

As you can see I have MANY uses for Washi tape......LOL!!!

Are you hoarding Washi tape????  Get it out and have a play, and join the challenge at Shop Our Stash die cuts required! 

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment so I can return the visit.

Inky Hugs

Monday, May 11, 2015

T stands for Brunch

Is it just me, or is the month of May on a FAST track? Here it is Tuesday once again and as I look back at my last couple of post, they are all T-days with Elizabeth.  Makes me wonder...."Just what have I been doing with my time????"
This last weekend was Mother's Day, here in the States.  DH and I attended a Mother's Day Brunch at our favorite winery , Le Cuvier.  It was a beautiful day with warm sunshine and just a slight breeze.
They served the brunch out on the patio, under a huge old oak tree.
(I know that looks like a ton of wine glasses, but they set a glass for each wine and for plain or sparling water)

I forgot my camera, at home on the bar, so I took pictures with my cell phone.......thank goodness for technology!!!  Here people are beginning to arrive, the brunch was at 11 a.m., we were each greeted  with a spectacular Chardonnay wine. 
The whole menu was centered around Chardonnay wines from the owners wine library.  The oldest, served with the first course was a 1997..........just fantastic in color and flavors.  The chef, for the day, was superb and the food just melted in your mouth.
This is the menu, sorry about the crumpling it got in my purse......LOL
The NV "Select" Chardonnay means that this wine is no longer available to the public or to the wine club.

This is the back of the menu and talks about the wines.  I don't know who writes about the wines, but they have a flare with the words.......always enjoy reading them.

Beautiful flowers graced the tables.
 So this morning I am paying bills and open the water bill to find this:

We are on a flat rate for our water, so this really doesn't make sense. I don't know anybody who waters EVERYDAY, and even if there are some who do......what is to keep us from running the water LONGER on our day to make it to the next day we can water???  I mean it is only every other day......LOL  Bakersfield is on something like this's a joke!  If they really want people to stop wasting water they will have to put meters on the houses, businesses, and farms AND also enforce this letter. I'm not saying I want a water meter on my house, but we will abide by these new rules........I don't really want to give the City $500!!! 

I have to laugh at the people who say ( in comments on the 'net) that everybody is California needs to dump their swimming pools........LOL  1. not all of us have a pool   2. the water in the pool stays there all year, rarely ever is a pool we keep water running for the fish, golf courses and for the fracking that is going on in this state!!!!!! Katy bar the door if we put it on our grass......LOL

Okay! I am off my soap box now.

I'm linking up with Elizabeth and the T-gang to see what's in everyone else's cup this week.

BBQ competition time is upon us, our first is this weekend, here in Bakersfield!!! Pictures to follow next week..............
Inky Hugs

Monday, May 4, 2015

T Stands for Birthdays!!!

Iced tea started for the party
Here it is Tuesday once again, cannot believe how fast this spring is just slipping away.  Do you feel summer bearing down on you too? 
Well Tuesday means it is time to link up with Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover and join the T-gang for a thirsty hop around the world.
Saturday was our GD, Megan's, 5th birthday.

The night before the birthday party Megan's Aunt Virginia and I made this center piece.  They are supposed to be, or represent bottles of fingernail polish.  They are frosted marshmallows ( more sugar on top of sugar) with a tootsi rolls for the tops of the bottles.......LOL what a riot these were to make, and it wasn't long and the two 8 year olds were helping.  Lord keep us off of Pinterest!!!!!!
The birthday party was great, even though it really got hot that day.  Lucky there was a pool to cool the guest down after all the festivities. 
The theme ( yes they have themed birthday parties now) was a "spa and paint" party.  Since we had four teenage girls we set them to work painting toes and fingernails of all the "little" guests.
Amber gets the honor of painting the birthday girls clean toes

Megan also shares her birthday with her Uncle Kenny.  A few years ago we had talked about how we skip the buying gifts for the adult birthdays, but should have some kind of gag gift.  I finally got out the little trophy I bought....just for this... and tackied it up with stickers and nonsense, wrapped it up.....along with a card that has the instructions written on it.......and gave it to Ken.
 He has to sign the card, place it in the tacky trophy and display it until the next adult's birthday, which unfortunately is mine and I will have to display it till August.......LOL and so starts a new family tradition.......all in the fun of growing older

So in good cheer, Ken poured his adult beverage into the tacky trophy, and drank as we sang Happy Birthday to him..........What a good sport!!

I am still working on bottle tags, they seem to be everywhere...LOL  But I have sold a few to some close friends, so I am feeling a little more confident about selling them to the public.
Here are a couple of cards I also have finished, and hopefully sell at the street fair......maybe in June.  We missed the "First Friday" this month because of Megan's birthday, but that gives me a little more time to prepare.

These cards still need to finished on the inside.  There is one more, but it is taking blogger a LOOONNNGGG time to upload, and I can hardly keeps my eyes you've been let off the hook from seeing MORE pictures......LOL
What's in your cup this week?
Has anybody else experienced disappearing captions under the pictures once you post?????
Inky Hugs

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Second Time

Hello my friends, it is once again the second day of a new month, and time to join Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover is sharing something a "Second" time.
I was roaming through all the pictures in Pica's Web, where all my blog pictures get automatically stored, and came across this little wall hanging I made 5 years ago.  Since I am on my lap top these days, I don't have all my blog posts at my fingertips so I can't just re-post the post........LOL
I do know this was made 5 years ago, because this is my birthday month, and this month I'll celebrate 65 years........yes, I really am THAT old.
The scan of this hanging isn't very good, rather grainy looking, but that was as good as I got with the old scanner/printer.  At that time my camera wasn't much better..........LOL!!

It is rather entertaining to go "back" through the past posts, or just the pictures that have been shared, to find something you want to share again.  What a walk through memories!!
Won't you take a walk down memory lane and re-share something with us???
Inky Hugs
This is a scheduled post, and the link for Elizabeth is a general link to her blog, as I have a very important birthday party to attend not mine, that's a couple weeks off ( and really NOT that important to me).  But my GD is having her 5th birthday party and I am going to be busy helping her Mom get the party ready.